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Published on February 15, 2009

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Shape Magazine 2008


CONTENTS #1 T here are hundreds of thousands of aluminium applications out there, but there is potential to develop so many more. Countless products can be made with aluminium, bringing benefits to our customers and their end users. The environment ben- Building a successful partnership with a efits as well, since aluminium is lighter than materials such as steel customer is not something that happens and other metals, and it breaks down easier, causing less strain on overnight. the goal is to find a unique 03 the environment. solution to the customer’s unique prob- By combining our knowledge of aluminium with customer knowl- lems, believes Jan-Evert Johansson, edge about products, we gain a much larger knowledge base that sales director at Sapa profiler. we can build on together. By interfacing regularly with customers and being involved in product development, we can help customers find a high-tech wheelchair from the the right solutions for their products and solve customer problems. Canadian company Cervélo saw the Winning This is why Customer light of day at the paralympic games in Value Management (CVM), 08 China. the innovative design is the work which delivers superior of two top sportsmen, both of whom solutions value to customers and have experience as wheelchair users. gets an equitable return on the value delivered, is an essential part of the way we “i believe more people would like to work at Sapa. We combine the value chain of aluminium with the final work with aluminium, but their imagi- 10 product, using aluminium where it is best suited. Working together nation fails them,” says lars Engman, with customers and building up our combined competence enables a design consultant and former design our customers to have the very best products on the market. The manager for ikEa. value of the total solution is shared between Sapa and the customer so both parties benefit. the most affordable car in the world, Take for instance Sapa’s long-time customer Seldén. Together, the the tata Nano, is intended to give two companies invested in developing a seamless boat mast. This not india’s population an alternative to 14 only gave Seldén an edge on the yachting market, but provided Sapa the motorcycle. Sapa heat transfer in with a complete mast portfolio. Shanghai supplies the heat exchanger And then there’s the solution we designed for the Plantagen plant strip, among other items. store. You might wonder where aluminium fits in among flowers. An observant Sapa engineer noticed how staff at Plantagen struggled Sl is using sound-deadening pan- 20 with heavy metal trolleys laden with plants, and he created a prototype els on locomotives and carriages to for the store that was not only lighter, but cheaper. improve conditions for people living We recently opened five new Innovation and Application Centres near the roslagsbanan line. to work with such product development. They are located in Vetlanda, Sweden, Portland, the United States, Navarra, Spain, Lodz, Poland, and Bolzano, Italy. Customers from around the world are welcome to come to these centres and learn more about aluminium and how it can benefit their prod- Editor-in-Chief: Eva Ekselius Sapa is an international business Shape A magazine from the Sapa Group • # 1 2008 Editor: anna-lena ahlberg group that develops, manufactures ucts. We work on developing Graphic design: karin and markets value added alumin- new products every day, and ium profiles, profile based com- löwencrantz by matching customer product Production: otW publishing ponents and systems and heat Printing: Strokirk-landströms, exchanger strips in aluminium. knowledge with our aluminium Sapa has annual sales of approxi- lidköping application knowledge, we have SIT IN STYLE Changes of address: Customers mately EUR 3.8 billion and roughly DANISH FURNITURE CLASSICS MAKE A COMEBACK 17,000 employees in companies a winning combination. should inform their contact 24 › throughout Europe, and in North person at Sapa, employees their › PAGE TALKING TO CUSTOMERS YIELDS SMARTER SOLUTIONS › Amercia, Central America and salary department and others the LARS ENGMAN – THE DESIGNER BEHIND IKEA’S TOP SELLERS › SOUND-DEADENING PANELS MEAN QUIETER TRAINS China. Shape is the Sapa Group’s Communications Department on › NEW WHEELCHAIR A BIG HIT AT PARALYMPICS IN CHINA customer magazine, and is issued +46 (0) 8 459 59 00. twice annually in 14 languages. Shape is also available at Ole enger, President and CeO Sapa Shaping the future 2 SHAPe • # 1 2008

INSIGHT: CVM A long development process lies behind the shaped profiles for Kabe, which builds caravans and motorhomes. the CUStOMeR NEXT DOOR Sapa has developed a unique aluminium profile in collaboration with Kabe. Now the companies are jointly developing new profiles for a variety of applications. “The biggest benefit is the networks we have formed with each other,” says Pierre Thuresson. # 1 2008 SHAPE • 

INSIGHT: CVM Daniel Fröberg (left) and Pierre Thuresson, with aluminium profiles for caravans. the aluminium profile AT FIRST GLANCE that joins the roof and sides of Kabe’s motorhomes and caravans doesn’t appear all that remarkable. Nevertheless, a great deal of complex work has gone into its design and function. Pierre Thuresson, from sales at Sapa Profiler, explains the background. “We’ve been supplying profiles to Kabe for six or seven years now and we developed this profile together with them. The big challenge was to bend the profiles successfully, as the radius is close to the limits of the material.” of trial and error followed, A CLASSIC PROCESS during which many shaped profiles had to be scrapped before a solution was found. “The project for Kabe has grown in volume, as well as being extended to other aluminium profiles. Caravans previously used large amounts of plastics, which are now being replaced with aluminium,” explains Pierre Thuresson. The partnership with Kabe has likewise led to more aluminium profiles being used in their motorhomes. In this case the roof rails are made from two joined profiles – one that is purely functional, which is then capped with a pair of anodised profiles that clip together to give the roof rail an attractive fin- ish. “Again, this profile was developed in close consultation with the customer. We have a large network of contacts in Kabe and vice versa, which facilitates development work and communication.” Another factor that has simplified collabo- ration is the geographical closeness – Sapa is based in Vetlanda just 60 kilometres from Kabe in Tenhult. “Being so close to each other has certainly not been a drawback,” says Pierre Thuresson with a laugh. TEXT DAG ENANDER phoTos MAGNUS GLANS  SHAPE • # 1 2008

Lars Gustafsson Jan-Evert Johansson Per Owe Isacson “Working closely with customers is our winning formula” Sapa has been working closely with its customers for 0 years – and this will become increasingly important in the future. “Half of our turnover can be put down to close collaboration with customers,” says Jan-Evert Johansson, sales director at Sapa Profiler. SO WhAT dOES customer value management actu- Evert Johansson it is not something that happens ally mean? And how can other parts of the Sapa overnight. Group become as successful as Sapa Profiler “It’s about helping the customer throughout – Sapa Company of the Year 2008 – by collabo- the process, and being flexible. The goal is to rating with customers? find a unique solution to the customer’s unique “Shape” brought together Jan-Evert problems.” Johansson, Lars Gustafsson, acting sales direc- “Just look at Kabe,” says Lars Gustafsson. tor, and Per Owe Isacson, sales manager for the “This is clearly an example of a successful part- South Region. Here are their thoughts and ideas. nership with the customer. Now we are looking “In actual fact Sapa has been working closely at ways of using the experience we have gained with customers and focusing on customer value from that project with other manufacturers of since the early 1960s, it’s just that we’ve never caravans and motorhomes. Getting to know the given it a name before. It’s only in recent years industry and the needs of potential customers that we’ve started talking about Customer Value through other customers can be an advantage. Management, cvm, says Per Owe Isacson. Jan- Copying products between customers is of Evert Johansson agrees: course out of the question, you would suffer the “We’ve been working on creating added value consequences immediately.” for our customers for a long time. This proc- ess is well established within our organisation. ThIS IS ONE REASON why development work at Sapa’s We’ve conducted customer surveys to find out Innovation Centres will be carried out in strict what our customers really think about us and confidentiality. The centres will play a vital part in we’ve worked to make improvements in areas customer collaboration, by bringing know-how where we have not been living up to custom- and manufacturing resources together under the ers’ expectations. Our customers know that we same roof. understand what customer value means in prac- “Our Innovation Centres will also allow us to tice. Our customers focus on their products, and share our collective knowledge in areas such as pro- we help them to improve the design and cost- file construction and design with our sister compa- effectiveness by finding smart solutions based nies in the Group, and thus help to strengthen and on aluminium profiles. We have the knowledge deepen customers relations in every company in and resources to understand the customer’s the Sapa Group,” says Per Owe Isacson. value chain, their products and their business So the basic idea behind Customer Value as a whole. After a while, working closely with Management is really quite simple. Lars customers becomes a self-perpetuating process, Gustafsson has the formula: which explains why our market growth is so “Start by improving the customer’s existing good.” aluminium products, and then take a look at how “Other companies in the Group make roughly other materials can be replaced with aluminium.” 10 per cent of their turnover from added value, TEXT DAG ENANDER phoTos MAGNUS GLANS while Sapa Profiler makes closer to 50 per cent. That explains why we won the award for footNote: In September Sapa Profiler was Company of the Year,” adds Lars Gustafsson. voted as the Group’s Company of the Year, How do you build a close and successful partly thanks to its work on Customer Value relationship with customers? According to Jan- Management. # 1 2008 SHAPE • 5

INSIGHT: CVM The new Innovation Centre in Vetlanda will open in spring. Know-how and collaboration under one roof in order to grow you need to keep on innovating and shortening the time between product conception and launch. Sapa’s new innovation centre will provide a global forum for collaboration between the Group’s companies and its customers. W ork is well underway on the 6,500- work, on location and under the strictest confi- actively involved in the design stage. We are square-metre industrial site in dentiality, alongside Sapa’s specialists. Engineers now focusing on increasing this added value. Vetlanda. This is not intended as from any Sapa company will be able to gather We hope that the centre will help us shorten a flagship building, but the modern exposed or share expertise in aluminium, profiles, the time between idea and product launch.” aluminium structure of the interior and exterior engineering and design, structural calculation, Sapa has invested eur 3 million in its first will leave no one in doubt that this is a develop- prototype manufacture, machining, logistics, customer centre, located close to one of the ment at the cutting edge of the industry. Sapa’s sampling and testing. company’s plants in Sweden. Around fifty Innovation Centre will open its doors in spring “We are very strong technically, and our employees will work there permanently to sup- and symbolically combine the company’s exper- development centre will provide an excellent port the work of the innovation centre, but it is tise in aluminium with its customers’ industrial tool for spreading knowledge within the Group, expected that a steady stream of colleagues and know-how. as well as beyond it, through collaboration with customers from every part of the Group will “The building itself will convey the message our customers’ product developers, designers carry out work there occasionally. that Sapa is a creative and innovative company,” and production engineers,” says Thorn, adding “My vision is that the centre should help the says Christer Thorn, formerly plant manager that the centre in Vetlanda will hopefully be fol- Sapa Group to become a company that sells for Sapa’s press plant in Finspång, and now the lowed by others in the United States, Asia and technical solutions in the form of machined first manager of the development centre. Europe. components much more widely than at The new centre will house premises for tech- present.” says Thorn. “Our task now is to draw nical services, prototype building and training. largely built on our close up plans of action that will make that vision “SAPA’S SUCCESS IS Customers from all over the world will be given collaboration with customers. A large share of a reality.” the chance to carry out their own development our turnover comes from the fact that we are TExT ERicO OLLER WESTERbERG  SHAPE • # 1 2008

BRIEF NOTICES HUNTiNG for the perfect game > Rugged outdoor activities test the reliability, quality, and the strength of the gear beyond average everyday use. In order to meet the needs of Alaska Range Outdoor Gear, Sapa Profiles, Inc. in Portland, Oregon, devel- oped backpack frames built to be comfortable, stable and durable while packing heavy loads. Alaska Range Outdoor Gear contacted Sapa for a professionally manu- factured backpack frame. From a simple 2D drawing, Sapa’s in-house sales engineers, product development and design teams worked together and within a few short weeks had a prototype ready for review. The result was a hand-welded 6061 aluminum alloy frame that was solu- tion heat treated to increase its strength and survive strenuous wear and tear. Most impressive, the final product weighted less than 1 kilogram, which was over 65 percent lighter than the original steel metal alternative. Did you know that ... increasing the use of aluminium in vehicles can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions clean machines > by up to 20 percent. The Jensen Group is a company with a global lead in providing machine solutions for the laundry industry. Jensen Sweden manufactures the Source: The Aluminum Association conveyor systems that are used to sort laundry. “Our task is garment finishing, in other words conveying garments from the machines and sorting them so that each company gets the right Sapa Telecom changes name laundry; placing garments on hangers and passing them through a steam finisher,” says Tore Johansson, vice president of Jensen Sweden. > Sapa Thermal Management is the new and more appropriate name for the The company has developed a transport system known as Metricon for Sapa TeleCom business segment. finishing garments after they have been washed. Sapa was responsible In recent years Sapa TeleCom has mainly provided solutions for managing for refining the design of the long aluminium profiles for the system. The or removing undesirable heat generated by electronic systems. Its first order profiles in turn contain a plastic profile on which runs a chain carrying small came from Ericsson in 2000. Since then the business area’s experience and pegs that drive the garments along. expertise in thermal management has continued to grow. Big customers at “We chose to use aluminium because it is a lightweight material that is present include Nokia, Siemens, Nortel, Andrew and General Electric. easy to cut and bend as needed. In the laundry environment we also need Turnover from thermal management is around EUR 25 million. Almost 80 durable materials that will resist moisture and corrosion,” says Johansson. percent of the operations of Sapa Profiles Shanghai relate to the processing of profiles for cooling systems, and China is also an attractive future market for the business area. Under the new name Sapa will be able to market its prod- cargo rail shows the way ucts to companies in new sectors including the power industry, wind power and consumer electronics. > In April, Volvo and Sapa Automotive won first prize in the Power of Aluminium Awards in the category Transport & Cars. The product that won the award was a cargo rail made from aluminium. The jury was impressed by the clever use of aluminium and the design of the rail, which made the product both flexible and practical. Power of Aluminium is an umbrella organisation that works to market aluminium globally, read more at # 1 2008 SHAPE • 

CUTTING EdGE Jeff Adams with the new wheelchair at the 2008 paralympics in China. BUilt fOR SpeeD MADE TO MEASURE Two top athletes who refused to be limited by their wheelchairs set out to rethink what a wheelchair can do. Several prototypes and eight patents later, what could be the fastest and most user-friendly high-tech wheelchair stood on the starting line at the 2008 Paralympics. 8 SHAPE • # 1 2008

JEFF AdAmS ANd ChRISTIAN BAGG are Canadian com- aluminium profiles, Cervélo said, Sapa Profiles standard manufacturing methods so that the petitive athletes. Adams is a three-time Olympian Inc. was the obvious choice for production. production work could be done in-house, using and five-time Paralympian medallist in 1,500- Adams and Bagg travelled to Sapa in Portland existing machinery, dedicated cell manufactur- metre wheelchair racing. Bagg was a semi-profes- to meet Ray Goody, product manager assem- ing and their highly skilled group of aluminium sional mountain biker and big-air snowboarder blies, and visit the Sapa factories. “tig” welders. before an injury during a competition left him “I’ll never forget that first visit to Sapa,” Bagg in a wheelchair. Both men are visionaries. says. “Jeff and I were looking at all the multi- ALUmINIUm CAN BECOmE very soft when exposed to The two are driven to help empower fel- million-dollar equipment that Sapa had, and we high temperatures during welding, but Sapa has low wheelchair users by improving wheelchair couldn’t believe that they would be interested in a method to make the aluminium frames sturdy design. They have found that many people doing business with us. Our project is on such and durable. use wheelchairs that are too big for them. The a small scale compared to other things they are “We were able to use solutions from our high purchase price, around 4,000 u.s. dollars, working on.” diverse operations, such as using aircraft-certi- means wheelchairs are not replaced often. Many “But Ray Goody told us that Sapa welcomes fied heat treatments on the welded aluminium are bought too large with the idea that users will all types of projects, and that our project adds that will ensure that the wheelchair frames will “grow into them”. value to their company,” he says. “I have a be as sturdy after welding as they were before,” Adams and Bagg design wheelchairs that manufacturing background, but in working Goody says. employ components, allowing their users to with Sapa I didn’t have to try and control all the Marvel by Cervélo was launched in time for personalise them to fit current needs. The users processes, which would probably be the case if the 2008 Paralympic Games in China. The can later buy additional components such as we were working with other manufacturers.” company sponsored the Canadian Paralympic seats or backrests to match future requirements, team and donated a wheelchair to each wheel- without having to buy a new wheelchair. CERvéLO SUPPLIEd SAPA with the complete design chair-using competitor. “The concept for this wheelchair, which is an print production drawings, with tolerances and “The launch of the regular wheelchairs went everyday wheelchair, comes from sport,” Adams manufacture notes. great. Competitors from all over the world says. “The way we see it, life is a competition “The wheelchair that the company has sought me out in the Olympic village just and you owe it to yourself to have your best designed is really a unique product,” Goody to have a look at the wheelchair. They were competition every day.” says. “There are multiple adjustments for com- impressed by the quality, and now we have a Adams and Bagg had worked on some fort, and the frame design utilises mountain heap of orders waiting,” says Jeff Adams. prototype examples of the everyday and rac- bike suspension technology.” Things didn’t go quite so well on the track, ing wheelchairs. They took the designs to Phil “Sapa was able to offer suggestions on how however. White and Gerard Vroomen, cofounders of different forming aspects could make the design “I was involved in a crash in the 1500-metre Cervélo Cycles, one of the world’s top bicycle look even more cutting-edge. We made use of a heats and was disqualified. That’s the way com- manufacturers. past production process that worked excellently petition goes.” for this application.” BAGG, A mAChINIST by trade, saw the possibilities In addition, Sapa was able to use many of its TExT TSEMAyE OPUbOR HAMbRAEUS of using bicycle technology to improve wheel- chair design. “We spoke with Cervélo Cycles about our hope of using existing technology from the bicycle industry to develop innova- tions that were not previously available in the wheelchair market,” he says. Cervélo Cycles agreed to form a partnership with Adams and Bagg and work with them to bring their wheelchair design to market. “For us, a wheelchair is just a sideways bicy- cle,” Adams says. “So by partnering with one of the best bicycle manufacturers in the world, we figured we could get one step closer to design- ing a product that would make the most of technology and expertise and have the most potential to improve the user’s quality of life.” Cervélo suggested that the two entrepreneurs talk to Sapa Profiles Inc. in Portland, Oregon, about manufacturing their wheelchair product. If the wheelchair frame was to be made from welded Colin Beggs works on a prototype racing chair from Marvel by Cervélo. # 1 2008 SHAPE • 

PROFILE “I believe more people would like to work with aluminium, but their imagination fails them” Lars Engman sitting in the Klippan sofa he designed for IKEA. 10 SHAPE • # 1 2008

LaRS ENGMaN Lars Engman is a design consultant who knows the furniture industry inside out. More than ten years as international design manager with iKEA have given him a broad view of the industry and an enviable list of contacts. Now he is selling his house in Älmhult, home of iKEA, and setting his sights on Portugal. a clear trend among Swedish design stu- tile design group, the fashion producers Mah “I SEE dents. They have become glued to their comput- Jong and the textile company Marimekko. ers and are scared to get their hands dirty. But The Consumer Co-operative Society kf had that’s exactly what you have to do to become a a key influence on design, and that was where good designer. You have to get out there and talk Engman found himself, alongside other current to the engineers,” says Lars Engman. big names in the Swedish design world. His own career started with an apprentice- Ever since then Engman has enjoyed working ship, until he was snapped up by the Consumer collectively. Co-operative Society kf while working for a “I was always a little revolutionary, although firm of architects. often it’s like banging your head against a brick After thirty years with ikea, the last ten of wall. Most organisations are resistant to change. which were as international design manager, he But I like skating on thin ice just to see if it will knows most of the big names in the industry hold,” he says. and talks about them like a proud father. He himself came from a design generation Niels Gammelgaard from TOGEThER WITh that wrote its own piece of contemporary his- Denmark he talked himself into starting up tory, which could be summed up as follows: Studio Copenhagen in 1988, and they brought 1968, left wing, spirited and revolutionary. in new designers to work for ikea. He explains Bourgeois sophistication was out, and in its that the idea did not go down all that well with place was functionalism and clearly formulated the company’s in-house design department. political goals. “But it was the most enjoyable time I’ve had,” Scandinavia gave birth to the Tiogruppen tex- says Engman. › # 1 2008 SHAPE • 11

› Five favourites in aluminium 1. 1006. Chair designed for the U.S Navy in 1944. Designed to withstand torpedo attacks. 2. Ikea’s Stolmen storage system by Ehlén Johansson, with profiles from Sapa. If the storage system had been made from steel tube, customers would have needed a crane to take it home. 3. Ikea’s Korrekt letter rack by Karl Malmvall. For clever use of materials. 4. Sting chair from Blå Station, by Stefan Borelius and Fredrik Mattsson, 1993, made from Sapa profiles. It is a little cold to sit on, but I think it’s also available with a cushion. 5. Toledo chair, Jorge Pensi, Spain,1986. 2 Even though the ice sometimes did give way. Aluminium is largely associated with high- ously has to be non-flammable,” he says. “Niels Gammelgaard and I wanted to design tech equipment and the packaging industry, One of his long-standing design dreams the world’s best tv armchair, and spent some or with catering and camping, or even the us centres on a Swedish materials archive. There is time with Volvo and Saab studying ergonomics. design duo Eames and their chairs. an example in New York. Material Connection We chose cold foam for the upholstery. It was It is a material that has become closely linked gives designers, engineers and others in the quite an expensive material at the time, and we with technology and modernism, and it is dif- industry the opportunity to borrow samples of sold 20 of them. That was all. Most of them ficult to break that association. materials or simply satisfy their urge to touch went to Norway. In the end they sold them off It has quite simply become pigeon-holed. and feel them. There are no plans to build a cheap or gave them away,” he says. Engman believes that the association with Swedish equivalent yet, however. His portfolio of work does not include any technology can be traced back to the sixties and “I believe more people would like to work aluminium products, however. electronic products from Braun. Their designer, with aluminium, but their imagination fails Dieter Rahms, was a great devotee of aluminium. them.” He would like to see training initiatives for more contemporary example. design students, who he feels are too scared of APPLE IS ANOThER, Lars Engman in brief “Just look at the iPod Nano. The shape is anything that cannot be manipulated from the familiar. It was used for mini-calculators in the keyboard. sixties. Then there’s the arrowed navigation “At the big design companies you never hear wheel; the design language comes straight from anyone say ‘listen, how about we work with the Bauhaus school. It’s part of our heritage in aluminium for a change’. It’s important to work the western world; that’s why it’s so popular.” with the engineers. Aluminium is a material The café we are sitting in is right next to the that has an aesthetically pleasing surface. It feels Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. The design special; it has the feel of quality when you touch museum has an interior that is satisfyingly it. You can feel that it is a metal.” undesigned and nicotine-stained despite the Born: 1945. fact that smoking was banned a couple of years is working on a Portuguese RIGhT NOW ENGmAN Family: Partner and two grown-up children ago. Engman fingers a tea candle holder made design initiative. He has no Swedish commis- from a previous marriage. One step-child. from aluminium and comments that it is hardly sions on his desk. Job: Design manager for Ikea, 1996–2006, an example of good design. “No one has asked me, and I don’t go asking for rector of School of Design and Crafts at the “Most of them probably end up in the bin. work. I’ve probably been a little spoiled,” he says. University of Gothenburg 2006–2007, own Nobody bothers to recycle them. But they’ve From his own portfolio there is one piece that company since 2007. probably not found a better material. It obvi- sells exceptionally well. The Klippan sofa and 12 SHAPE • # 1 2008

PROFILE 5 4 accessories from ikea take an annual turnover couldn’t refuse, even though of around eur 100 million. It was developed it meant that the studio had from the Fjällmon sofa designed by Noboru to close. Nakamura in the seventies and made from “Creative companies pine and sewn leather patches. Engman asked should have a limited Nakamura if it was ok and then adapted the lifespan,” he says. design. Engman actually refers to him as Naka, Two years ago he was made rector rather than Nakamura. of the School of Design and Crafts “My former wife and I had two expensive at the University of Gothenburg. Italian sofas at home, one in white, and the After a year he had had enough. other in white with broad yellow stripes. He says himself that he has spent Together they cost as much as a car. Our chil- too long in industry. dren did as they pleased on them. They played “The academic world is too and spilled juice, and within three months the hidebound; there’s too much sofas were ruined. I thought there has to be a paperwork.” way of making a decent sofa with removable Now he works for him- covers that can be washed at home, so self, lecturing in design I designed Klippan,” says Lars Engman. strategy and brand building – at least until a handwritten letter from someone asks him to do hE ONCE RECEIvEd ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad. It was after the something else. He is now based launch of the Poäng armchair. Mr ikea felt that outside Gothenburg. the design was too sophisticated and too expen- Engman has served his time with sive. Engman wrote back. Clearly he made his the furniture industry. point, and Poäng became a success. “After that I was given a relatively free hand,” TExT EMMA OLSSON laughs Engman. PHOTOS STEFAN iDEbERG The first time someone asked him if he wanted to be design manager for ikea he said no thank you. He was enjoying himself too much at Studio Copenhagen. The next time he # 1 2008 SHAPE • 1

ON THE ROad An affordable, fuel-sipping “people’s car” from india could revolutionise the automotive world as global carmakers take a closer look at the lower priced end of the market. A second with Nano hUmvEE, ANYONE? Not likely. This gas-guzzling While automotive executives around the customer in the subcontinent. Thomas Ren, military crossover, along with a fleet of once- world vent their frustration over the loss of big export sales manager at Sapa Heat Transfer, popular suv models, is likely to see its 20th profit margins built into big cars, Sapa Heat says, “This cooperation is of special interest century market appeal vanish, consigned to the Transfer has moved into position to provide for us not only to see that we can participate in dustbin of history by skyrocketing oil prices, Tata Toyo Radiator Ltd, the largest cooling a lower-priced car project for Tata but also to a u-turn in the world economy and a growing system supplier in India, with clad strips for the see that we can maintain satisfactory business realisation that “good things come in small Nano’s heat exchangers and broad cooperation targets.” packages.” If so, Detroit and the world automo- on multiple projects. The right price and consistent quality are tive industry will be downshifting not only their “Sapa is in line with the other suppliers we benchmarks for any purchasing manager companies but also their cars. A report pub- buy from, but the rise of the Chinese yuan as Chinese suppliers grapple with inflation, lished at the start of the year in Time magazine against the u.s. dollar (It was pegged to the usd raw material shortfalls and a rising currency. projected a 65-percent increase in worldwide until 2005) has been causing some problems,” Partnering with factories, introducing interna- sales of minicars between 2002 and 2012, says Rajendra Shete, Tata Toyo’s purchasing tional practices in factory layout to increase effi- to 38 million vehicles. manager. “Also, Sapa Heat Transfer is facing ciencies, reducing waste and maintaining viable stiff competition from Japanese suppliers in profit margins are the keys to success. ThE NANO, a low-priced car planned by India’s regard to quality.” Tata Motors, not only sent Motor City execu- Sapa Heat Transfer has been a supplier to TExT KURT bRAybROOK tives racing back to the drawing board, it also Tata Toyo since the late 1990s and has gradually brought the idea of emerging markets from the increased its supply role since 2006. Today it rearview mirror into the fast lane. supplies more than 2,500 tonnes of clad strips Dubbed the “people’s car,” the Nano is for heat exchangers annually and is under con- A car for the minimalist really more a hybrid motorcycle married to tract until 2011. the current minicar – a bridge for three-wheel- The Nano is equipped with a 624cc two-cylin- ing Indian families. Priced at 100,000 rupees SAPA hEAT TRANSFER Shanghai has already geared der petrol engine that gets 100 kilometres (2,500 usd), the Nano might not make a dent up to provide logistics solutions and technical on five litres of petrol. A four-speed manual in the u.s. market or scratch the surface of the competence in Mumbai, India. It has had a transmission provides a top speed of 105 km/h newly rich urban Chinese, who see a big car as technical engineer on site since October 2007 and accelerates the car from 0 to 70 km/h in a sign of a big bank account, but it has caused and plans to have a warehouse in the near 14 seconds. The standard four-door model has well-established automotive companies to future. wind-up windows and comes without a radio. reevaluate the lower-priced end of the market. Tata Toyo is an important long-term Sapa 1 SHAPE • # 1 2008

The more than five metre long profiles above the Art Institute were a challenge to produce. ChiCagO’S flying CaRpet A world-class art museum in GERmANY’S JOSEF GARTNER GmBh had plenty of expe- makes the drawings, which we then take as a rience when it came to building a project for basis for developing our technical solution,” America turns to Germany, the Art Institute of Chicago. The company has Lother says. Italy and Belgium for been producing and installing curtain walls for Sometimes the design poses unusual chal- 140 years, mainly for large buildings. lenges, as in the case of the “flying carpet” above expertise in fitting out its “Sealing the new, modern wing of the Art the Art Institute of Chicago. Its construction new, modern wing. it was Institute of Chicago was a complex task,” required aluminium arch profiles half a metre says Klaus Lother, ceo of Josef Gartner. “But across and more than five metres long. Extreme Sapa Rc Profiles in belgium that’s the kind of job for us. We specialise in precision was crucial for keeping the flying that produced the unusual tailor-made work, using materials such as alu- carpet perfectly smooth and streamlined. Any minium, steel and glass, as well as copper and imperfection would be immediately apparent aluminium arch profiles. bronze.” and would affect the light-regulating effect of “When it comes to production and construc- the upper roof. “We have done extrusion work tion of curtain walls, we don’t go for standard in the past, and I know how difficult it is to solutions,” Lother says. The company’s design- produce arch profiles with these dimensions,” ers and engineers take the requirements of the Lother says. “The profiles must not deform customer and the architect and come up with after extrusion or during the painting process an appropriate technical solution. “The mod- and further treatment.” ern wing of the Art Institute was a challenge because of the different types of curtain walls, AFTER ThE REqUIREmENTS for the arch profiles were the combination of designs and the different known, Josef Gartner consulted possible part- materials,” Lother says. “But it was a challenge ners and settled on Sapa rc Profiles in Belgium. that suited our expertise perfectly.” “We have worked with them before, and know Josef Gartner GmbH teamed up with Renzo them to be exceptionally reliable and profes- Piano, the well known Italian architect whose sional. Sapa rc Profiles produced the alumini- projects include the Pompidou Centre in um sections and also carried out the fabrication Paris and the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Josef and surface treatment,” Lother says. “There was Gartner had worked with Piano for a library no deformation when they were painted after in New York and the California Academy of extrusion, so the flying carpet appears perfectly Sciences. “Piano comes up with the design and smooth and homogeneous.” # 1 2008 SHAPE • 15

The tourism business in Toledo, Spain, has now become an attraction in its own right. The outline of a new tourist informa- tion centre that combines bold lines with large expanses of glass has added another landmark to the city. hiStORy With a touch misleading to call Toledo a IT WOULd BE medieval city. Located 70 kilometres south of Madrid and with a population of 80,000, the A FUTURiSTic SHEEN city’s occupation by the Romans and Visigoths give it great historical interest. Its closeness to the capital has also given Toledo a boost and an influx of new residents. But although the cultural legacy of Toledo makes it a world heritage city this is largely due 1 SHAPE • # 1 2008

Marketing director Félix Matey is more than pleased with Toletum: “The view of the city from here and the way the light- floods in are truly impressive. It takes your breath away when you see it.” to the well-preserved medieval city behind the area of 8,000 square metres. of contemporary Spanish urban development, impressive city walls. Mass tourism and nar- Toletum, which opened in but in the case of Toledo it stands in bold con- row medieval streets just don’t go well together. December last year, is intended trast to the city walls and the medieval buildings Because of this the authorities wanted to create to be the new gateway to the in the background. Businessman Jerez Bautista a solution that would relieve the pressure on the city and is therefore sited so has found a secure niche erecting glass facades city’s overloaded street network, without turn- that it offers breathtaking views at a time when the rest of the private building ing tourists away at the same time. over the city. sector in Spain is experiencing a slowdown. The idea was simple: to attract visitors to a “We’re naturally very proud to modern and convenient centre outside the city be involved in Toletum, a project used a lot, mainly on pub- “GLASS FACAdES ARE by providing generous space for parking. At that has become symbolic for lic buildings, and that market hasn’t suffered. the same time they would offer transport into the city,” says Leopoldo Jerez We have another big project here in Toledo the city in the form of shuttle buses, combined Bautista, ceo of the company on the main campus for the university of with guided tours. Toletum’s virtual tours of the with the same name. His com- Juan Carlos i, where we are using glass facades city allow visitors to get an idea of what they pany erected the glass facade and in a very sophisticated way. When we start a can expect when they visit the historic heart of the aluminium structure, including 1,100 square project we generally get a lot of valuable techni- the city. metres of Sapa’s mc60 facade system, which gives cal assistance from Sapa and their distributor, the building its distinctive look. Disistal. It’s a proven product and the technol- will help to “Its futuristic architecture stands out and ogy is well established, but we go through the EXhIBITIONS ANd CONFERENCES make the new centre a natural meeting place. shows off our contribution to superb effect,” entire project together before we start working,” Restaurants and souvenir shops will round off he says. says Jerez Bautista. the experience in a complex that covers a total Glass facades have become a familiar element TExT ERicO OLLER WESTERbERG # 1 2008 SHAPE • 1

BRIEF NOTICES Durable fencing withstands weather > When Southern Fence in Arkansas recently began looking for fencing material they turned their back on wood, steel and PVC, and chose aluminium instead. “Because these fences are destined for Louisiana it was important to choose a material that would withstand harsh weather conditions. The region is also very humid, and that makes aluminium unbeatable, since you can forget about rust,” explains Bobby Thompson, marketing manager for Sapa Fabricated Products in Magnolia. Almost every component of the fencing is made from aluminium profiles, which offers many benefits. “Yes, it’s a material that is light and very durable at the same time. Thanks to the low weight Mobile walls for the company saves a lot of expense on freight. The fencing is also finished in coal black, which

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