Save to in invest: in challenging economic times, Managed services is the way to go!

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Published on June 5, 2019

Author: mdasser


1. Mahmoud Dasser Vice President, Partnership and Marketing Save to in invest in challenging economic times Managed services is the way to go! CXO Leadership Forum Jakarta, 15/09/2019

2. Agenda Market Climate, Drivers and Challenges Why Government Managed and cloud Services Case studies Q and A

3. Governments a cross the globe are facing similar challenges & Opportunities u Fiscal pressures and difficulties in balancing budgets u New legislation and compliancy driving more transparency and accountability u Higher citizen and business expectations u Need for better intra- and inter-agency collaboration u Interventions to promote environmental sustainability is increasing around the world u Resulting on widespread consolidation, integration and interoperability of IT systems and infrastructure

4. Today’s economic Reality vs Expectations

5. In Government, Productivity Is About Value as Well as Cost Need for Cost Effectiveness Increase in Quality of Service, Safety & Access • Leaner organizations • Faster, cheaper, delivery of the right services • Reduced bureaucracy • Citizen-designed services • Public involvement It’s about creating value in the eyes of the citizen Citizen Satisfaction

6. Shared and Managed Services Defined Decentralized Centralized Challenges Benefits Shared / Managed Benefits Challenges • Disparate Processes • Multiple Standards • Duplication of Effort • Different control Environments • High cost and • costs unclear across the Business • Not scalable • Responsive to Business and • Operational needs • Business/Operatio ns control decisions • Customized solutions to meet Business/Operatio nal requirements • Highly client Focused • Commercially Driven • Service Partnership Agreements • Clear unit costs • Flexible delivery • Clear understanding of drivers and activities • Common systems and Support • Consistent standards and controls • Tight control environment Economies of scale • Remote from • Business • Unresponsive and inflexible • No Business/Operatio nal • control over • Costs • Viewed as central • Overhead • Prevalence of shadow operations High Cost , poor compliance Unresponsive to Business needs Shared and Access Economy 80’90’ Today

7. The highest outcome is from transaction based services Expert Based Services BPO Transaction Based Services BPO

8. Public vs Private Shared Service Maturity at a Country Level Source : Chazey Partners

9. Why Managed Services? • Reduce operation Cost • Fast Access to Innovation • Access to skilled Workforce • Ensure Compliance • Drive Standards • Reduce Complexity • End-users Satisfaction • Consistent End user experience Value to Government Agencies

10. Why Managed Services? Source: Yankee Group “Core vs. context” spend CapEx à OpEx Technology risk Standardization

11. Desktop, Servers E-mail Management Mobile End Points Applications Management IT as a Service What is a Managed Service and cloud Services? . Unified Communications Conferencing, Messaging Storage, Backup Test & Dev, IaaS, SaaS Cloud as a Service BPO Contact Center Service Desk Business Process as a Service LAN, WAN, VPN, Wifi Remote access, Mobility Intrusion detection Anti virus, Anti spam DDOS, Disaster recovery Network as a Service BPO Network & Security Cloud IT & Apps • Proactive monitoring • Remote configuration and troubleshooting • Service-level agreements • Subscription based

12. What Does Government Managed services Look Like ? Connecting governments agencies with citizens and businesses to provide more efficient interaction, information sharing and collaboration to increase overall government effectiveness Increasing Public Safety and Security Empowering Employees and Constituents Improving Service Effectiveness Fostering Cost Efficiencies

13. Mission Critical Any activity that, if performed poorly, would pose an immediate risk to the organization Non-Mission Critical Any activity that, if performed poorly, would NOT pose an immediate risk to the organization Differentiating Any activity that contributes to unique advantage for the organization Retain Focus & Grow Out-Task Managed Services Non-Differentiating Any activity that does NOT contribute to unique advantage for the organization Out-Task Managed Services Out-Task Managed Services When do Managed Services Make Sense? The Core & Context Framework CoreContext Journey to Managed Services Consolidate, Standardize, out-Task, Transform

14. Malaysia : leveraged Managed and shared service Model to accelerate the national Digital Agenda Source: Key Objectives Achieved • Better access to government: Improving connectivity between all parties that deals with government be it public, inter government agencies, private companies, and foreign country interrelationship. • High quality services to citizens assured. • Better processes or systems to improve the government services. • Create grater transparency and governance. • Empowering government officers in the administration as well as the implementation level. • Cost Affective and Budget Control

15. Are Shared services and cloud on a collision course ? u Value proposition of shared service is changing u The game is changing with Cloud, Analytics and social Media u New opportunity for CIOs to provide new capabilities u IT and operational budgets under pressure are an accelerator factor

16. Lines of Business are Adopting Cloud faster and faster, some time even bypassing CIO

17. A typical scenario = multiple clouds LOB A Marketing Supports website Events LOB C Sales CRM LOB D Research Supports new innovation LOB E Retail Group Virtual data center for processing online services Public Clouds (Off-Premise) Private Clouds (On-Premise ) LOB B Customer Support BPO, Supports new innovation & Social Media Security & Compliance ? IT Operations? Office of CIO ? Governance SLA

18. Forward-Looking CIOs Are Preparing for the Opportunity

19. Gov App Store Gov Private Cloud Public Cloud - Premium Partner Public Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Hosted Cloud One Stop Shop for Internal and External Shared IT Services and Cloud VADS BPO Team to provide necessary assistance and support

20. SaaS Cloud Services PaaS IaaS Public & Private Self Service Order Fulfillment SSO Identity & Policy Management User & Services ProvisioningCatalogue Management Metering Billing Chargeback Settlement Reporting Auditing SLA Monitoring Help Desk Ticketing & Routing Services Management & Administration GOV COULD & SHARED SERVICES APP STORE Developer App Zone Deployment Management Cloud/Hybrid Hosting Continuous Integration Service Version Control/Build Analytics Artifact Management Validation/Test Management Enterprise App Store SSO Reports Department Catalog Chargeback Enterprise Apps Cloud Apps AD/LDAP Integration IT Services Security Communications Collaboration Mobility Services Catalogue - IaaS and PaaS Offerings Jamcracker Services Catalogue - SaaS Offerings Department Line of Business FunctionGEO / Region Gov Corporate IT Admin Sub-regions Sub-departments Sub-Organizations Sub-Projects Regional IT Admin Dept. IT Admin Developer Portal Forward-Looking CIOs Are Preparing for the Opportunity and implementing Gov App Store 20

21. Cloud First Policy strong trend that is happening at Many Governments agencies The Cloud First policy mandates that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimize cost.

22. USA General Services Administration Cloud First Strategy u Cooperative Purchasing Program u Helps agencies for moving to the cloud u IaaS u Email As a Service u SaaS Service u IT as A Service

23. Branded Services Marketplaces DHS, HHS, FAA, DOI, OGAs Sub-Agency SVS Store Sub-Agency SVS Store Sub-Agency SVS Store … Customer Portals …. (Multi-Tenant & Multi-Tiered) Master Cloud Services Marketplace Customer Portals Customer Portals Enterprise Admin End Users Services Admin General Services Administration Cloud Services Broker Platform GSA Case: Cloud Services Aggregation, Delivery, and Management Agency Systems Directories Accounting System Support EnterpriseIntegration PaaS SaaS Iaa S Cloud Services Agency CloudServicesIntegration Agency Partner Identity Management Unit Level Admin

24. Citizens Intra and Inter Agencies Business Private Sector Other Governments Government Services Citizen Services u Empowering citizens to interact and collaborate on their terms with government Businesses Services u Enabling information and resource sharing between private sector and government Governments Services u Connecting the central government to local and municipal governments u Enabling information and resource sharing across different governments Ministries/Agencies Services u Providing agencies the capability to share information and resources to achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings In summary : Managed Services can enable better Government Services in Cost Effective Way

25. Thank you Mahmoud Dasser Vice President, Partnership and Marketing

26. Public Sector: Shared services are increasingly being seen as part of the solution to the new socio-economic challenges Strategic Drivers uImprove service delivery & cost savings uPursue ruthless process and technology standardization uOperate like a business – client and cost management focus uCommit to deliver continuous improvements uWork in open and collaborative ways uBe accountable and transparent uIncreased fiscal pressures and difficulties in balancing budgets Operational Drivers u Multiple operating units with independent support organizations u Above average transaction processing costs u Large volumes of transactions u Specialized skills are scarce and/or duplicated unnecessarily u Inconsistent delivery of satisfactory service levels Significant funding issues today … everywhere. Shared Services can deliver potential “triple benefit” of efficiency/effectiveness/control.

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