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Information about SAS Base Programming (A00-233) Certification Exam | Do Your Best

Published on July 1, 2020

Author: PalakMazumdar


slide 1: How to Prepare for SAS Base Programming A00-233 Certification A00-233 Certification Made Easy with slide 2: SAS A00-233 Exam Summary: Exam Name SAS Certified Specialist - Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 Delta Exam Code A00-233 No. of Questions 18-22 Passing Score 725 / 1000 Time Limit 75 minutes Exam Fees 75 USD Online Practice Test SAS Base Programming Certification Practice Exam Sample Questions SAS Base Programming Certification Sample Question Rise Shine with slide 3: SAS Base Programming Syllabus Content: Syllabus Topics: Access and Create Data Structures Manage Data Error Handling Generate Reports and Output Rise Shine with slide 4: SAS Base Programming Training: Recommended Training: SAS Programming 1: Essentials SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques Rise Shine with slide 5: Tips to Prepare for A00-233 ● Understand the all Syllabus Topics. ● Perform SAS Base Programming online test at ● Identify your weak areas from SAS Base Programming mock test and asses yourself frequently. Rise Shine with slide 6: SAS A00-233 Sample Questions Rise Shine with slide 7: Options: a. MMDDYY6. b. DATE8. c. MMDDYY8. d. DATE6. Rise Shine with Que.: 01. An input data file has date expressions in the form 10222001. Which SAS informat should you use to read these dates slide 8: Answer: Rise Shine with c. MMDDYY8. slide 9: Que.: 02. Frequency distributions work best with variables that contain which types of values Options: a. continuous values b. unique values c. categorical values d. numeric values Rise Shine with slide 10: Answer: Rise Shine with c. categorical values slide 11: Que.: 03. SAS date values are the number of days since which date Options: a. January 1 1970 b. January 1 1960 c. January 1 1900 d. January 1 1950 Rise Shine with slide 12: Answer: Rise Shine with b. January 1 1960 slide 13: Que.: 04. The data set Cert.Health includes the following numeric variables. Which is a poor candidate for PROC MEANS analysis Options: a. Weight b. IDnum c. Age d. Height Rise Shine with slide 14: Answer: Rise Shine with b. IDnum slide 15: Que.: 05. The table of contents that was created by the CONTENTS option contains a numbered heading for which of the following Options: a. each HTML file created by your program b. each procedure and DATA step c. each procedure that creates output d. each procedure Rise Shine with slide 16: Answer: Rise Shine with c. each procedure that creates output slide 17: Follow Us on: Rise Shine with

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