Satyam's Agony - Competion's Joy

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Information about Satyam's Agony - Competion's Joy

Published on January 17, 2009

Author: aSGuest10783


Slide 1: There’z Smoke on the Water……. Fire in the Sky. Slide 2: Competition is leveraging this Satyam imbroglio in furthering their own respective causes….. Slide 3: The Big Players like Infosys have made the right soundbytes on primetime media..about not intending on picking up any employees from Satyam coz they do not want to harm the Satyam rehabilitation program. Slide 4: And behind the scenes, the efforts are on by them for getting the best of the Satyam personnel …..would be far easy now than a couple of months earlier when it was all hunky dory…... The Satyam saga is helping their competition !!! Slide 5: So the proverbial wolves are out - baying for the lamb’s blood……………?? Slide 6: If not MANY others, one sure caught the blatant advertising of NIIT & Sapient on Google Adwords – where they highlighted their product and services at the expense of Satyam.. Slide 7: Any search for the term – ‘SATYAM’ in India between Jan 13-14-15 had an interesting ad thrown up to the searcher……………. That of Sapient ……!!!!! Slide 8: Sapient advertising riding on Satyam Slide 10: There’z Smoke on the Water…….Fire in the Sky.

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