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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Carlotto


Slide1:  YOUR ADVENTURE WILL NOT BE AN INDENTURE Slide2:  Colony of South Carolina Slide3:  And the Founding Date Founders of South Carolina: The Lords Proprietors:  Founders of South Carolina: The Lords Proprietors Earl of Clarendon, Duke of Albemarle, William Lord Craven John, Baron Berkeley of Stratton, Sir George Carteret, Sir John Colleton, Sir William Berkeley, and Anthony Ashley Cooper Founded in 1690 by the the Eight Lords Proprietors. :  Founded in 1690 by the the Eight Lords Proprietors. Founded Because…:  Founded Because… Reasons for Founding…:  Reasons for Founding… The Colony of South Carolina was founded because the Eight lords Proprietors were given a grant of land from King Charles as a thank you gift for the support that they gave him. They thought of it as an investment, and as a way to earn money. Slide8:  Settlers had to pay their way to get into South Carolina. Then they had to sell whatever they grew or made. Then they traded whatever the produced for whatever they needed. The trade business was only allowed through the lords. The lords could make money as middlemen. Settlers in the Colony:  Settlers in the Colony The first white settlers found about 30 Native American tribes living in the area already. Settlers were mostly white. Most settlers were fleeing from religious from religious prosecution, such as French Huguenots, Quakers from England, and Jews from all over the world. Slaves in the Colony:  Slaves in the Colony Native Americans were forced into slavery before African slave trade became more popular. Settlers brought indentured servants, that were usually white. Climate:  Climate Short, mild winters; no more shivering through a harsh English winter. Long, hot, humid summers – your crops are gonna love it! Geography:  Geography Many small, isolated islands off the coast – great for a picnic. Low, swampy coastal plains – malaria-carrying mosquitoes will help you build up resistance to disease! Area great for growing rice labor,– with enough slave labor you could have quite a plantation. Inland red soil ideal for growing cotton. Western part of the colony appeals to the outdoorsperson – rugged woodlands well suited to small farms, far away from the bustle of the city Economy:  Economy RELIGION:  RELIGION We feature religious liberty here. Our charter was actually written by the famous philosopher John Locke, who wrote that only seven people were needed to form a church and that religious persecution is not allowed. Come worship as you please! Politics and Government:  Politics and Government THE FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTION OF CAROLINA This system of laws written by John Locke gives England the real power here; SC is more like a province. Over time, however, we’ll have more local control. For example, we’ll be able to elect five representatives from our colony to serve with five agents appointed by the Lords Proprietors. Presented by…:  Presented by… HALEY GREG JULIAN

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