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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ravi90575


SCHOOL PLUS: SCHOOL PLUS Admissions | Fee | Transport Accounts | Exams || Library | Grading School ERP Software (A 2 Z) Call Us + 91- 9910870991 PowerPoint Presentation: FEES MANAGEMENT As we know, Fee Collection is the primary source of every school for growth and to meet financial needs In a School, there are number of students in different classes coming from various locations. Fee has to be collected from students under different heads e.g. “Admission Fee”, “Tuition Fee”, “Development Fund” etc. Transport Charges are charged as per location (Route). Some Students are given relaxation in their fee (Concession). In manual working, to maintain there fee records is very much complicated, prone to errors and time consuming process. PowerPoint Presentation: SCHOOL PLUS Software does not save only your valuable time, but helps in growth and development of your organization SCHOOL PLUS Software Generates very valuable and forecasting reports like Fees Due List, Demand Register, Defaulters List, Class Wise Fees Collection Summary, Head Wise Summary, Fees Card, Fees Receipts Register and much more. Which are not possible otherwise to generate manually PowerPoint Presentation: SCHOOL PLUS : Informative : Eye Catching Look Maintain Complete Admission Record of Students along with Photo PowerPoint Presentation: Address Book : Fast Search : Advance Filter Technology Easy to maintain and Search Birthday’s of Students Find any record by Name, Adm. No, etc Sort Students by any field Wish birthday to Students this month PowerPoint Presentation: CREATE FEES HEADING : Set Frequency Configure Your fees headings & Select Months when it becomes due towards student Configure Account Head to post Fees In FA Select Months In Which fees becomes due PowerPoint Presentation: Design Your Fees Structure Yourself : In 10 Minutes Very Flexible : Easy To Implement : Simple to understand Select Classes and categories PowerPoint Presentation: Flexible Fees Concession Setting No Need to remember concession for each student Define Concession in % or Amt for Particular Fees Head PowerPoint Presentation: Maintain Route Wise Transportation Automatically Picks Fees for particular Route PowerPoint Presentation: Fees Receipt : Very Fast : Customizable Fees Collection is the Primary Income Source of School Intelligently Finds How much fees is due towards students for selected months PowerPoint Presentation:  Self Customizable Fees Slip Format Use Colors, Fonts Logos, Lines Beautify your Slip Design Print Your Slip on Any Paper Size Print Two Slips Side By Side PowerPoint Presentation: Fees Register : Information at your Finger Tips Customizable Search ; Export To Excel, Word, HTML etc. PowerPoint Presentation: Generate Head Wise Fees Summary Accurate fees collected Under Different Heads From All Classes PowerPoint Presentation: Advance Forecasting Reports Multi Search Options To Generate Fees Dues Report. PowerPoint Presentation: Accurate Cross-Checking Demand Register to Meet Better Financial Decisions in future PowerPoint Presentation: Generate Electronic Fees Card : Avoid Confusion Watch Fees Receipts from student at Multiple angles @ 360 degree view PowerPoint Presentation: Generate Balance Fees Report Never miss an entry ; if some balance is due towards student PowerPoint Presentation: Defaulter List : Increase your Profitability Automatically Detect students who are not paying fees properly PowerPoint Presentation: Receipt Book : Simple : Handy : Accurate Calculation of receipts with Total PowerPoint Presentation: Self designed Fees Structure : For every Class Meet every organization needs PowerPoint Presentation: Date Wise Fees receipts under different headings Crosstab & Intelligent repots PowerPoint Presentation: Category Wise Fees Details Analysis Save your valuable time PowerPoint Presentation: Concession Report : Student Wise : Head wise Achieve your targets PowerPoint Presentation: Maintain Accurate Concession Record Make a good brand image PowerPoint Presentation: High Security : To Protect Your Valuable Information Self Definable User Rights PowerPoint Presentation: More Features ; More Benefits; More Profit Maintain record of Admission, Fees Transactions and Route Wise Transport Charges Very Easy To Implement. Design Your own Fees Structure Retain Privacy under high security user rights No need to learn computers Wish Birthday to Student as well as parents for better relationships Increase your profitability and efficiency PowerPoint Presentation: Library Management was never so easy before PowerPoint Presentation: My Library | Informative | Simple | Easy PowerPoint Presentation: Quick Receipt : Simple to mange Financial Accounting No Need to Learn Accounts (Dr.) or (Cr.) Just input Customer Name & Receipt Amt Any Rebate Given to customer automatically adjusted No Need to separately Post Journal entry For Discount Enter Remarks (Notes) for Easy remembering PowerPoint Presentation: Log Book: Your Business @ 360 Degree See Ledger, Statement, Interest, Daily Balance and nutshell report of any account very Fast Multi angle view of every account is now Log Book PowerPoint Presentation: Collection becomes so easy with Speed PowerPoint Presentation: SCHOOL PLUS Software is especially designed for C.C.E. Grading system as per C.B.S.E guidelines. Featuring C.C.E. Evaluation System , Formative and Summative Assessment, Performance Report of Student. PowerPoint Presentation: As we know as per C.B.S.E. guidelines , in the new grading system, which is known as “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation”. In which a student is continually evaluated or judged for his future development by keeping analyzing his current personality. Every student performs differently in different-different activities. In some activities, he may be very good while in other he may be poor or medium. To keep a watch over every student about his each activity and judge his I.Q. level and then write it down in school records is a very much difficult and energy consuming work for the teachers. To reduce the workload and increase efficiency of teachers , team solver analyzed the C.C.E. grading system of C.B.S.E. and introduced a software under the name “ Evaluator ” which means “ To Evaluate” or “to assess” the personality of student . PowerPoint Presentation: Benefits of SCHOOL PLUS Saves teachers time and workload by 90% Uniformity in maintaining records. No need to calculate anything manually e.g. percentile, FA1+FA2+SA1 etc. No need to write all the indicators of students again and again for every student. All the indicators already entered, teacher just have to tick the student’s indicators and all the calculations will be done automatically. Teacher can change or modify any student’s particulars on the spot. PowerPoint Presentation: “The software architect is designed so flexibly in such a way that you can yourself reconfigure it or redesign its structure (body) without any intervention of software company.” Flexible Architecture : Design Yourself PowerPoint Presentation: Innovative Grading System You can yourself configure grading structure. As in the example above the grading structure for “LIFE SKILLS” PowerPoint Presentation: “ Skill ” is the subset of Student’s talents, behavior, values, competence or attitude; for which we need to specify indicators . Skill: Standards of Talent, Values & Attitude Customize Indicators & Grades Yourself PowerPoint Presentation: Save Your Valuable Time: No Need to Write different indicators for each student again and again Just Tick the appropriate indicators for particular skill sets. PowerPoint Presentation: Multiple Search Options: Windsor Technology Search On Admission no. Name Class Test Group Skill Indicators Grade Point Value Class incharge PowerPoint Presentation: Magical Reporting: Suggestive Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation: Customizable Forms and reports Printouts PowerPoint Presentation: Calculate and Print Grade Sheet Automatically Automatically Calculates Grade of Selected Student and prints the reports along with indicators PowerPoint Presentation: Performance sheet displays Student’s Skill set with Total Indicators and grade earned for a particular term. Grade is calculated on the basis of Grading structure defined in the test group PowerPoint Presentation: Informative & Analytical MIS Reports shows grade and indicators for each skill set and every student in the class PowerPoint Presentation: Summative & Formative Assessment For Summative and Formative assessments, you need to configure subjects and its activities. As we know every class has many subjects, and every subject have many activities. To assess the performance of every student in class in a particular subject, we calculate in summative assessment. To evaluate every activity of every subject for each student, We calculate in Formative assessment. In evaluator, both calculations and data entry is very simple (Just Like Excel). To achieve fast and accurate results in software; First of all for Formative and summative assessment, we define or create different subjects with their activities PowerPoint Presentation: Define Subject along with Activities To achieve fast and accurate results in software; for Formative and summative assessment, we define or create different subjects along with their activities PowerPoint Presentation: Summative Assessment (S.A.) To assess the performance of students in a particular subject. PowerPoint Presentation: Formative Assessment (F.A.) To evaluate every activity of every subject for each student. Entry Very Fast More Faster than Excel PowerPoint Presentation: Print Mark Sheet: Cutting Edge PowerPoint Presentation: Crosstab & Ultimate Reports : Configure and print from Excel PowerPoint Presentation: Intelligent Self Designable Architect “Evaluator” is fully flexible software. You can redesign the body structure or formulae of evaluator as per your policy at any point of time. Evaluator contains by default a common formula for report card printing is Term – 1 = FA1 (10%) + FA2 (10%) + SA1(20%) Term – 2 = FA3 (10%) + FA4 (10%) + SA2(40%) “Evaluator” is not rigid to this formula. You can yourself redefine the formulae for report card printout as per your school’s policy. PowerPoint Presentation: More Features ; More Benefits; More Profit Covers Student Evaluation, Summative Assessment & Formative Assessment Save your valuable time Very Easy To Implement. No Need to write indicators for each student again and again All the indicators already entered, teacher just have to tick the student’s indicators and all the calculations will be done automatically . Increase your profitability and efficiency

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