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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Ming


CAMPUS CLIMATE NEUTRAL Why Today’s Universities & Colleges and Particularly Today’s Students MUST Lead the Way to a Climate Neutral Future:  CAMPUS CLIMATE NEUTRAL Why Today’s Universities & Colleges and Particularly Today’s Students MUST Lead the Way to a Climate Neutral Future Slide2:  THE PROBLEM Climate Change IS NOT Just an Environmental Issue:  Climate Change IS NOT Just an Environmental Issue Unjust Economic & Health Impacts Mirror Class & Race Congressional Black Caucus Study Katrina International Human Rights Violations Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, & Maldives at Risk of Total Extinction Coastal Areas Hit by Tsunami Those LEAST responsible will feel the worst effects. The Frightening Facts:  The Frightening Facts A study, published in Nature, predicts up to 1/3 species extinction by the end of the century. Most scientists agree that we need up to a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Global energy use is predicted to double by 2030 with much of that coming from developing countries. The Recent US Energy Bill Locked in 10/1 ratio of subsidies for fossil fuels over renewables. This Generation’s Mission Whether or Not You Choose to Accept It:  This Generation’s Mission Whether or Not You Choose to Accept It Reduce GHG Emissions by 70-90% in 45 Years In 40 years, we will be Marty Blum, Mary Nichols, Durwood, Oran Lead the Next Industrial Revolution Revolutionize the Power Sector Revolutionize the Transportation Sector Change Societal Patterns of Consumption Overcome HUGE Political Differences UNPRECEDENTED PROBLEM REQUIRING UNPRECEDENTED SOLUTIONS Slide20:  THE SOLUTION A MODERN, INDUSTRIAL & CAMPUS REVOLUTION Slide21:  Campus Climate Neutral Campus Climate Neutral is an ambitious and unprecedented grassroots effort to mobilize US graduate students across disciplines to design and implement aggressive, global, climate solutions. What is Climate Neutrality:  What is Climate Neutrality Climate Neutral Network 60-70%+ Reductions in GHGs + Offsets Oberlin 2020 Climate Neutral Events 2002 - Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2004 – Democratic National Convention 2006 - Superbowl Middlebury’s Carbon Neutral Plan Why Climate Neutrality?:  Why Climate Neutrality? To get to 90%+ reduction in GHGs To get institutions, municipalities, and states to think about long-term, whole-systems carbon-constrained plans To get campuses and campus towns to make the explicit link to Global Warming - the largest problem of our generation. Why Campuses & Campus Towns?:  Why Campuses & Campus Towns? There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. and more than 15 million students. In 1999-2000, the expenditures of public degree-granting institutions totaled over $237 billion. In 2001, the top 120 colleges and universities with the largest endowments had endowment funds totaling more than $186 billion. Unlimited Renewable Student Energy Role of the University:  Role of the University “It is only in a crisis of war (read climate change), when the very survival of the nation and of civilization at large are threatened that serious state intervention in production and consumption becomes a political possibility in the United States” Slide26:  “For research that is not directly connected with production…the universities and research institutes under their control are the obvious candidates. They already have investment in infrastructure such as libraries and laboratories; they are the workplace of professional intellectuals devoted to research as a career; they are the institutions that produce the engineers and scientists.” HISTORICAL ROLE The President’s Commission on Campus Unrest The Roots of Modern Campus Unrest:  HISTORICAL ROLE The President’s Commission on Campus Unrest The Roots of Modern Campus Unrest 1940-1960: American colleges and universities were uncharacteristically calm…and disruptions were rare. February, 1960: 4 black students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College staged an historic sit-in at a segregated lunch counter in Greensboro, NC. Fall, 1964: precipitated by the civil rights movement, a critical series of events at UC-Berkeley transformed campus activism April 30, 1970: President Nixon announced that American and South Vietnamese forces were moving against enemy sanctuaries in Cambodia. April 30 – May 5: 20 new student strikes began each day, culminating with a strike at Kent State where 4 students were killed By May 10: 448 campuses were either still affected by some sort of strike or completely closed down. By end of May, nearly one third of the 2,500 colleges and universities in America had experienced some kind of protest activity. The Youth & Advocacy Role:  The Youth & Advocacy Role Mobilize Millions of Students 90% Reductions by 2050 Form Teams of Climate Champions GHG Analysis, Plan, & Implementation Historical Role of Grad Students:  Historical Role of Grad Students “By the late sixties graduate students around the country took the initiative in pressing new fields of study and new styles of understanding history upon their departments. Black Studies departments took shape quickly…In the subsequent development of women’s studies and Chicano studies the initiatives of graduate students were even more prominent.” The Role of Research & Graduate Students:  The Role of Research & Graduate Students Why Graduate Students? Future World Leaders (Pre-emptive Lobbying) Access to Resources & Experts Authorities on Campus Best & Brightest Why Law Students? Survey of partners of American law firms places the skill of "problem solving" as the single most attractive aspect of law students. Ability to understand & effect policy Ability to use the legal system for just results Future Members of Congress, Judges, AG’s, CEOs Recent US News & Report: Rethinking Law School: The current three-year, Socratic model was developed at Harvard in the late 19th century. Higher Education Groups:  Higher Education Groups US Partnership for the Decade for Sustainable Development Partnered with 17 professional organizations. Any professional you approach on campus belongs to a professional group that is supporting sustainability initiatives. Network of professors, professionals, and national leaders who focus on reforming higher education top-down. Result of Student Movement of the 60’s-70’s:  Result of Student Movement of the 60’s-70’s PROS Academic Freedom: Flexibility to create your own course of study, major,etc. Student role in University management CONS Split: Silent majority and pissed-off minority History of Violence, Disruption, & Antagonism Result of Student Movement of the 00’s???:  Result of Student Movement of the 00’s??? Merging of Disciplines “Real-World” Projects Increased Use of Independent Studies Collaborative, bipartisan leaders who have already worked together to develop campus success stories! Slide34:  Campus Climate Neutral Campus Climate Neutral is an ambitious and unprecedented grassroots effort to mobilize US graduate students across disciplines to design and implement aggressive, global, climate solutions. Goals of CCN:  Goals of CCN Generate thousand of hours of research towards climate/sustainability solutions Support and catalyze existing climate and sustainability initiatives. Institutionalize and manage ongoing campus GHG reduction projects Educate and train the next generation of world leaders & citizens Student Consulting & Research:  Student Consulting & Research In Rocky Mountain Institute’s guide, the New Business Climate, RMI emphasizes the need for whole systems, mutlidisciplinary solutions. To guarantee optimal efficiency, you need to look at a campus as a complex system and identify the financial, social, and human resource hurdles as well as technological needs. Campus Climate Neutral GHG Reduction:  Campus Climate Neutral GHG Reduction Campus Climate Neutral research projects are annually renewing, for-credit, student projects to reduce campus GHG emissions. Campus Climate Neutral 1:Conduct an initial, whole-system assessment of the social, technological, and financial systems on a campus. Make policy recommendations based on findings. Campus Climate Neutral 2: Working from CCN 1, expand the project to the other disciplines on campus. Business students research financing, engineering and design students research, law student research policies that impede progress, etc. Campus Climate Neutral 3: Expand CCN process into surrounding city & county. Slide38:  CASE STUDY Campus Climate Neutral Project The Bren School, UCSB Betty Seto, David Felix, Fahmida Ahmed, Jeff Brown, Todd Haurin Policy to Reach California Targets - Schedule:  Policy to Reach California Targets - Schedule Funding the Vision: Ideas for Future Progress:  Funding the Vision: Ideas for Future Progress Campus-wide cap-and-trade Creative Financing Mechanisms Colorado Harvard Day of Climate Neutrality or Energy Strike “Hike for Change” to Raise $ “Sour Grapes” Wine Tasting Fundraiser Student Fees & Matching Gifts Slide41:  CCN Policy Projects Current CCN Policy Projects:  Current CCN Policy Projects Chicago Kent Model: Analyze & Develop Model Climate Legislation for Illinois ELPC & PIRG ICC Industry Group ABA-SEER, Vote Solar, PIRGs, etc. Other Law & Policy Research Other Disciplines – Sky is the Limit Law School Examples:  Law School Examples Vermont Law School Institute on Energy & the Environment Pace Law School Energy Project Chicago-Kent: Program for Environment & Energy Law UC-Boulder: Environmental & Energy Security Institute ENORMOUS UNTAPPED POTENTIAL Slide44:  State Climate Summits State Climate Summits:  State Climate Summits Annual Climate Summit in Each State Launch Campus GHG Reduction Projects and State Law and Policy Projects. Bring together leaders and experts from around the state to discuss the urgent need for action by universities in cooperation with their local communities to address climate change. Educate participants about the causes and effects of climate change and about initiatives at the global, national, state, local, and university levels to reduce GHG emissions. Engage participants and encourage the contribution of ideas about what students, faculty, managers, administrators, and citizens at universities and in surrounding campus towns can do to confront the greatest environmental challenge of this generation. Slide46:  BRIDGING THE POLITICAL DIVIDE AND MAKING CLIMATE SOLUTIONS BOTH $$$ PROFITABLE $$$ & “COOL” Public Attitude on GW:  Public Attitude on GW 77 % believe global warming is happening. More than twice as many think it is caused by human behavior (46%) than by normal climate patterns (17%). 60 percent describe the situation as either a crisis (16 %) or a major problem (44%) BUT Less than ½ of Americans (45%) think they can do anything about it Who is Responsible for Fixing It? 20% - Citizens 19% - Government 8% - Manufacturers 50%+ - ALL Public Attitudes on Bush:  Public Attitudes on Bush Bush Loses to Every Pres Since Carter Clinton: 46% - 44% Reagan: 59%- 20% Carter: 50% - 42% BUT Bush Beats Kerry: 48% - 47% September, 2005 Zogby Poll Appealing to 51% (or 49%) of America: The Brother In Law Test:  Appealing to 51% (or 49%) of America: The Brother In Law Test How Would You Convince Your Conservative Brother-In-Law to Change His Opinion & Behavior Based on Climate Concerns? Slide50:  IT’S THE $$$,STUPID Slide51:  Edison's major innovation was the Menlo Park research lab. Edison invented most of the inventions produced there, though he primarily supervised the operation and work of his employees. Most of Edison's patents were utility patents, with only about a dozen being design patents… improvements which allowed for mass production. Edison concentrated on commercial application and was able to sell the concept to homes and businesses by mass-producing relatively long-lasting light bulbs and creating a system for the generation and distribution of electricity. THOMAS EDISON Slide52:  HENRY FORD TIME MAGAZINE, 1935 (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. One of the first to apply assembly line manufacturing to the production of affordable automobiles. Revolutionized industrial production in the United States and Europe. Had such influence over the 20th century economy and society that his combination of mass production, high wages and low prices to consumers is called "Fordism." Became one of the two or three most famous and richest men in the world; Left nearly all of his wealth to the Ford Foundation, but arranged for his family to permanently control the company. Wikipedia Sun King, Forbes:  Sun King, Forbes “Photovoltaics vendor Zhengrong Shi is worth only $2.2 billion. If he could just make solar power cost-effective, he could be really rich.” Forbes, March 27, 2006 Slide54:  Of Trains, Planes, & Automobiles The Shortest Path From Point A to Point D (Or, “How I Got to Indiana”) 357.6 miles Car/Flight/Car: 5 Hours Driving: 7 hours Train: 9 Hours Making Climate Solutions Cool:  Making Climate Solutions Cool Virtual March to Stop Global Warming Earth to America ELLE Vogue Al Gore Film Oprah The Young & the Restless HBO Special Cool Solutions:  Cool Solutions Indy 500 Cars Switch Off of Gasoline 2006 Superbowl Goes Climate Neutral – Trees Planted in Detroit Clif Bar Offsets Emissions from Events Philadelphia Eagles Join Virtual March Campus Suggestions March Madness GHG Reduction Climate Neutral NCAA Football Games Fraternity & Sorority Competitions Rhetoric on the Right:  Rhetoric on the Right Right Wing Rhetoric:  Right Wing Rhetoric Senator Inhofe (R) from Oklahoma Called the EPA a “Gestapo Bureaucracy” Said an international global warming treaty “would deal a powerful blow on the whole humanity similar to the one humanity experienced when Nazism and communism flourished.” October 11, 2004 Conservative Global Warming Fiction:  Conservative Global Warming Fiction “Now we are engaged in a great new theory that once again has drawn the support of politicians, scientists, and celebrities around the world. Once again, critics are few and harshly dealt with…Once again, the fact that some people are hurt is shrugged off because an abstract cause is said to be greater than any human consequences.” Michael Chriton – State of Fear Rhetoric on the Left:  Rhetoric on the Left The Hurricane that struck Louisiana yesterday was nicknamed Katrina by the National Weather Service. Its real name is global warming. – Ross Gelbspan A crash program for sustainable energy independence would create three million good jobs, free the nation from imported oil, and promote a healthier environment. – Apollo Alliance Website Liberal Global Warming Fiction:  Liberal Global Warming Fiction Bridge the Gap:  Bridge the Gap Commit to Civility In Discussions – Even With Those Who Don’t Care About GW Check Preconceptions at the Door – Lawyers at Firms Can Be Great Allies & So Can Conservatives. Sell & Educate Solutions, Don’t Preach Problems THE TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell:  THE TIPPING POINT by Malcolm Gladwell How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference The Law of the Few:  The Law of the Few Mavericks – Love knowledge. Think the Cliff Clavin of Climate Change Connectors – Folks that know everyone and act as the social glue which hold groups together. Think Laurie David Salesman – Those whose enthusiasm and excitement - Think Lee Iaccoca. Stickiness:  Stickiness What Gets People’s Attention and Sticks? Blood Drive Competition Collegiate Athletics Pub Crawls The Law of Context:  The Law of Context People are much more controlled by their environment than they think. Example: A conservative U of Indiana classmate has more in common with their liberal classmate (especially on game day) than we realize. Tipping Point: Lessons Learned:  Tipping Point: Lessons Learned Don’t Need Enormous Resources! Need to Do Research to Find Pressure Points! Need to Treat This As An Idea We Are Selling! Again: This Generation’s Mission:  Again: This Generation’s Mission Reduce GHG Emissions by 70-90% in 45 Years Lead the Next Industrial Revolution Revolutionize the Power Sector Revolutionize the Transportation Sector Change Societal Patterns of Consumption Overcome HUGE Political Differences Young People Can Do Revolutionary Things:  Young People Can Do Revolutionary Things At 22, Bill Gates left college to found Microsoft At 27, Henry Ford II took over the reins of Ford and hired the Whiz Kids to redo the company’s In the 30’s & 40’s, a group of young physicists made a series of groundbreaking discoveries about the inner-workings of the atom. Two young rabble-rousers who went on to run two of the top Universities in the country. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?:  WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? “Imagination rules the world”,Napoleon “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, Alan Kay Slide73:  “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” Slide74:  "Don't ask yourself what the world needs - ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Harold Whitman Campus Climate Neutral  Campus Climate Neutral National Association of Environmental Law Societies Dan Worth:

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