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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Savin


Slide1:  Unit 15 Destinations 1st period Today’s goal: * Talk about travel and cities * Warming up, Listening and Reading Slide2:  * Warming up Where would you go and why? If I were offered the chance, I would like to visit Australia to see animals that can only be found there, like Kangaroo, Koala. And I would like to go to the Great Barrier Reef to see live coral. Then I will go to Brazil to see the rain forest. After that I will go to Netherlands to see beautiful flowers and windmills. France is also what I want to see because it is the center for art and fashion. And its culture affect many other countries in Europe. Finally I would visit Egypt. It is one of the places where the earliest civilization started. Slide3:  * Listening 1. Situation: A TV station has invited Jennifer and her friends to take part in a competition. They can win _____________. The rules are _______. Each term has to decide _____________________ and __________ for its choice. a free holiday simple where they want to go give reasons 2. Andrew wants to go to ______, ______ and __________ because _____________________ ______________________________________ Greece Iraq Mexico he wants to learn about history/ they are historical places. Slide4:  Emily wants to go to ______, _________________ and ___________ because ____________________ _________________________________________. Brazil The South Pacific Greenland she wants to learn about nature / She wants to enjoy the beauty and mystery of nature. * Speaking Sample dialogues: B: Good morning! How can I help you? A: I’m sorry to say that I’m very unhappy about your service. I flew from Chengdu to Hangzhou and it was the worst flight of my life. B: I’m sorry to hear that. Please tell me what happened and I’ll see what I can do about it. Slide5:  A: Well, first of all, your airline lost one of my bags. When I arrived, the bag was gone. I asked for help, but the people at the airport were very rude. I hate to have to say this, but I think that they are unfriendly and impolite. They just said that they couldn’t do anything about it and that it was my responsibility to look for the bag. B: Hmm, I agree that they didn’t do their job. I will mention this to my boss so that he can talk to them. Did you find the bag? A: Yes, I did, but it took more than three hours. That’s not at all. My plane was two hours late. According to Slide6:  your schedule, the plane would depart from Chengdu at 1:25 in the afternoon. I even asked to twice to make sure because I had an important meeting that evening and that why I choose to take this flight instead of others. Still when I got to the airport, they said that the time had been changed to 3:25. B: Well, sometimes flights are changed. It can be because of the weather or some other problems. We can’t be always sure that the plane will take off on time. A: Why didn’t you tell me the truth? When I book the ticket, I explained that I had to get there on time and Slide7:  you said it was no problem. B: I’m sorry, we cannot control things like the weather. A: And the food on the plane was terrible. The ticket was expensive. … B: Well, I understand that you are very upset and I would like to make you feel better. I think you had bad luck that day. We try to give everyone good service, but it sounds like we failed. Can we make it up to you by offering a free flight? A: … Slide8:  * Pre-reading Slide9:  *Reading What is wanderlust? Where is Rio de Janeiro? What does Cariocas mean? What is the best way to see downtown of Rio De Janeiro and what can you see? It is the urge to explore the world, or to travel. It is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. It refers to the people of Rio. On foot. You can see old and modern buildings which tell you Rio is an important commercial city. Slide10:  What is Rio famous for? Where is Kitzbuhel? What is it famous for? What else can you do in Kitzbuhel besides skiing? Copacabana known as the princess of the sea, and Carnival which is a festival to celebrate the sun. It is located in southern Austria. Good weather, breathtaking scenery and world-class ski resort. It offers a wide variety of entertainment and you can experience old village culture mixed with the excitement of international tourist area. Slide11:  A comparison of the two cities Slide12:  * Post-reading: Slide13:  Reasons for the differences: the writer just choose the most popular, famous and interesting things about the two cities. Because the readers may feel them quite interesting. But I think we are considering more about the necessary information which make it easier for travelers to plan the trip. Ex. 2 Try to explain what they mean. A walk through downtown is a history lesson --- You can learn a lot by walking through downtown of Rio. A feast for the eyes --- pleasant to look at Slide14:  Should you have enough energy left --- If you are not too tired Ex. 3 Slide15:  Language points of the text: Every now and then, we get the itch to travel. 不时的 eg. I go to the theatre (every) now and then. 渴望 n. The lad's itching to go to university. vi. 这小伙子渴望去上大学。 wanderlust wander 漫步 lust 渴望 Should you feel the urge to pack your bags … If you should feel … 表示与将来的事实情况相反 假如你今后想要…… … stretch itself lazily along the coast vt. Slide16:  伸展, 伸长 (也可作不及物动词) The dog woke up, stretched itself and wandered off. stretch one’s legs 去散步, 活动一下腿脚 On both sides of us stretched the wet plain? vi. 在我们的两边延伸着湿润的原野 give sb. a glimpse of 提供一个粗略的了解 be known for 以…特色而著名 remind …that…从句 ; remind … of…+ n. known as 以…身份而闻名 get/be tired of 对…厌倦/无兴趣 The students got tired of one exam after another. Slide17:  cool off v.变凉, 平静下来 The best time to visit is in June and July, when the South American winter cools the city 定语从句 If you are looking for…, then you should try … A. so B. and C. thus D. then Located in southern Austria, Kitzbuhel is … Kitzbuhel is located in … Alps 前面无冠词 guarantee vt. 确保, 保证 We cannot guarantee the punctual arrival of planes in foggy weather. 准时 Slide18:  But there is no need to worry if you have never skied before. A. it B. this C. there D. that There is no doubt that … a plenty of × 可数和不可数名词 a wide/great variety of … take a dip in the pool [口](在海水里等)洗个澡, 泡一泡 work out at the gym 运动;锻炼 to work out daily with sparring partner 每天和拳击陪练员练习 算出(总数)如: to work out a sum 算出总数 Slide19:  go dancing/fishing/shopping/boating/camping swimming/walking/climbing/sight-seeing * Word study 1. Fill in the blanks with words from the text 1. altitude 2. avenue 3. gather 4. feast 5. dip 2. Choose the words or phrases from the box. gather 2. downhill 3. Every now and then 4. gyms 5. has got tired of Thank you! Slide20:  Unit 15 Destinations 2nd period Today’s goal: Review Nonfinite Verbs (P. 37&112) Integrating skills on P.38 Slide21:  Nonfinite verbs: to do 1. The first thing would be to decide where to go. 2. The most important thing would be for you to decide where to go. 3. Every now and then, we get the itch to travel. 表语 不定式短语前面可带上一个连接代(副)词。它接近一个名词性从句,常用在动词后面作宾语。 表语 定语 * 不定式还可以作主语,状语等。 宾语 不定式的形式有以下几种: Slide22:  -ing Kitzbuhel has the most challenging and exciting downhill slopes in the world. Few visitors leave Rio feeling disappointed. 定语 状语 表语 Slide23:  -ed Amazed by the beautiful scenery at the Copacabana Beach, he decided to come again the following year. 2. Known as Carnival, the festival attracts visitors from all over the world. 作状语 过去分词一般表示完成和被动的动作, 只有一种形式。 Slide24:  2. Rewrite the following sentence: 1. Being very brave, he went into the cave alone to look for his friend. 2. Being quite ill, she could not visit her friend in England. 3. Being an experienced traveler, he knows how to plan a trip. 4. The girl attending the sick all come from the countryside. 5. Hearing the music, he began to miss his hometown. 6. Seeing the flame on the top of the mountain, they knew that another war would begin soon. Slide25:  7. While driving to the airport, he hit a boy on a bike. 8. After getting married, he lived separately from his parents. 3. Correct the mistakes: 1. …, I am getting tired of travelling now. 2. The rising sun was hidden by the clouds. 3. Although the unboiled water looks clean, … 4. …none of the banks I spoke to were interested in this project. 5. The volleyball match we watched was very exciting. Slide26:  6. They saw…, waiting to enter. P.112 Grammar to looking into 2. was cooled off 3. Getting tired of 4. to guarantee 5. Gathering 6. to analyse 7. Rated 2. Rewrite the underlined parts using the Infinitives. 1. considers it to be possible 2. Agreed to bet £20,000 on such a journey 3. Decides to leave with his servant immediately 4. Expect to be followed by Mr. Fix,… 5. Believing Phileas to be a wanted bank robber Slide27:  6. Mr. Fix threatens to arrest Phileas and take him back to London. 7. is determined not to accept an arranged marriage 8. Hopes to be taken with him 9. Promises to marry her as soon as… 10. believe themselves to have won the bet Some more exercises to consolidate: 1. The patient was warned _____ oily food after the operation. A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating Slide28:  2. Little Jim should love _____to the theatre this evening. A. to be taken B. to take C. being taken D. taking 3. When his father came in, he pretending ____. A. to read B. reading C. to be read D. to be reading 4. I would love _____ to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report. A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. have gone Slide29:  5. Do let your mother know all the truth. She appears ______ everything. A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told 6. The saleswoman scolded the girl caught _____ and let her off. A. to have stolen B. to be stealing C. to steal D. stealing 7. _____ a reply, he decided to write again. A. Not receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having received D. Having not received Slide30:  8. Don’t use words, expressions, or phrases ____ only to people with special knowledge. A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known 9. ____ after supper is good for your health. A. Walking B. To walk C. The walk D. A walk 10. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains ___ whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen Slide31:  * Integrating Skills Getting there --- Travel tips and practical advice 1. What should one do before going on a trip? Why? One should find out more about the destination. Because it is a good way to save money and avoid problems. 2. What else must one consider besides money and destination? One must consider when and how to travel. 3. What is the writer’s advice on this? He advices the readers to turn to travel agency. Slide32:  4. True or false on money matters: If you have credit cards, you don’t have to bring cash with you. Bring as much money as you can. Make copies of all important documents. It is safer and cheaper to change money in your home country. Never change money in the country you’re visiting. × × × Slide33:  5. How to arrange your time during the trip? Give yourself enough time to enjoy what you are most interested in. 6. How to pack? Make a list of things that you need and remember to travel light. 1. …a good way to save money and avoid problems Questions on p. 39: 2. It means experienced. 3. not to bring too much with you while traveling Slide34:  Language points of the text: Going on a trip to far-away destination can be expensive and difficult. can用于描述特有的行为或情形。 eg. Scotland can be very cold. 苏格兰要是冷起来还真够冷的。 She can be very forgetful. 她这个人很健忘。 Finding out more about the destination you have chosen is not only a good way to save money and avoid problems, it can also be a lot of fun. 分析句子结构—找主语 Slide35:  …, you can make your travel budget last longer. 使得……持续时间更长 budget 预算, 开支, 专款 package trips 包办旅行 budget traveling 自助旅行 avoid bringing too much money Seasoned travelers have learnt what they must bring and what they can leave at home. 宾语从句 比喻用法 make sb. experienced by practice Travel light if (it is) possible.

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