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Information about SAP MDG Tutorial PDF

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: amrutasapvits


slide 1: SAP MDG Online Training Material What is SAP MDG SAP MDG Overview With SAP Master Data Governance MDG SAP presents a combined data management device for the validation maintenance and allocation of Master Data. The SAP MDG is highly suitable with the SAP ERP system within the Business Suite of the SAP. This combination stimulates the maintenance strategies allows for a vast enhancement in the Master Data quality and guarantees the legal requirement observance. In addition the automated workflow present in the SAP MDG enables the acceleration and stabilization of the business and maintenance processes. Since SAP MDG Training provides the master data volume up to one million records per object business experiences the raising area as well as internationalization. Therefore they can able to handle the difficulty of functioning an effective Master Data Management MDM unit. Reliable and valid master data build the fundamentals for the whole business processes. Differences in customer’s addresses payment terms or risk goods details can drive to notable delays in the business process. In addition the differences lead to complete shipments of goods not getting their appropriate destination. This condition not only affects large financial risk for the businesses but also increases the risk of having wrong business choices because of variable data. slide 2: Why SAP MDG With SAP MDG Module a single solution that can support both consolidation and central governance simplifies management and reduces total cost of ownership. Increase a single advanced view of your information – and address Enterprise Information Management EIM and MDM difficulties head-on.  Centrally maintain supplier financial material customer and other data for steadiness across the enterprise.  Advantage from a provable audit trail signifying why when and by whom data is changed.  Apply integrate and reuse available business logic as well as infrastructure to authenticate data.  Use pre-built User Interfaces and Workflows on verified data models.  Copy Master Data to non-SAP and SAP systems by allowing support and creation of a Master Data Governance. Key Trends of SAP MDG SAP MDG Benefits 1. Gain a single trusted view of your data. 2. Leverage best practices for the creation of logical workflows to ensure the right team members are involved with master data change requests. 3. User Interface is configurable adaptable and customizable with the support of Floor plan manager. 4. Central creation and maintenance of master data across heterogeneous systems. 5. Ensure immediate compliance to corporate data standards. slide 3: 6. Creation of an audit trail for master data changes including when why and by whom changes were made. 7. Adaptation and expandability to customer-specific needs. SAP MDG can simplify the lives of business users Functional Capabilities  Increase efficiency and productivity by streamlining and automating master data activities and workflows.  Boost revenue by harmonizing customer and product data to better identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities.  Stimulate reporting series and agreement by connecting verifying and synchronizing master data across corporate and local systems.  Reduce acquirement costs by consolidating supplier and material data across plants divisions and regions to capture discounts. Technical Capabilities  Combine and replicate master data from and to any SAP or non-SAP system.  Automate workflow routing and advice time-dependent report control and a full report trail of changes.  Integrate master data governance projects – such as duplicate analyses and field validation – into enterprise processes.  Simplify deployment with pre-configured data models workflow and role-based user interfaces.  Fulfill high-volume needs on-premise or in the cloud using the SAP HANA in-memory platform. SAP MDG Training at SAPVITS SAPVITS is an award-winning SAP Education Partner in India overseas. It has an expertise in SAP Online Training SAP Consulting for more than 9 years. Our services include online training corporate training offshore support and 24/7 SAP server access facility. Apart from this we also provide training material training videos to the course attendees. At SAPVITS SAP MDG Online Training Course empowers a firm in enhancing the data quality and streamline operations It reinforces a collective workflow process that unites business rules and subject matter expertise. Visit us for SAP Online Training Courses in India UK USA UAE Australia and Singapore. slide 4: For more update like and subscribe our YouTube Channel: Vintage IT Solutions Contact Us:- Vintage IT Solutions Website: Email: IND: +91 992 284 8898 USA: +1 678 389 8898 UK: +44 141 416 8898

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