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Published on December 12, 2008

Author: karuhetti


Slide1:  SRI LANKA Slide2:  Biological Relationships Arising from Dependence of Food Slide3:  Foreword to……….. Computer section of the ministry of education which leads the teacher to a new technology beyond the monotones system Slide4:  CONTENTS FOOD NEEDS FOOD CHAIN FOOD WEB CONSUMARS FOOD PYRAMIDS Slide5:  FOOD NEEDS Every animal must have food to live. Different animals must have different kinds of food to live. The animal The food Squirrel Frog Wolfs Mango, Guava Grasshopper, Fly Rabbit, Birds Slide6:  Some animals feed on plant we call them…….Herbivores Some animals feed on other animals matter we call them……..CARNIVORES Some animals feed on other animals &plants we call them………OMNIVORES Slide7:  Carnivores Animals Fox Wolfs Eagle Cheetha Frog Lion Snake Slide8:  Animals Herbivores Rhinoceros Grasshopper Elephant Monkey Butter fly Giraffe Totes Slide9:  Omnivores Animals Fish Ducks Dog Cat Crow Slide10:  FOOD CHAIN Food matter linked together in order are called a food chain Slide11:  Simple food chains Slide12:  Most food chains have no more than four or five links. There cannot be too many links in a single food chain. . Animals at the end of the chain would not get enough food (and hence energy) to stay alive. Slide13:  We call them Producers A food chain always starts with a plant or plant matter Slide14:  A FOOD CHAIN ALWAYS STARTS A PLANT. Plants grow using energy from the sun. The plants die down in the Autumn. provide a home and food The worms are eaten by birds the small birds eaten for worms The decayed plants in the soil The eagle is a carnivore. Slide15:  PHOTOSYNTHESIS to occur FOUR things are needed But plants also need MINERALS and they take these from the through their roots The three main minerals that plants need from the soil are CARBON DIOXIDE WATER CHLOROPHYLL SUNLIGHT PHOTOSYNTHESIS Green plants make their own food by a process known as PLANTS NEED FOOD OWN GREEN PLANTS CAN MAKE THEIR FOOD Nitrates Phosphate Passim Slide16:  ANIMALS CAN NOT MAKE THEIR OWN FOOD SO THEY HAVE TO EAT …. ? A FOOD CHAIN SHOWS HOW PLANTS ARE EATEN BY ANIMALS, AND ANIMALS ARE EATEN BY OTHER ANIMALS. Slide17:  CONSUMERS Plant is called the producer The plant consumer is known as the first consumer. The animals following are respectively called the second level consumer and the third level consumer . Slide18:  Caterpillar (primary consumer) Frog (tertiary consumer) Green plant (producer) Crab spider (secondary consumer) Heron (top carnivore) Slide19:  Here is a figure showing one such food chain and energy : SUN LIGHT Slide20:  Most animal eat different kind of food Other wise they will die hunger. The PANDA that lives in the mountainous forest of china eats only one kind of food. There for they face an extinction. Slide21:  Several interconnected food chains form a food web FOOD WEB Slide22:  The further along the food chain you go, the less food (and hence energy) remains available. The above pyramid-shaped food chain shows many trees & shrubs providing food and energy to giraffes. Note that as we go up, there are fewer giraffes than trees & shrubs and even fewer lions than giraffes. In other words, a large mass of living things at the base is required to support a few at the top. Slide23:  How human affects the food chain ?    When we spray pesticides, we put the food chain in danger.  By breaking one link on the chain means all of the organisms above that link are in threat of extinction (like the domino effect). By hunting animals nearly to extinction, everything above the animal in the food chain is put in danger.  A 'chain reaction' in the food chain can be perilous!  Since the food chain provides energy that all living things must have in order to survive, it is imperative that we protect it.

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