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Published on June 12, 2013

Author: technolibrary


AEIOU Accessibility,  eBooks, iPads, Out of the box thinking, and Unique learning spaces : AEIOU A ccessibility, e Books, i Pads, O ut of the box thinking, and U nique learning spaces C arolyn F oote rkshops define accessible: d efine accessible What do we need to unthink?: What do we need to u nthink? Garr Reynolds 14 ways: G arr Reynolds 14 ways Presentation Zen Design PowerPoint Presentation: e mbrace constraints PowerPoint Presentation: p ractice restraint PowerPoint Presentation: k now when to stop PowerPoint Presentation: a dopt beginner’s mind PowerPoint Presentation: c heck your ego PowerPoint Presentation: f ocus on the experience PowerPoint Presentation: ps 146 New York PowerPoint Presentation: b ecome a master storyteller PowerPoint Presentation: t hink communication, not decoration-- what is essential? PowerPoint Presentation: o bsess about ideas PowerPoint Presentation: d esign is about choices; ease of use not an accident PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint Presentation: Demco Interiors UK PowerPoint Presentation: Robin Hood foundation library PowerPoint Presentation: n otice and observe PowerPoint Presentation: s implify as much as you can--but no more PowerPoint Presentation: Demco Interiors UK PowerPoint Presentation: u tilize empty space PowerPoint Presentation: k now when/why to break the rules PowerPoint Presentation: England National Trust be flexible: b e flexible be flexible PowerPoint Presentation: VS furnishings PowerPoint Presentation: N o Tosh Secret Spaces: Secret Spaces Publishing spaces: Publishing spaces Performing spaces: Performing spaces Performing spaces: Performing spaces Participatory spaces: Participatory spaces Watching spaces: Watching spaces PS 1 New York Watching spaces: Watching spaces PS 19 New York Data spaces: Data spaces Photo by Eric Schlegel Your turn: What does accessibility look like?: Your turn: What does accessibility look like? Focus: Focus Explore: Explore PowerPoint Presentation: S tem to STEAM: M akerspaces in Libraries unthink. rethink.: u nthink. r ethink. contact info: Carolyn Foote @technolibrary on twitter Goo : contact info: Carolyn Foote @technolibrary on twitter Goo

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