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Published on November 25, 2008

Author: sapagroup



Cooling expertise and aluminium/aluminum technology. Sapa Thermal Management information.

Welcome to Sapa Thermal Management, a business segment of Sapa, an international industrial group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extruded aluminium components. Sapa Thermal Management Box 6002 Sapa Thermal Management Cooling expertise and KUNDSKAPARNA 2006 SE-102 31 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46 8 728 32 00 Fax: +46 8 728 32 20 aluminium technology

Welcome to Sapa Thermal Management! Extruded aluminium is superior to other metals as a heat dissipator, based on cost, weight and malleability. It outperforms cast aluminium with thermal conductivity that is twice as effective. Cooling fins can be made very narrow, closely spaced and with high precision. Sapa Thermal Management offers you • Heat sink design and development expertise and resources • Advanced simulation and measuring equipment • A network of metal, mechanical, physical and chemical specialists and university scientists

Leading alloy development Companies that think cooling and heat sink expertise should also involve aluminium technology, are invited to visit Sapa’s research facilities. Sapa focuses on aluminium properties such as strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. For example, a Sapa alloy that has been optimised for heat conduction in cooling applications, allows us to guarantee a thermal conductivity of exceptional 210 W/mK at room temperature. The picture shows a cross section of an anodising layer, magnified 64,000 times.

Expertise in CFD/FEM simulation Companies that like their suppliers to have a firm grip on technology can rely on Sapa Thermal Management to have it. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element Method) are established compu- ter simulation methods to optimise heat sink design properties as well as manufacturing processes. These methods produce very reliable results, reducing deve- lopment time and the high cost of prototyping. A CFD analysis shows the heat distribution of a component and its cooling solution.

Proprietary RapidCool software Companies that like to see quick results are welcome to put Sapa Thermal Management to the test. Our pro- prietary simulation programme, RapidCool, is a unique and cost-effective tool for jump-starting the design of cooling equipment. The number of calculations requi- red is much smaller than with conventional CFD or FEM analyses. We find the hottest spot of the cooling device and proceed from there. The programme can also be used to evaluate existing cooling devices. RapidCool is a proprietary software that achieves quick simulations.

Unique testing equipment Companies that need reliable cooling have a safe partner in Sapa Thermal Management. We have an extensive array of tools and equipment to test cooling designs, materials, joining methods and everything else needed to verify a design. A unique wind tunnel allows controlled full-scale measurements of prototy- pes based on the simulated cooling designs. A wind tunnel in our lab is used to verify our computer calculations.

Extensive Friction Stir Welding experience Companies that know the value of extensive knowledge of alumi- nium joining technology should come and see us at Sapa Thermal Management. There is probably no other aluminium company in the world that can match the FSW (Friction Stir Welding) com- petence and experience of Sapa. FSW is a welding method that uses a rotary dowel to join pieces, with minimal influence on the material’s properties. The joints are homogenous and porous-free. We began serial production in 1996 and have produced thou- sands of kilometres of welds since then.

Pointing the way into the future Companies that need a new twist on cooling tech- nology have an innovative partner in Sapa Thermal Management. We are not content with just refining today’s technology, but also actively pursue the tech- nologies of tomorrow. For example, we can now apply efficient new cooling technologies, such as heat pipes and thermosiphons, into cost-effectively manufactura- ble designs. Thermosiphons are an efficient heat sink solution that is now being pre- pared for production by Sapa.

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