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Published on April 27, 2018

Author: cognibrain


Slide 1: 6 Must Do’s before Writing your Scientific Paper Slide 2: Scientific Paper Writing Once you tread the path of clinical research as your career, writing scientific papers becomes your regular business. However , the most dreadful part of the  scientific paper writing  is the fear of rejection. Whatever you write, however good it is, but this fear always entraps your mind from the beginning till the end. Writing a scientific paper begins much before the actual writing. You must prepare well to write your paper. Slide 3: So, here we provide a list of 6 Here we provide a list of 6things which you must do before writing your research paper writing your research paper Slide 4: 1) Think the reasons for publication of your work and whether it’s publishable Before you start your research, you must question your hypothesis and check whether the work is publishable. Ask yourself : Is your work new and interesting ? Do you have anything challenging in your work ? Is your work directly related to the current hot topic ? Will you solve some difficult problems with your work ? Slide 5: If your answer is “Yes” to all these questions, you can proceed with your research and scientific manuscript writing ; otherwise , it’s better to submit your paper to a journal with a low impact factor. Slide 6: 2) Decide the type of scientific paper you want to write You can select from the three options : Original articles  which pen down the findings of an original research study Short communications  which include a concise information about significant developments in an existing research study Review papers  which introduce no new information, but summarize the important points related to a specific topic Evaluate the information you have and decide the type of paper you can write. However, submit only one paper in a journal and not a series of papers. Slide 7: 3) Choose your target journal for publication Based on the type of your study, choose a target journal that best suits your work. Prepare a list of your potential target journals before you write your paper. However , at the end submit your work to only one journal at a time and wait for their response. Slide 8: 4) Know the journal requirements After selecting your target journal, download the “Guide for Authors” from its web page and read the guidelines thoroughly ! You will find details regarding the layout, citation of references, nomenclature, figures and tables, editorial guidelines, how to submit your paper, publication fees, and guidelines regarding ethical publication . If you know these guidelines, it will save yours and the editor’s time. Slide 9: 5) Know how to format your paper By reading the “Guide for authors”, you will also gain information about the structure of the papers published in that journal. This will help you  format your paper  accordingly right from the beginning. Slide 10: 6) Understand the publication ethics One of the serious ethical issues in scientific paper writing is plagiarism. Plagiarism is stealing work from the other authors without giving them their due reference, and can ruin your career. However, plagiarism can also occur accidentally. So , perform an extensive literature research before you write your own scientific manuscript. Cite the references appropriately wherever required. Slide 11: Conclusion Remember there is no short way to success. Writing a scientific paper needs dedication and hard work. Cherish your own work and make things easy for the journal editors to save their time . Contact our  scientific paper writing service  expert to improve your paper quality and get your research published in high impact journal. Slide 12: Know more E-mail: Phone: 044-49595223 URL :

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