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Published on October 10, 2007

Author: Moorehead


Slide1:  Science Extended PD Bugger - PowerPoint August 15th 2000 Slide2:  Learning Technologies Capabilities of Teachers (DEET Research 1997) Only 40% of staff valued Learning Technology Most are limited only to word processing, CD ROMS and Internet 10 - 15% of staff only had undergone some form of extended Learning Technology Professional Development Slide3:  Learning Technologies Capabilities of Teachers (2000) Notebooks Initiative 80% of staff by December 2000 All notebooks distributed by March 2000 In general use the percentage of users rated as competent increased from 66% to 86% Routine computer use at school by participants increased from 52% to 77% of users, with a similar increase in use at home Regular use in classrooms increased from 36% to 50% of participants Learning Technology Initiatives:  Learning Technology Initiatives SOF Net SOF Web VicOne Network Access@schools Navigator Schools Microsoft Licensing Learning Technology Subsidies Professional Development - CAPC, LWTI From Dangerous Creatures Slide5:  SOFNet Schools TV Educational television programs via satellite to schools All Government and Catholic schools have access Includes access to Discovery, National Geographic, CNN and Weather21 through partnership with Austar to country secondary colleges Negotiating for country primary schools Slide6:  SOFWeb Most heavily used educational website in Australia 30,000 documents and downloadable files Two thirds of teachers use SOFWeb Primary distribution channel for support information eg. STEPS, HRMS Slide7:  SOFWeb Teacher support materials - IdeaBank, CSFII, curriculum@work (20,000 pages) Discussion groups, on-line databases Global Classroom, quality assured websites Slide8:  SOFWeb Content Initiatives DEET@work (Departmental Intranet expanded to schools and staff) Curriculum @ work - 20,000 pages of CSFII teacher support materials on CD and online Ed Channel - Major Website for the discovery of online educational content. Focused access to educational content for schools, teachers, students and parents PRISM Online interactive student resources and courses for Middle Years science Slide9:  EduNet Education Selection Cache - over 18,000 quality education sites Teacher and Student Resource Safe Area for primary students Major means of reducing costs Blocks 12.5 million pornography, extremist and bomb sites Microsoft Statewide Licensing:  Microsoft Statewide Licensing Major agreement signed with Microsoft Access to many Microsoft products Best access of any Australian schools to MS Expires end December 2000 New agreement negotiated and funded by Government Retains most of access presently in place Available online from Computelec Software Rolling Fund:  Software Rolling Fund Kid Pix Studio Deluxe Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Microworlds 2.03 Microworlds Pro PC Anywhere Remote/Host PM storybooks Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Scala Multimedia 2000 Site Central Storybook Weaver Deluxe Symatec Norton GhostTricad Wiggleworks Videopoint ALL Macromedia products Asymetrix Toolbook II Instructor Asymetrix Toolbook II Assistant Australian Infopedia AutoDesk Series Corel Draw 9 Crocodile Clips Carmen Diego Series FileMaker Pro 4.1 Geometers - Sketch Pad Greygum Maths Circus Act 1 & 2 HyperStudio Inspiration James Discovers Maths Home use by teaching staff negotiated Science Software:  Science Software Favorite Software Sammy’s Science House Magic School Bus The Way Things Work Dangerous Creatures Australian Produced What’s For Dinner, Thankyou! Insects - a world of diversity Reptiles of Australia Sharks Ecotrekker Movie clip from Dangerous Creatures Computer Peripherals:  Computer Peripherals Scanner Digital Camera CD ROM Reference Screen Capture software E-mail and video conferencing Internet - WWW sites, graphics, movies and software Video Conferencing:  Video Conferencing EduConf and NetMeeting Installation of USB Camera - $110 Camera can be used for still and video capture MS NetMeeting Configuration (once only) Headphones - $15 htm Features NetMeeting Video - see the person Audio - hear the person Chat - keyboarding to the person Whiteboard - similar to using Paintbrush but also allows pasting of images Application Sharing - only required on host computer - eg. Word, etc FTP - file transfer Science and WWW:  Science and WWW SOFWeb - Resource Centre -> science Global Classroom Projects -> science SaltWatch Leading Practice Idea Bank -> science Notebook Academy -> science shareware Good sites WimmeraNet -> Mad Scientist Horsham 298 PS - Links for Kids- Links for Teachers Slide16:  1. CHW CSF 11 Science Links - Resources KidsClub - Science for Kids 2. Steps - SOFWeb 3. Idea Bank - SOFWeb 4. Resource Centre - SOFWeb 5. Global Classroom Projects - SOFWeb Online Science Resources Slide17:  6. Kids Virtual Classroom - SOFWeb 7. Science Online - P.R.I.S.M 8. Digital Networks - SOFWeb 9. CSF 11 Online - SOFWeb 10. Curriculum@work 11. Microsoft Resources - Magic School Bus Activities 12. EduNet - Educational Cache Online Science Resources Scanners:  Scanners Flatbed are cheap and easy to use Use JPEG for photos and most images Resolution of 100 dpi is quick and suitable for most publishing Screen Capture Software:  Screen Capture Software Print Screen Alt + PrtSc Macs FlashIt PCs SnagIt SnapShot Available on WWW Downloaded from Internet Digital Cameras:  Digital Cameras Use JPEG for photos Sony Mavica saves to floppy - no other attachments Rechargeable batteries Some models also take short movies Science Peripherals:  Science Peripherals Lego Dacta - Mattel Intel Play Microscope - Kmart IP Camera Weather Station Dick Smith Electronics Honey bee leg X60 Timelapse photography Multimedia Software:  Multimedia Software Kid Pix Studio Deluxe HyperStudio PowerPoint MicroWorlds TextEase Inspirations PowerPoint:  PowerPoint Screen Capture What you can use in multimedia:  What you can use in multimedia Text - Word Art, fonts Graphics - drawn, clipart, scanned, digital photos Movies - video clips, edited, WWW Sound - sound clips, background sound, recorded sound Tables and Charts Transitions Hyperlinks -branching, files, WWW Animations Inserting Graphics:  Inserting Graphics Encyclopedias on CD allow you to copy images Use Edit Menu Copy - Ctrl C Paste - Ctrl - V Use handles on graphics to resize Using Copy Image from Encarta Graphics eg of manipulation of 2 photos using PhotoShop, etc:  Graphics eg of manipulation of 2 photos using PhotoShop, etc Downloaded from Internet Sound Recording:  Sound Recording Add sounds and sound effects from WWW and sound clips Sound Recorder creating digitising audio directly into the computer digitising audio from a cassette tape or CD Background music Microphones and headsets - Billy Guyatts - $13.99 “Cats in the Kettle” Movies:  Movies Use Mattel Intel Play microscope - $180 Download or purchase suitable videos Beware the format - avi. mov, mpeg Video editing - Quick Time Pro off WWW is cheapest Downloaded from Internet Adding extras:  Adding extras Charts Data Hyperlinks Animation “Chemistry” Useful References:  Useful References Science Extended PD Program CD information about adding media CSF 2 CD using ICT Notebook Academy CD - $15 Hawker Brownlow excellent reference material available from Ballarat Books Clipart from Down Under Notes:  Notes Show and Tell Questions and Answers

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