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Published on February 15, 2009

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Slide 2: The «anti-ageing» skincare market = 1st segment of skincare products (1 product out of 2) Prevention = 10 % The « classicals » = 60 % The « mature skins » = 30 % scientific system = 2nd range of the turnover after hypo-sensible Slide 3: Cutaneous ageing… Ageing is just one aspect of global ageing but it undeniably has a social visible aspect. It takes various forms according to the person concerned and depending on the conditions of life. Ageing is very heterogeneous and varies with the different parts of the body (areas exposed or not to the light). Slide 4: Origin of cutaneous ageing Genetic ageing: Linked to the age, it is natural, unavoidable. The skin is progressively ageing according to the individual biological clock (as from 25 years old). Hormonal ageing: It appears around the menopause for women and leads to a genetic ageing increase. Ageing due to external factors: It is reversible thanks to prevention. The skin is ageing according to the intensity and the attitude faced with different elements which can favor the increased production of free radicals: sun, pollution, nutrition, hygiene of life (stress, tobacco, alcohol). Slide 5: External factors Sun rays: UVB= tanning, but responsible for burnings, they penetrate the epidermis and thicken the cornea layer. UVA= Age They lead to the production of free radicals, responsible for ageing. Nutrition: lack of vitamins, lack of essential fatty acids, glucose excess, alcohol. Tobacco, pollution: alters the circulatory system, produces more free radicals. Slide 6: Alterations observed The epidermis: a protection barrier, decreasing of its thickness - The granular and spiny layer is atrophied, - The number of Langerhans cells decreases, The number of keratinocytes and melanocytes decreases, As from 50 years old : the melanin is less easily synthetized and melanosomes are anarchically distributed (pigmentary spots). The dermis: the most important part, the skin cement A decrease in the number of fibroblastes, A slowing down of the synthesis and the quality of the macrormolecules of the dermis (collagen fibers = solidity, elastin = elasticity, hyaluronic acid = moisturizing…), The vascular network is altered: the microcirculation as well. The complexion becomes pale and dull. The sebum secretion decreases and sweating glands are more and more rare causing less sweating: the skin becomes dry and rough. The dermo-epidermic junction: exchange area between the dermis and the epidermis The contact surface between the epidermis and the dermis decreases because of the flattening of the dermo-epidermic junction, causing a slowing down in cellular exchanges and communications between these two structures. Slide 7: Consequences of cutaneous ageing Decreasing of the skin’s thickness: The skin is becoming thiner and thiner showing the first general signs of ageing. This phenomenom varies according to the person. The decreasing of the skin’s thickness (dermis + epidermis) is 6% on average every 10 years. Wrinkles : Face wrinkles represent the main visible expression of ageing. Since the skin has lost its elasticity, the lines produced during the repeated action of the facial muscles become permanent. Lack of skin’s suppleness : Lack of suppleness, of firmness and elasticity is due to a lack in hydration. Lines, fine lines, slackening, pigmentation spots are due to a variable loss of different types of the cutaneous matrix macromolecules and to the glycation phenomenon. CORRIGER : CORRIGER Enhancing… CORRIGER : CORRIGER Anti-ageing… CORRIGER : CORRIGER Rejuvenating… Slide 12: Redensifying, Firmness… CORRIGER : CORRIGER scientific system The highly concentrated and perfoming anti-ageing answer Slide 14: Targeted professionnal treatments to prevent and correct signs of ageing. « Top of the line » skincares to efficiently provide suppleness, firmness and comfort to the skin. Slide 16: Purify Stabilize in water Target fragility Target slackening Target ageing Target wrinkles Target expressions lines Slide 17: Soin Démaquillant Make-up Remover Skincare Soin Tonique Toner Skincare Yolk extract 1.6% Milk glycoproteins 1% Oats lipidic extract 1% Bran lipidic extract 1% Rose-water concentrate 6.5% Bilberry extract 3% Arbatus extract 1% Lactate silanol 1% Aloe vera 0.3% Soothing active ingredient 0.1% Concentration in active ingredients: 4.6% Concentration in active ingredients: 11.9% Purify Slide 18: Moisturizing and anti-dehydrating complex 6% Corn oil 3% Sesame oil essential extract 1% Ceramides 0.5% Soin Hydratant Moisturizing Care Masque Hydratant et Stimulant Moisturizing and Stimulating Mask Corn oil 4% Polyamid-vitamin E complex 3% Sesame oil essential extract 1% Alpha hydroxy-fruitacids (A.H.A.) 0.2% Concentration in active ingredients: 10.5% Concentration in active ingredients 8.2% Stabilize in water Slide 19: Soin Repulpant Lèvres Lip Volumizing Care Macadamia oil 11% Moisturizer of plant origin 10% Mango butter 6% Smoothing and tensing active ingredient 4% 3D active ingredient 1% Target fragility Soin Intégral Mains Total Hand Care Macadamia oil 12,5% Anti-pigmentary spots active ingredient 3% Nail regenerating complex 2,5% Repairing active ingredient 1% Moisturizing active ingredient 1% Soin Lissant Contour des Yeux et des Lèvres Crème et masque Smoothing Care for Eye and Lip Contours Cream and mask Silicon derivative 6% Meadowfoam oil 6% Collagen synthesis activating system 2% Ceramides 0.1% Concentration in active ingredients: 32% Concentration in active ingredients: 14.1% Concentration in active ingredients: 20% Slide 20: Soin Lift Galbe Visage et cou Reshaping Lift Face and neck Soin Raffermissant Visage et cou Firming Care Face and neck Tensing active ingredient 5% Caffeine 2% Anti-proteinastic active ingredient 1% Phyto-slimming active ingredient 0.2% Complex of plant origin 0.2% Tensor system 10% Corn oil 3% AHA 1% Silicon Derivative 1% Sesame oil essential extract 1% Concentration in active ingredients: 8.4% Concentration in active ingredients: 16% Target slackening Slide 21: Soin Redensifiant Volumateur Re-Densifying and Volumizing Care Concentré Total Intensif Total Ultimate Concentrate Moisturizing complex: 8% Booster of hyaluronic acid synthesis: 4% Smoothing active ingredient: 4% Anti-slackening active ingredient: 4% Silicon derivative: 4% Collagen filling spheres: 3% Firming active ingredient: 3% Silicon-hyaluronic acid complex: 9% Extract of sunflower seed: 7.5% Anti-proteinastic active ingredient: 7.5% Radiance active ingredient: 4.5% Firming active ingredient: 4.5% Collagen synthesis activating system: 3% Sesame oil essential extract: 1.5% Luminescent powder: 1.5% Concentration in active ingredients: 30% Concentration in active ingredients 39% Target ageing Slide 22: Soin Total Restructurant Total Restructuring Care Soin Borelax Correcteur rides Borelax Care Line Corrector Avocado extract 9 % Extract of white willow 5 % Anti-slackening active ingredient 5% Concentrate of pro-vitamin A 5 % Extract of sunflower’s seed 5 % Soya extract 1% Extract of wild yam 0.6% Borelax complex (hexapeptide, hyaluronic acid, anti-slackening ingredient, sea collagen, moisturizer of plant origin) 35% Luminescent powder 1.5% Concentration in active ingredients: 30.6% Concentration in active ingredients: 36.5% Target wrinkles Target expressions lines Slide 23: Stabilize in water Purify Slide 24: Target slackening Target fragility Slide 25: Soin Total Restructurant Total Restructuring Care Acts on all signs of ageing: wrinkled and devitalized skins Regenerates the skin, fights against creation of wrinkles, firms The skin is visibly younger Melting and light creamy texture

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