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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Amit1988



Prepared for school and college levels, not for Graduation / Post graduation level

SCIENCE QUIZ Let’s pledge to spread Knowledge

.Question 1. Identify the device shown to you by using the information given in the next 2 slides

.Question 1. • The device shown uses a series of clockwork gears and a smoked glass plate to record the movement of the tip of a ________ at magnifications of up to 10,000 • Marks are made on the plate at intervals of a few seconds, demonstrating how the rate of growth varies under varying stimuli • The picture on the right is from The Bose Institute at Kolkata

.Question 1.

.Question 2. The famous “WAR OF CURRENTS” was fought between which 2 famous scientists ??

.Question 4. • The “LUDWIG Scale” is used to measure ________ in females • The “NORWOOD-HAMILTON Scale” is used to measure _________ in the case of males Fill in the blanks with suitable answers

.Question 5. • • • • In 1986, Harold Kroto, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their roles in the discovery of “X” “X” is named after a famous American architect whose Geodesic domes are similar in shape to “X” (shown in pictures) “X” is nothing but molecules of long chains of Carbon atoms having 60 or more atoms “X” resembles a Soccer ball in shape What is X ?

.Question 6. Identify the Nobel-winning Scientist on whose house (birthplace) the wall painting has been made.

.Question 7. These charts are found in many Eye-care places. What is the name of such charts ?

.Question 8. Where in the human body would you find “The Islet of LANGERHANS” ?

.Question 9. Code name : 6LL3 Born : 5 July 1996 Death : 14 February 2003 Named after her

It is found in Cyanobacteria , algae and plants It is important for plants because it allows plants to absorb energy from light What is it ? 13

Jagdish Chandra Bose wrote a Bengali essay called Adrisya Alok (meaning Invisible Light) “The invisible light can easily pass through brick walls and buildings. Therefore, messages can be transmitted by means of it without using wires.” 17th December 1902 Marconi invented it Marconi sent the first message to the Atlantic from North America using the apparatus shown in picture What thing is being discussed here ? 14

_________ is a 3-D puzzle invented in 1974 by a Hungarian Professor of architecture. As of January 2009, 350 million pieces had been sold worldwide making it the world's top-selling puzzle game 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 is the number of possible positions Mats Valk of Netherlands holds the record for solving it in only 5.55 seconds Name the puzzle / toy

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