Scope of work of a makeup artist

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Published on January 23, 2016

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1. Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

2. Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist A makeup artist works on the human  body. So, you may say that the whole  scope of his/her (where he/she) works  is human body. It includes hair styling,  face, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows etc. It is  done to change the appearance of a  human being into a live character.  In general following are the scope of  work (area of work) of a makeup artist: 1. Theatrical makeup When you go to see a theatre, you see  artists performing in various roles such  as king, soldiers, ministers, servants  etc. They look as they are real  characters. In fact, they look so  because of work done by a…   Page 1 of 7

3. Page 2 of 7 professional makeup artist. It is also  called stage makeup and is done in  combination with stage lighting to create  real life expressions of artists. The  effect to be shown to audience and  their happiness is also taken care in  such makeups.   2. Fashion makeup You see photography of various gents  and ladies models in fashion magazine  and their live shows on the fashion  runway (or fashion shows). Their  makeup according to the things they  advertise is done by the makeup artist only. This type of makeup is done  to make the personality more  sophisticated. They prepare models… Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

4. Page 3 of 7 for fashion shows, photo shoots and  advertisements.   3. Prosthetic makeup This type of makeup is done by  the makeup artist to create special  effects and enhance physical features  as well as fantasy makeup. For  example, the showing of bleeding etc. in  the drama and stage shows. These  types of makeup artists have to do  extensive research in order to create  special effects such as making a young  actor or actress old, a healthy man as  sick or injured etc.  4. Bridal makeup … Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

5. Page 4 of 7 Everyone wants to see a bride in the most special look on the wedding day. Her hairs, eye, eyebrows, complete face and body must look unmatched on the wedding day. For this purpose, she needs special kinds of makeup, popularly known as Bridal makeup. Most of the bridal makeup artists work as freelancer. Sometimes they open their spa and make-up parlours and provide their services. Some big cosmetic houses such as Lakme open their centres of bridal makeup and they employ makeup artists to work in their centres. The bride in need of makeup is required to visit that centre. In some cases, the makeup artist is hired by the bride to be at her place on the occasions needed and does the… Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

6. Page 5 of 7 make up for bride. 5. Makeup for film It is similar to stage makeup but with more specialities and intricacies. It is done for the actors and actresses for their appearance before a film-set or TV studios. The makeup artist working in these sectors may be self-employed. They are also treated as crew of the team. They in fact create the desired effects and required looks or appearances for the actors and actresses. In the film industry, the makeup artists have generally irregular work schedules, long working hours etc… Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

7. Page 6 of 7 They are required to go on quick travels also. However, the makeup artists working in TV studios may not have commitments of long travel but they have long working hours in general. Scope of Work of a Makeup Artist

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