Scholarly Publishing with WordPress, a Savvy Researcher Workshop

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Information about Scholarly Publishing with WordPress, a Savvy Researcher Workshop

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: zelip



Savvy Researcher Workshop
University of Illinois Library

We’re going to deploy a web server environment on our local machines. Then install and manipulate WordPress.

There are easier ways to get WordPress up and running online. limits the customization and functionality options that are freely available with WordPress software. Automatic WP install via a web host distances the user from the initial configuration. For new users this is a missed learning opportunity.

1.  How WordPress works 2.  Set up local AMP stack 3.  Install and extend WordPress 4.  Real-world web hosting 5.  Further resources

WordPress is a collection of files written in PHP, that interact with a MySQL database, and get processed & served to the browser by a (Apache) web server.

Apache + MySQL + PHP = AMP stack • • •

Apache is in the background. Once set up, Apache is (mostly) left alone. PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor is a web scripting language that allows for presenting dynamic information to a browser in HTML. MySQL database is where the content is located that PHP dynamically presents to the browser.

A peek at a WordPress file PHP code Database access via PHP code

A peek at the “WordPress Loop”, a major feature of how WP works internally. (The Loop and most internal processes are beyond the scope of this workshop.)

A peek at Apache source

A peek at MySQL source

A peek at PHP source

A peek at WordPress source wp-content The main area where novice users interact with WP files.

There are software packages that bundle together the AMP components to provide an easy install of the stack. This is an option in between relying on a cloud provider to set up WP for you and installing the individual stack components yourself.

The two dynamic web server packages we’ll work with today are MAMP & WAMP.

MAMP step-by-step (after downloading the installer package)

MAMP step-by-step

Your new local MAMP web server spaces: http://localhost:8888 (root path) http://localhost:8888/MAMP (admin portal)

WAMP step-by-step (after downloading the installer package)

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

WAMP step-by-step

Your new local WAMP web server space: http://localhost (both the root path and the admin portal)

phpMyAdmin is a tool (made with PHP) to manage MySQL databases. It is accessed via a browser.

7 easy steps to start: 1.  Download WP from 2.  Unzip the downloaded file 3.  Drag/drop the unzipped WP folder to your new document root directory

4.  Create a new database in phpMyAdmin (only give it a name, WP will do the rest). 5.  Edit the file ‘wp-config-sample.php’ and re-save it as ‘wp-config.php’ /** The name of the database for WordPress */ define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress‘); /** MySQL database username */ define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root‘); /** MySQL database password */ define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘yourpassword‘); /** MySQL hostname */ define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost‘);

6.  Initiate WP by filling out the form at: http://document/root/wordpress 7.  Log in and start customizing!

Let’s import a few plugins and themes into our new WordPress environment via our Dashboard…

1.  WP Codex, the main source of WP documentation, 2.  WP Forums, WP Q & A, support/ 3.  StackOverflow WP tags, http:// wordpress 4.  Web search engine

Some popular hosting providers 1. 2. 3. (for advanced users) 4. 5.

1. – campus-wide WP hosting 2.  Engineering WP hosting, website-hosting-design/web-hostingwordpress 3.  UIUC Webmasters forum,

Main Library room 306 Mon-Thu: 11a-7p; Fri: 11a-6p @ScholCommons

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