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Published on December 5, 2019

Author: pooojavivek


PowerPoint 演示文稿: About us Offering of fresh fragrant flowers at the lotus feet of the deities and garlanding the idols or the picture of the deities form the main part of the prayer of the Hindus. Several saints like Alwars, Nayanmars and Baktha Daasas like Thyagaraja, Purnandaradasa have sung and enjoyed the greatness of offering flowers to God chanting their Divya namas. Hindus wherever they may be, want to live with their culture. In order to facilitate the Hindus living in the USA to perform all their religious prayers and to celebrate all happy occasions like weddings, anniversary, engagement etc. Vivek Flowers is your one-stop shop for fulfilling your worshiping needs by bringing you pooja essentials including fresh flower garlands and idols of deities online with many other products. Starting the business few decades ago, Vivek Flowers has been continuously serving the Indians living in US with fresh flowers and the pooja items. It has 9 outlets in 4 cities in US. Fresh flowers with the same fragrance at our ancestral homes in India are brought in to US, We have many more satisfied customers visiting our stores daily and a high number of happy customers registered for online sales and delivery at their doors. Vivek is awaiting your call to deliver your requirements. To all of our customers - Thank you! https:// vivekflowers .com/ PowerPoint 演示文稿: Satya means Truth and Narayana means the man on a higher level, thus Satyanarayana means the extraordinary man with utmost truth. Shri SatyaNarayana pooja us not only popular in Gujarat but also in Odisha, Manipur, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal and many other parts of India. Generally, during the House warmings or Birthdays or on special occasions like when one purchase new cars or start a new business.This pooja is believed to bring lots of positive energy to the person and lots of happiness in the home. SATYANARAYANA POOJA: KNOW ABOUT ITS IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS https:// vivekflowers .com/ PowerPoint 演示文稿: There are a lot of things which one needs for Satyanarayana pooja and for Pooja Decoration , the list is quite long. Earlier the only option to buy those things was from the physical store, but now you can buy the pooja items required for Satyanarayana from online Pooja stores. https:// vivekflowers .com/ Darba Vermillion powder kalasam DEEPAM Kumkum Turmeric Powder For much more info click here PowerPoint 演示文稿: PROCEDURE / VIDHI OF THE PUJA : After taking bath in the morning or in the evening, the pooja can be performed. It is the tradition to fast until one completes the pooja and offers prasad to the Lord Satyanarayan. In the East-West direction, a shrine is placed and it is then beautified with the fresh flowers and rangoli is created on it. On shrine, Kalash and the picture of Lord Satyanarayan are placed. We apply the kumkum and fresh flowers on the picture. https:// vivekflowers .com/ PowerPoint 演示文稿: What are the benefits of performing this pooja? People receive family prosperity Vibes get improved Protection from evil’s eye and negative energy is received So plan your pooja and we will serve you all your requirements. Invite more and more people and let your loved ones also know about this pooja and they also get the desired and fruitful results. https:// vivekflowers .com/ PowerPoint 演示文稿: Read the complete story, follow the link below: SATYANARAYANA POOJA: KNOW ABOUT ITS IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS Read Blog: https:// vivekflowers .com/

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