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Published on August 9, 2011

Author: schuco


Schuco CryosprayThe ultimate liquid nitrogen spray technology As a result of many years working closely with clinical professionals in minor surgery the Schuco Cryospray has been designed for maximum ease of use, cost effectiveness and safety.

Key features: 1. Ergonomic designThe ergonomic design offers easy grip for low fatigue and complete controlwhen administering treatments. The stainless steel vacuum container feelscomfortable in the hand with the operating fingers falling naturally on thetrigger.

2. Vacuum containerThe 350ml Vacuum container will retain a full days supply of liquid nitrogen.

3. Brass tips The Schuco Cryospray is supplied complete with a set of five brass spray tips: four directional cone shaped tips, with varying orifice for accurate visual aiming during treatment and one bent spray extension.The specialist adaptor allows Brymill CRY-AC orifices tobe used with the Schuco Cryospray

4. Brass collar designThe brass collar design offers maximum security and will not deteriorateduring the products lifetime compared to rubber or plastic collar designs.

5. Stabilising baseFor added safety the aluminium stabilising base ensures that the SchucoCryospray does not tip over.

6. Canvas caseThe Schuco Cryospray is supplied in a custom fitted sturdy canvas carrycase with foam moulding inners storage compartment for convenient safestorage and transport.

7. WarrantyThe Schuco Cryospray is covered by a 5 year warranty for addedpiece of mind.

Specifications: Case: 17cm x 27cm x 13cm Schuco Cryospray: 24cm x 9cm x 9cm Inner collar measurement 32mm diameter*The Schuco Cryospray should not be used to transport liquid nitrogen.This product is not supplied with liquid nitrogen.*Please check your dewar nozzle size

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