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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Carlotto


Science Fair Project: Science Fair Project Popping Popcorn Investigative Statement: Investigative Statement Are all brands of popcorn created equal? Main Question: Do different brands of popcorn leave different amounts of unpopped kernels? Hypothesis: Hypothesis The popcorn brands will leave around the same amount of unpopped kernels. Materials: Materials Microwave Digital Camera (for image recording) Brands of Microwave Safe Popcorn Used: Fred Meyer Brand Popcorn Orville Redenbacher Brand Popcorn Pop Secret Brand Popcorn Healthy Choice Brand Popcorn Pop Weaver (dollar tree) Popcorn Small Bowl (for counting Kernels) Large Bowl (to dump out the popcorn) Procedures: Procedures Step 1: Lay out one bag from each brand of popcorn used. Step 2: Make sure your microwave is set on high before you pop your popcorn. Step 3: Chose which popcorn brand you would like to cook first and place it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Step 4: Repeat step 3 until all of the popcorn brands have been used. Step 5: Carefully open up the bags of popcorn and pour each of them in a large bowl making sure to label which is which. Step 6: Count the kernels that have not been popped from each brand of popcorn and record how many were left for each brand. Data Collection: Data Collection Graph of Data Collected: Pictures of the Results: Pictures of the Results Counting the leftover kernels Results: Results Pop Weaver: 86 Kernels Left Pop Secret: 27 Kernels Left Fred Meyer: 35 Kernels Left Orville Redenbacher: 19 Kernels Left Healthy Choice: 42 Kernels Left Orville has the least amount of popcorn kernels left, while Pop Weaver has the most kernels left. The range is from 19 kernels to 86 kernels. Conclusion: Is my Hypothesis Correct?: Conclusion:Is my Hypothesis Correct? With the exception of the Pop Weaver brand of popcorn, the brands of popcorn popped around the same amount of kernels with the greatest difference of 23 kernels. Compared to the number of popped kernels, this difference is not that great; therefore I would conclude my hypothesis is correct.

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