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Information about sbcglobal toll free 1-888-269-0130 number

Published on January 3, 2017

Author: stellasmith12


1. Steps for making or creating an account on Sbcglobal

2. Steps for making or creating an mail account on Sbcglobal Perform the following steps if you want create an mail account on Sbcglobal:

3. 1. Enter the apt zip code in the New Customer text box. (Here, you might get redirected to another page on which you need to enter your physical address or your telephone number. You need to await the AT&T website for validating the availability of the service). 2. Enter your payment information and address on the form that displays next. (In case you do not feel secure enough in providing your credit card details, you can contact the relevant customer service).

4. 3. Create an appropriate username and password for your email account. (You are advised to create a complex password, which is not easy to guess or find out). 4. Sign in to your AT&T mail account by using the login credentials. (You would have to use the drop down list to choose @Sbcglobal and designate your account type).

5. Contact Sbcglobal technical support number for obtaining more precise information. 

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