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Health & Medicine

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: maheswarijaikumar






NEED MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED. 1.Malnutrition. 2.Infectious diseases 3.Intestinal parasites. 4.Diseases of skin, eye, & ear 5.Dental carries...

DEVELOPMENT OF SCHOOL HEALTH IN INDIA 1909-Medical examination for school children. 2.1946-Bhore committee report on non existence of adequate school health facilities.

3. 1953-The secondary education committee stressed on the need for regular examination & school feeding programme. 4.II FYP –Initiatives for school health feeding prog. 5.1960-Constitution of school health

5.1960-Constitution of school health committee at vill, state, national level Recommendations-. School health services by 1962,63. School health through primary school by 66 -71.

1960-The Children's Act – care ,maintenance,welfare,training, education & rehabilitation of delinquent children 1986-Juvenile Justice Actuniform legal framework for

OTHER SUPPORTIVE PROGS1974-75-ICDS 1980-83-ADDCP,ARI Cont prog. Welfare programme are linked with school health prog.

OBJECTIVES OF SCHOOL HEALTH PROG 1.To promote health of the school children through health supervision, health care & nutrition progs. 2.To prevent communicable & noncommunicable diseases.

health instruction. 4 3.To inculcate healthy habits by proper.To create health consciousness in children,parent & teacher. 5.To prepare the child for education &for good citizenship

6.To provide healthful school environment

COMPONENTS OF SCHOOL HEALTH PROG 1.The task of school health are multidimensional 2.The interventions vary according to the context of the society, however broadly 3The following are some aspects, components of SHP

3The following are some aspects, components of SHP . 1.Health appraisal of school children & school personnel 2.Remedial measures & follow-up 3.Prevention of communicable diseases. 4.Healthful school environment

5.Nutrition serves 6.First aid & emergency care. 7.Mental health 8.Dental health 9.Eye health.

10.Health education. 11.Education of the handicapped children 12.Maintenance & use of school health records..

COMPONENTS OF SCHOOL HEALTH 1.Periodical medical examinationschoolchildren,teachers,health personnel 2.Medical examination on entry- 4 yrs 3.Routine P/E needs to be done 4.Clinical examination for nutritional deficiency, examination of faeces..

5.Tuberculin testing/screening for Hansen's annual testing of vision, regular & quarterly Wt/Ht checking

6.Daily morning inspection by the teachersunusually flushed face,rashes,spots,s/s acute cold, coughing & sneezing, sore throat,rigid neck,nausea,vomiting watery eyes,headache,chills fever,sleepiness,disinclination to play, diarrhea,skin conditions-scabies or ringworm..

REMEDIAL MEASURES & FOLLOW UP 1.Following the regular examination,respective referral services 2.Special clinics should be conducted in the health units. 3.Specialist should be employed in schools for the same..

4.Referral hospital must provide for beds for children who are admitted & provide relevant treatment.

PREVENTION OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE. 1.By means of immunization. 2.The above should be maintained in the scho health records.

HEALTHFUL SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT 1.An optimal school environmentlocation,building & equipment are important pre-requisites for a school health. 2.A good school environment promotes physical,social & emotional health of the pupils.

3.Schools should serve as exemplary places to reflect sanitation.

SUGGESTED STANDARDS. 1.Location-Centrally situated,fairly away from busy places,roads,cinema theatre,houses,factory,railway tracks & market places. 2.The school premises should be fenced.

SITE-1.on high land. SHC-10 Acre-higher elementary school. 5 Acre-primary school. Additional.- with 1 acre land- 100 students.

STRUCTURE. Nursery & Secondary schools must be single storied Ext walls should be 10 inches thick & should be heat resistant.

CLASS ROOMS. Verandas should be attached to class rooms A class should comfortably accommodate 40 students. The per capita space for a student should be 10 sq ft & more.

FURNITURE. Furniture provided should suit the age group of the students Single desks & chairs should be provided The chairs should have proper back rest

DOORS & WINDOWS. 1.The combined door & window should be >25% of the floor space 2.The class should have cross ventilation 3.Class rooms should have ventilators.>2% of the floor area. 4.The windows should be broad located at 2-6 Ft from the floor level.

COLOUR White & the class room should be periodically white washed.

LIGHTING. The class room should have sufficient natural lighting (room left).

WATER SUPPLY There should be an independent, safe & portable water supply distributed from taps.

EATING FACILITIES. There should be separate room for dining purposes. Only approved vendors should be allowed.

LAVATORY Privies &urinals should be provided. 1 urinal/ 60 students. 1 urinals/ 100 students. Facilities should be separate for boys & girls.

NUTRITIONAL SERVICES Studies in India have reveled that nutritional deficiency is prevalent among school children. 1961-SHC recommended one nourishing meal –1/3 of protein & calorie requirement.

Implementation of ANP with the assistance of UNICEF Maintenance of school kitchen & veg gardens. Measures should be taken to combat nutritional deficiencies.

FIRST AID & EMERGENCY CARE. The first aid management for sick children rests with the teachers & the teachers could be trained during teacher’s training programme. First aid box should be made available.

MENTAL HEALTH The teachers in the school have a positive & preventive role in fostering a positive mental health among the learners. Suitably modify learning strategies, incentives.- rest, relaxation

DENTAL HELTH. School children usually suffer from dental diseases & defects. School health should incorporate dental health components too. Dental hygienist & dentist are to be employed.

During the dental check up should focus on prophylactic cleansing & dental hygiene classes.

EYE HEALTH SERVICES. Teachers are in key position to detect reflective errors, refer for treatment of squints,ambylopia & to detect eye infections. Vit A administration could be done.

HEALTH EDUCATION. The health education is an important component in the school health prog. The H/E should aim at imparting desirable changes among students. H/E- focus on, personal hygiene,environmental health.

EDUCATION OF HANDICAPPED Every child irrespective of the disability, should be encouraged to become productive & self supporting.

SCHOOL HEALTH RECORDS. The schools should have cumulative health records providing pertinent information and serve as tools to evaluate the school health services.

NATURE & SCOPE. A good school health prog has larger implications to the society in the following sense. It addresses the anti social problemsstealing, lying,gambling,personality disorders & educational difficulties.

Antisocial problemsstealing,lying,gambling destructiveness sexual offences Habit disorders-nail biting,thumb sucking & bed wetting. Personality disorders-temper tantrums,shyness,day dreaming,jealousy. Educational difficulties-backward in studies,school fear,school failure.


ADMINISTRATOR Co-ordinate the SHP initiatives of the state with school administration. Organize school health progs at all levels. Serve as liaison between the community & the school in organizing & implementing SHP

Co-ordinate with the state in mobilizing funds & grant in aids Evolve relevant policy for implementation of SHP. Organize & conduct workshop, conferences & meetings on SHP. Co-ordinate & serve as liaison for the NGO’s & voluntary agencies.

Incorporate the aspects & elements of SHP in PHC Organize school health camps, involving community & mass media. Design & disseminate health education materials relevant to SHP. Co-ordinate with allied sectors in promoting & implementing school health initiatives

Maintain epidemiological profile of school going & school related maters. Serve as information providers to the policy makers on school health & its related aspects.

EDUCATIONIST Design a curriculum for schools & health science subjects incorporating SH aspects. Implement & monitor the implementation of school curriculum in the educational settings.

Organize Trg prog & educational preparation for nurses to be placed in schools & educational institutions. Evaluate the school health programme implementation. Refer appropriate cases to referral center

SERVICE PROVIDER Conduct SHP in the area of employment. Co-ordinate with NGO/VHAI in implementing SHP. Supply & monitor articles,drugs & equipments for SHP

Co-ordinate /implement the various health prog of the community, ICDS,SHP,Anemia Prevention Prog,Mid Day Meal Prog,Vit A prophy prog. Periodically conduct SH surveys & maintain health status of the children

RESEARCHER Carry out R & disseminate the finding. Identify researchable area in SH. Create data base in SH for research. Serve as school health nurse scientist.

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