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Published on September 24, 2014

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SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING course overview Introduction to the Banking Industry Banking Account Origination Bank Customer Accounts SAP Deposits Management Loans Management for Financial Services Collateral Management SAP Bank Analyzer - Basic Architecture SAP Financial Database -Customizing Accounting for Financial Instruments SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments Customizing Integrated Financial and Management Accounting Overview SAP Profitability Analysis and Integrated Financial and Management Accounting Processes in SAP Basel

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING LOANS MANAGEMETN ContentsThis topic covers the following lessons Information on Loans Management Overview of the processes in Loans Management, Overview of the product categories in Loans Management, Integration of Loans Management with other SAP modules Describe Loans Management in the SAP product landscape Differentiate between product categories and their special features in Loans Management Describe the business process of a loan reflected in Loans Management, and Provide information on which other SAP applications and add-ons support and enhance the functions of Loans Management FunctionsSAPLoans Managementis the SAP solution for process-oriented and highly automated handling of loan transactions for banks, insurance companies and businesses: User-friendly illustration of the entire lifecycle of a loan from a new business with acquisition phase and loan contract completion to credit processing with payment transactions and position management up to financial accounting with comprehensive reporting.Smooth management of both standardized and consulting-intensive credit products with complex condition variants.

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING Overview of Collateral Management Information on SAP Collateral Management, Objectives and Advantages of SAP Collateral Management, Design and system landscape, Initial screen in the CMS Workbench,FunctionsCollateral Management from SAP is an operative core banking system that can Capture collateral information provided during loan origination or loan contract creation Manage and valuate collateral objects as part of Object Management capabilities inside CMS Manage deal specific collateral agreements or more complex borrower specific collateral agreements. CMS includes business logic, process support and extensive workflows necessary to manage collateral constellations consisting of collateral objects, collateral agreements and receivables (CMS terminology for Loans / current account/ facilities) throughout the lifecycle of receivables. Integration Collateral Management and Basel are connected to one another using an interface. Data from Loans Management and Collateral Management are used for the evaluation in Basel.

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING SAP Deposits Management Understand and configure the different deposits products and relevant financial conditions: checking accounts, time deposits, savings accounts with notice, and savings schemes.Execute the processes relevant for deposits products.Understand how the system handles the card master data and the corresponding processes. Explain the concept of the account pools and how they serve different business purposes.Configure special products for account pools. Understand the various options that are available for customers to support their liquidity management processes: effective cash pooling and charge and interest compensation. Know the basic functions and processes in the area of facilities. Explain the discounting functions: bundle pricing, discount and rebate calculation.Explain the functions of overdraft protection. Understand the basic features of current account contracts Define tolerated limits for an account Define access limits for an account Create a direct debit order Define the permitted combinations of transaction type groups andmedia Explain how to issue a balance confirmation for the account

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING General Master Data You would like capture financial transaction in SAP Transaction Manager, master data settings are required. You would be define required master data settings for trading financial transactions. • Set up House Bank settings, Process the SAP business partners • Explain the role types defined in the business partner and create business partner relationships • Set up standing instructions and define authorizations for the business partner • Differentiate between banks in general, business partner banks, and house banks.Bank details, which are required for your own and the business partner bank, maintained centrally in a “bank data pool”. The bank data you enter is maintained in the Financial Accounting bank directory, that is, structured automatically or manually, and can be accessed throughout the system. The bank directory contains the bank master data. This includes bank address data and control data, such as swift codes and bank groups. The bank directory must contain the master data for all banks that is required for processing payments. These include your own house banks and the business partner banks.

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING Banking Account Origination Explain the scope of origination in the banking industry • Identify the main steps, stages and responsibilities in the origination process • Understand in a general sense the SAP Solutions utilized to support origination processes • Understand in a general sense the knowledge sources that provide deeper insights into particular SAP Solutions • Describe SAP software capabilities to customers and other business partners, employees, and organizational structures • Use SAP CRM partner functions • Use SAP CRM partner processing • Use SAP CRM organizational data determination • Explain the concept of business transactions in SAP CRM • Explain the concept of document flow in SAP CRM • Explain and configure products and prices in SAP CRM • Explain and configure products and prices in SAP banking services and SAP CML

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING SAP Bank Analyzer - BasicArchitectur SAP IFRA & Bank Analyzer Lesson Overview SAP Integrated Financial and Risk Architecture (IFRA) is explained in this lesson. Based on these architectural concepts, we give you an overall introduction into SAP Bank Analyzer, presenting main ideas and highlights of the solution portfolio Understand main concepts of IFRA. • Understand the Integration of Bank Analyzer in IFRA. • Explain the highlights and main concepts of Bank Analyzer. As introduced in lesson 1, banks ask for a solution to combine the revenue-generating area (financial products) and the operational area (business support). This is shown in the figure below.

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING SAP Financial Database Customizing SAP Bank Analyzer is a product family that consists of a number of applications that support the analytical banking scenarios. It is a set of applications that can be used to calculate, measure, and analyze financial products, and thus support the banks’ financial and risk management processes as well as their bank management processes. Since SAP Bank Analyzer can be used as the basis for calculating and measuring financial instruments consistently, it can also be used to store source data and results for each financial product in an integrated way. This integrated data storage is based on the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence technology. SAP Bank Analyzer has been developed according to IFRA's architectural principles. The figure below gives a whole picture of an analytical banking system landscape using SAP Bank Analyzer at a glance. The source systems are connected to SAP Bank Analyzer with ETL (extraction, transformation, loading) techniques to the Source Data Layer

SAP IS-BANKING ON-LINE TRAINING Accounting for Financial Instruments Introduction and Architectural Overview Layers of AFI Architecture Data Flow to the SAP Database (Inbound) Results Data Layer Analytics Layer Describe the function of the SAP Business Information Warehouse • Understand how to drill down from aggregated result data in the BW to the single financial transaction • Outline the system architecture of AFI • Define the subledger scenario • Explain the process flow within IFRS • Describe the use and position of AFI within Analytical Banking Creates account postings into a general ledger in order to form financial statement items

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Transaction Manager: HedgeManagement Using SAP Hedge Management for mapping exposure and hedge item together. Base of the hedge relationship you would be, carried out hedge effectiveness test and post OCI valuation result into SAP-FI. Understand Hedge Management (cash flow , fair value hedge and hedge for net investment) • Create a Hedge Relationship • Perform an Effectiveness Test (prospective, retrospective) At the end of this lesson, you will be able to distinguish the following hedge types: • Cash Flow Hedge • Fair Value Hedge • Hedge of Net Investment With a fair value hedge, balance sheet assets or liabilities or liabilities or parts thereof that are not recorded on the balance sheet are hedged against fair value changes due to a certain risk • Fair value changes of the derivative as well as of the underlying transaction to be hedged are shown in profit and loss statements.

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Transaction Manager: Securities Management overview of securities management • Available product types • Overview transaction and position management • Create business partners in different roles • Maintain class master data, including basic data, conditions, and other data • Set up securities accounts and portfolios, if required, to manage your positions • Understand and create position indicators • Trading securities transactions • Using the Collective Processing Function for entering security transactions • Overview about the Position Management • Familiarize yourself with the interface to accounting and the necessary closing operations. • Differentiate posting out of the transaction and position management • Carrying out interest accrued and an valuation run • Explain and perform position management in Transaction Manager

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Analyzer Basic Settings You would like managing financial risks out of the financial transaction in the Market Risk and Credit Risk Analyzer module. Explain the risk type matrix (allocation of the different risk types • Define a risk controlling process Risk is the probability of a loss from a financial transaction. The risk to a financial transaction is described as a market risk if it arises purely from changes to market parameters (interest rates, exchange rates, currency exchange rates, volatilities

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Market Risk Analyzer Explain and execute NPV and sensitivity analyses • Perform ALM analyses • Calculate sensitivity key figures • Perform Grid Analysis • Define and use market data scenario and shifts • Structure risk factors • Define risk hierarchies • Explain value-at-risk evaluations • Differentiate between Monte Carlo simulation, the variance/covariance approach, and historical simulation • Explain how back testing works • Understand the architecture of the Results Data Base • Explain reporting in the Results Data Base • Perform evaluations in the Results Data Base

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Credit Risk Analyzer • Distinguish between credit risks and settlement risks • Explain the CRA process (limit process) • Define and check limits • Make the connection between creating a transaction and determining the attributable amount • Use end-of-day processing in a target-oriented way • Understand exposure determination • Explain the basic terms of CRA • Create a limit structure from individual limit types • Create limit types from standard characteristics and characteristics you have defined yourself • Understand attribution amount determination • Define n-dimensional limit structures • Describe the determination procedure • Explain the additional Limit Management functions • Include business partner relationships in the setting up of limit structures

SAP TREASURY AND RISK MANAGEMENT ON-LINE TRAINING Portfolia Analyzar Trader remuneration Profit source analysis Analysis of investment policies Internal controlling Special funds Quality rating of funds managers Yield trends Anonymous data -composite Standards (AIMR, DVFA, ) CompetitionMarketing Anonymous data -compositesStandards

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