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Published on October 1, 2014

Author: chlofield



media studies

 Firstly, I took a picture of one of the students in my class, to use as my front cover and put it onto the computer. I then used the ‘quick selection’ tool to cut out the background around the pupil, so it was only the figure and not anything behind her.  I then took the ‘paint bucket’ tool and chose the colour blue to be my background colour, and filled in the remaining space around my picture blue.  Lastly, I placed different text boxes around my pictures, chose the font and size and added my information to the front cover, using the text tool

Masthead- Big and bold, with a dark colour contrasting the background, to stand out. Cover lines- Information about the major articles. Again a different colour and font to show the differnce in text Plug- Information about the contents of the magazine. Same colour as the cover line to show simularity Feature article photograph- Used in the middle to attract attention to the main article. Linked to the contents, as is a pupil holding her results.

Masthead- Again, big and bold with a fun font Style- The look of the media text, a different colour to the title, and layed out on the page Connotation- The image shows a fun, and enjoyable school, where pupils are happy Demographic- The magazine is open to pupils, any age, and to adults to give details about the school their child is attending View slide

 I used a masthead to name the titles of the pages, by placing them at the top in which theyre seen first  I used cover lines on the page to show the major article of the magazine. These were a different colour to show change.  I used a plug to show the different content of the magazine, these were in the same colour of the cover line as they hold simular information  I used a feauture article photograph on both the front cover and contents page, as it shows what the article is about by the photo.  The style of the magazine was bright and colourful to make people remember it and for it to catch their eye.  The demographic of the magazine is to school pupils and adults whose child/ren attend william de ferrers school. View slide

 To improve my magazine I would improve the background by doing something other than a block colour, so that it looks more professional.  I would also change the colours and font of the cover lines and plug to make them more serious.  I would also have liked to have spent more time on editing it so therefore I can make it look a lot better.  To also make it better I could have cut the background out of the picture better than I did, and make it look more neat.

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