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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: mohammedamy


Welcome Everybody:  Welcome Everybody New SAT Session 1 Mr. Mohamed Abdalla Numbers :  Numbers If n, n+6 ,32 are the first three terms in a geometric sequence , find the forth term Functions:  Functions If f(x) = g(x+1) +2h(2x), where g(x) = 2x+3 , h(x) = x-3 , find f(1) Logic:  Logic “ Any odd number is a prime number “ Find a counterexample Geometry:  Geometry What is the area of the triangle in the figure?  4.0  7.5  8.0  8.5  15.0 Algebra:  Algebra If (t – 2)2 = 0, what is the value of (t + 3)(t + 6)?   40   18   9   4   It cannot be determined from the information given. Numbers:  Numbers There are n students in a biology class, and only 6 of them are seniors. If 7 juniors are added to the class, how many students in the class will not be seniors? n – 3 n – 2 n – 1 n + 1 n + 2 Analytic or Coordinate Geometry:  Analytic or Coordinate Geometry What is the equation of the line parallel to the x-axis and four units above the x-axis?   x = – 4   x = 4   y = – 4   y = 0   y = 4 Numbers:  Numbers 8, a, 14, b, 20, … The first term of the sequence above is 8. Which of the following could be the formula for finding the nth term of this sequence for any positive integer n?   2n + 6   3n + 5   5n + 3   6n + 2   6n + 5 Measurements:  Measurements Miguel is 180 centimeters tall. At 2:00 pm one day, his shadow is 60 centimeters long, and the shadow of a nearby fence post is t centimeters long. In terms of t, what is the height, in centimeters, of the fence post? Geometry:  Geometry Statistics:  Statistics Operations:  Operations The sum of the positive odd integers less than 50 is subtracted from the sum of the positive even integers less than or equal to 50. What is the resulting difference?   0   25   50   100   200 Data:  Data Operations:  Operations Geometry:  Geometry Algebra:  Algebra Thank you all:  Thank you all See you next week Salam alikom wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh

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