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Published on June 18, 2013

Author: dishachaudhry1



Want to know the culture of Saudi Arabia? Check this!

Abil JaniDisha Chaudhry

 Children are unlikely to see their Saudi mother and father hugging,kissing or even holding hands affection is never widely and broadly shown and demonstrated The Saudi wife will likely reach out and lean on her family members(mother, father, uncles, brothers, sisters) rather than her husband Direct contact – limit of proximity and greeting/introducing one’s self High conformity (socio-economic group, wealthy, collectivist nation) More negative social sanctions than positive Social status achieved by virtue of birth Respect for tradition, reverance of authority and social stability

 Islamic Society and Legal System Male dominated society Laughter and joking in public is toned down Greet women with words, no physical contact No alcohol or pork is allowed Dignity, honour and reputation important; one shouldavoid causing Arabs to lose face Emphasis is on loyalty to family; courteous andharmonious communications Western businesses must have a Saudi Arabian sponsor Westerner’s should not wear Saudi Arabian clothing

 Women not able to travel without male guardians in Saudi Arabia Love Marriage, still a dream for Saudi Arabian women No Social Network, Chat and Facebook for Saudi Arabian women Islamic Sharia law determining the fate of Saudi Arabian women – nobasic rights for Saudi Arabian women High divorce and domestic violence rates women around the world are observing the International Day for theElimination of Violence against Women, which is held on the 25th ofNovember every year, but in Saudi Arabia, domestic violence appears tobe on the increase 95 percent of female visitors to psychiatric clinics in Saudi Arabiaare suffering from an emotional vacuum, and have symptomssuch as depression and social phobias

 “The abuse of females, in the form of beatings andinsults, denying their right to inheritance, orneglecting them emotionally, completely goesagainst Shariaa law.” - Asharq Al-Awsat, al-Halibi(2009)

1. Family security2. Family harmony3. Parental guidance4. Age5. Authority6. Compromise7. Devotion8. Patience9. Indirectness10. Hospitality

DIRECTINDIRECT•Use of metaphors•Use of analogies•Hint what you mean•Make use of third-partyintermediary in conflicts•Rely on receiver to clarifymisunderstanding•Precise, explicit language•“Say what you mean andmean what you say”•Prefers face-to-face, directchannels to solve issues•Sender is responsible forcommunicating clearly

RestrainedExpressive•Emotions are disguised in order tomaintain harmony•Less display of non-verbal behavior•Less variation in speech rate,loudness, and pitch•Concern exists that displayingemotion will hurt others’ feelings•Visually demonstrate feelings by laughing,gesturing, facial expressions•Tone can vary in function to emotions•Commitment, trust, and degree ofinvolvement shown through emotions•Credibility and sincerity gained throughemotional display

Discussion EngagementAccommodation DynamicU.S. (European American),Canada, U.K.,Sweden, Norway, Australia,Germany,DenmarkU.S. (African American),France, Greece,Italy, Sain, Cuba, Puerto Rico,Russia,Israel, RumaniaNative American, Mexico, CostaRica, Peru, China, Japan,Thailand, Indonesia, MalaysiaKuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,Lebanon,PakistanEmotionallyRestrainedDirectIndirectEmotionallyexpressive

 Rarely “gets to the point” Appears unreasonable & devious Appears “too emotional”

 Womens over- and underreactions to happy and sadevents were judged as less appropriate than mens mens over- and underreactions to angry events werejudged as less appropriate than womens This suggests that stereotypes of emotionality mayunderlie the appropriateness judgments

 Societal rules function to contain enormous quantitiesof destructive energy that are bound up in people’scharacter and muscular armor because that armorprevents them from naturally expressing theiremotions socially Once these rules are liberalized the flood gates ofdestructive human emotions will be unleashed andbring about what will amount to an “Arab Spring” forthe kingdom, a highly destructive and chaoticsituation similar to that which has recently engulfedmany other Muslim nations in the area

 Mindful listening Mindful reframing Face-maintenance skills Trust building skills Collaborative dialogue Communication adaptability


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