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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: Craftwoman



Year 5 pupils suggest ways we can use to save the environment.

BY MARIA N. 1. Re-use books and notebooks. 2. Re-use plastic bags for shopping. 3. Use re-chargeable batteries. 4. Buy water or refreshments in glass bottles which can be recycled. 5. Check if the package of the things you buy is environmentally friendly. 6. Put the empty bottles in the recycling bins. 7. Respect and protect the environment. 8. Put the used papers in the recycling bins. 9. Don’t pollute the environment because it’s bad for your health. 1

BY KONSTANTINOS P. 1. It is important to turn off the lights when you don’t need them. In this way you save energy. 2. You mustn’t throw rubbish in the street. 3. You have to recycle plastic bottles. 4. You must throw your papers in the recycling bin. 5. You should produce less rubbish. 6. Use re-chargeable batteries. 7. Buy environmentally friendly products. Buy goods that can be recycled. 8. Re-use books and notebooks. 2

BY HELEN 1. Don’t litter the environment. 2. Throw your litter in the bins. 3. Recycle your old things. 4. Save the planet. 5. Don’t throw litter in the sea. 6. collect paper, glass, aluminium and plastic for recycling. 7. Take part in a planting expedition with your school or your city. 8. Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth. 9. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. 3

BY MARIA CH. 1. Leave your car at home. Walk or ride your bike anywhere you can. 2. Pay attention of how you use water. 3. Use rechargeable batteries. 4. Compost makes a great natural fertiliser. 5. Keep reusable shopping bags handy and use them anywhere you shop. 6. Recycle aluminium, glass, paper and plastic. 7. Start a recycled materials art programme. 8. Install water saving fixtures in bath and kitchen. 9. Instal solar panels. 10. Reduce or recycle toxic chemicals in school laboratories. 4

BY LEFTERIS P. 1. Well, actually we’re going to try to persuade our friends and classmates to reuse books and notebooks. 2. Another thing we could do is to use rechargeable batteries for our games. 3. Always check if the package of the things you buy is environmentally friendly. 4. Buy water or refreshments in glass bottles which can be recycled. 5. Reuse plastic bags for shopping at the supermarket. 6. Don’t use plastic plates, forks and cups. 7. Use environmentally friendly cleaners. 8. Use everything for any way and don’t throw it away. 9. Compost. 10. Reuse or recycle old clothes. 5

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