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Information about School Management Software with Incredible Features

Published on November 12, 2018

Author: schoolbirdapp


slide 1: Can Technology Be Used for Bridging the Parent –Teacher Communication Gap The communication gap between parents teachers is one of the major problems over many years and currently technology is being used to decrease this gap. School management software or school management app is emerging as one of the best options to cope up with this problem we can also call it a parent teacher app or software. Undoubtedly the communication gap between teachers parents is a big thing in India because of increasing working class community. Parents have less time to employ their ward’s school because of their work and the parental involvement of their ward’s school is decreasing substantially. It’s so simple there must be an efficient and convenient way for teachers and parents to communicate during the school year here technology plays a very vital role it bridges the gap between parents their children and teachers. Technology has changed the way that school communicates with parents. While a few years ago the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities but now the school management software is used for filling this gap. Technology like school management system provides a huge platform for schools to track down the activities going around in the school and give notifications regarding homework school fees school activities functions attendance of wards etc. can be sent to the parents using apps and different methods. slide 2: Here’s how a school management ERP help parents to stay connected with schools: 1. Parents-Teachers Meetings: Using this software you can alert parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting dates and also updates about any changes in time or date of the meetings and all this is very quick. 2. Update Parents about their Ward’s Attendance Report: By this software parents can stay updated about their child’s attendance report. The software sends notifications and messages to parents immediately if their child were to miss a day of school. 3. Respective Ward’s Live Bus Tracking: All parents want to stay updated constantly about their ward’s location. A web-based school ERP software or application shares route map with parents and alerts when the child boards the bus and get off the bus and also sends notifications. These are some points but there are a lot more points which are valuable and helps to bridge the communication gap between parents teachers. You can go to a good school management software that will effectively manage your school and keep your data safe.                                                                                       For more details visit:                                                   

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