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Published on February 17, 2009

Author: dantebusquets




The aim of this project is to create a photographic essay, which as a participant in the construction of a cultural identity, sustains aesthetic, social and historical significance in its analysis of a large sector of the Valley of Mexico’s metropolitan area.

A city’s architecture should react to and reflect the emotional qualities that define it: the expectations of those who inhabit it. Thus is the thinking of architect Adam Caruso in his text Ciudad Emocional” [“Emotional City”] the inspiration and starting point for this visual project, a photographic essay known as “Sateluco”, which intends to become linked with an artistic context where every generation fuels its own self-definition –and builds towards the collective cultural heritage–.
With my experience of living in the north of the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico, I will work on observation and thorough analysis of middle and upper sectors –including idiosyncrasy and self-representation– within the area known under the generic name “Satélite”, once thought of as Mexico City’s “ideal suburb” by architect Mario Pani.
The focus of “Sateluco” is based on the anecdotes that form my childhood imaginary (the family context of the 1970s) used to tackle new themes, enabling a different path in the development of my exploration, systematically photographing the relationship between people and places of my past in this area of the Naucalpan de Juárez municipality and their present inhabitants to establish a dialogue that serves as a bridge between both realities (past and present).
My venture is the search for correspondence between emotional features and the (ir)rationality of the landscape –the urban environment and its many transformation processes—, where the multiple social and economic exchanges that we experience in the present are born.

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