Saving Energy and Money with Insulation Project at Federated Church in Morris, MN

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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: dthiede



The Federated Church in Morris, MN was known for their winter icicle show, due to a lack of insulation that allowed heat to be lost through the roof. This presentation takes you step by step through their efforts to tighten up the building for energy and cost savings.

Federated Insulation Project This “leaky” old church.

Beautiful natural wood ceiling in the sanctuary

Three views of the Federated Church icicle show!

Old shingles showing signs of heat loss. Shingle damage from heat loss. External view Internal view

No insulation continuity Some fiberglass batting insulation Bare sheetrock Open concrete block wall

Mold Under the Shingles. Out of sight, out of mind.

Back Side of Sanctuary from attic No Insulation on original assembly!

Condensation Staining on Roof deck From Heat Loss, Lack of Ventilation, near sanctuary.

More Moisture/Mold on Roof Sheathing, near sanctuary.

Only five vents installed during previous construction

Interior water damage and air leaks

Why This Happened? •Poor design for this climate Zone •Previous contractors lacked Building Science background to solve these complex and layered problems. •Complex Thermal Boundary. •Hidden Thermal Boundaries. Our Goal! •Cut Heating and cooling Expenses by 50% •Protect the Structure from further damage resulting from heat loss due to: 1.Lack of ventilation 2.Poorly or non-insulated thermal boundaries.

Shingle removal and replacement

blown in bat insulation

External blown in bat insulation

Interior foam insulation

Retro foam installation in concrete block wall

Closed cell polyurethane foam Used over the sanctuary on the outside of the original roof Open cell tripolymer resin plus foam agent Used to fill the hollow concrete block walls along the west side of the church

2 x 6 stud installation for external foam

Exterior foam insulation – close up

Exterior foam insulation

Exterior foam installation

Roof sheeting over foam

70 new roof vents!

5 ineffective vents before Total 162 vents after 70 roof vents 60 soffit vents 20 gable vents 12 window vents

Total 162 vents installed

Energy audit “leak tests” before and after insulation, ventilation, and sealing showed a 58% reduction, a big contributor to reducing energy loss.

42 years of energy loss and poor ventilation corrected by creatively retrofitting insulation saving about $5000 per year in energy costs!

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