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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Toni


Slide 1: 5-Feb-08 Science Olympics 1 London District Science Olympics Chair: Patrick Whippey Centennial Collegiate: 5-Feb-08 2 Science Olympics Centennial Collegiate Goals: 5-Feb-08 3 Science Olympics Goals To do good Science and Engineering To have fun doing it To involve as many people as possible History: 5-Feb-08 4 Science Olympics History 1981-1982 Physics Olympics 6 Events 1984 - 2004 Science Olympics 25 Events All Events 1981-2005: 5-Feb-08 5 Science Olympics All Events 1981-2005 Add-Em-Up Amazing Rodents And This Little Pig Bach from Bamboo Back to Beethoven Chemical Capers Circuitous Circuits Compound Boggle Cryptic Crossword Cryptic Word Search Dante’s Peek Displacement Dragster Eggmobile Mossport Elementary My Dear Watson Fermi Questions Forensic Biology Functional Mathematics Heavy Engineering If the Key Fits Indoor Kite Flying INDYcator 500 Lightening Calculators London Bridge Metric Madness Microscopic Manipulations Mathematical Menagerie Metric Madness Mitosis Multiplication Mixed Company Mousetrap Derby Mystery Solutions Pendulum Ballista (Pentathlon Nine) (Pentathlon Ten) Population Estimation Robot Runner Robot Walker Rube Goldberg Scientist’s Apprentice Space Probe SPLAT (Sub orbital Payload Launch And Trap) Star Wars Stick-em Up Tea Making Treasure Hunt Weather Watch Word Search Pentathlon Nine: 5-Feb-08 6 Science Olympics Pentathlon Nine Chemical Capers Circuitous Circuits Cryptic Crossword Mitosis Multiplication Space Probe Chemical Capers: 5-Feb-08 7 Science Olympics Chemical Capers Circuitous Circuits: 5-Feb-08 8 Science Olympics Circuitous Circuits Cryptic Crossword: 5-Feb-08 9 Science Olympics Cryptic Crossword Mitosis Multiplication: 5-Feb-08 10 Science Olympics Mitosis Multiplication Mitosis Multiplication: 5-Feb-08 11 Science Olympics Mitosis Multiplication Pentathlon Ten: 5-Feb-08 12 Science Olympics Pentathlon Ten Cryptic Word Search Displacement Dragster INDYcator 500 Population Estimation Weather Watch Cryptic Word Search: 5-Feb-08 13 Science Olympics Cryptic Word Search Displacement Dragster: 5-Feb-08 14 Science Olympics Displacement Dragster Displacement Dragster: 5-Feb-08 15 Science Olympics Displacement Dragster INDYcator 500: 5-Feb-08 16 Science Olympics INDYcator 500 Weather Watch: 5-Feb-08 17 Science Olympics Weather Watch Amazing Rodents: 5-Feb-08 18 Science Olympics Amazing Rodents The Maze: 5-Feb-08 19 Science Olympics The Maze And This Little Pig: 5-Feb-08 20 Science Olympics And This Little Pig Compound Boggle 1: 5-Feb-08 21 Science Olympics Compound Boggle 1 Compound Boggle 2: 5-Feb-08 22 Science Olympics Compound Boggle 2 Slide 23: Dante peeks at the model. Dante can only give verbal instructions. No Hands! The Team builds the model from Dante’s verbal instructions only. Dante’s Peek Fermi Event: 5-Feb-08 24 Science Olympics Fermi Event London Bridge: 5-Feb-08 25 Science Olympics London Bridge Mystery Solutions: 5-Feb-08 26 Science Olympics Mystery Solutions Rube Goldberg: 5-Feb-08 27 Science Olympics Rube Goldberg Rube Goldberg: 5-Feb-08 28 Science Olympics Rube Goldberg Rube Goldberg: 5-Feb-08 29 Science Olympics Rube Goldberg Get the marble in to the cup in the most complicated way possible using the materials provided. Slide 30: 5-Feb-08 30 Science Olympics At 6:30 weight (A) automatically drops on head of dwarf (B), causing him to yell and drop cigar (C), which sets fire to paper (D). Heat from fire angers dwarf's wife (E). She sharpens potato knife (F) on grindstone (G) which turns wheel (H) causing olive spoon (I) to dip repeatedly into olives. If spoon does not lift an olive in 15 minutes, clock (J) automatically pushes glass-cutter (K) against bottle and takes out a chunk of glass big enough for you to stick your finger in and pull out an olive. Rube Goldberg Kits : 5-Feb-08 31 Science Olympics Rube Goldberg Kits Awards Ceremony: 5-Feb-08 32 Science Olympics Awards Ceremony Anne-Marie DeCicco - Mayor: 5-Feb-08 33 Science Olympics Anne-Marie DeCicco - Mayor Deborah Matthews - MPP: 5-Feb-08 34 Science Olympics Deborah Matthews - MPP Budget: 5-Feb-08 35 Science Olympics Budget Cost to the School: 5-Feb-08 36 Science Olympics Cost to the School 0 Acknowledgements: 5-Feb-08 37 Science Olympics Acknowledgements Natural Science and Engineering Research Council PromoScience Program London District Roman Catholic School Board Thames Valley School Board The University of Western Ontario. Web Site: 5-Feb-08 38 Science Olympics Web Site 200 Science Olympics Events London District Science Olympics See the Movie Play the Movie: 5-Feb-08 39 Science Olympics Play the Movie Movie (needs Quicktime player)

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