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Information about SAP HANA Migration Training London | SAP HANA Admin Course PDF

Published on June 17, 2018

Author: prachivits


slide 1: SAP HANA Admin Interview Questions Answers Thursday June 14 2018 SAP HANA is the most recent ERP Solution from SAP which is a combination of Hardware and Software. HANA has phenomenal selection by the SAP clients. SAP HANA is most recent in-memory database and platform which can be sent on-premises or cloud. SAP HANA is a combination which incorporation of hardware software diverse parts like SAP HANA Database SAP SLT System Landscape Transformation Replication server SAP HANA Direct Extractor association and Sybase replication innovation. Our experts providing SAP HANA Admin interview questions Answers that can helpful to your carrier knowledge to find the right job in a good MNC’s. SAP HANA Admin Interview Questions Que 1. How would you perform BW-on-HANA Migration slide 2: DMO-Database Migration. This is another component accessible in SUM Software Update Manager Tool. Que 2. What are the Data Provisioning Technologies accessible to recreate information to HANA 1. SLT 2. BODS 3. SXC Que 3 . What are the distinctive versions accessible in HANA appliance Software 1. Platform Edition 2. Enterprise Edition Que 4. Mention what is the part of master controller work in SAP HANA The activity is organized on request and is in charge of 1. Making database triggers and logging table into the source framework 2. Creating Synonyms 3. Composing new sections in administrator tables in SLT server when a table is imitated/stacked Que 5. Explain what happens if the replication is suspended for a more drawn out timeframe or framework blackout of SLT or HANA framework If the replication is suspended for a more drawn out timeframe the measure of the logging tables increments. Que 6. How would you refresh SAP HANA Studio/Client and HANA Revisions Utilize HDBLCM Tool 1. Stop all procedures 2. Make a System Backup if vital 3. Perform an update 4. Refresh the depending Components 5. Perform post-update step 6. Restart all procedures Que 7. What numbers of VMs are supported on a single HANA Production System Different SAP HANA Virtual Machines on a Single server are just supported today in non- generation situations. Que 8. How would you install SAP HANA HDBLCM Tool – To install individual or different Hana Server Component. Que 9. What are the alternate points of view accessible in HANA Studio slide 3: Administrator Modeler Development Debug Que 10. What is the most extreme database measure for virtual SAP HANA Appliance 1 TB RAM Cold Data can live on disk for virtualized SAP HANA databases more prominent than 1 TB. Que 11. What is SAP HANA SAP HANA remains for High Performance Analytical Appliance-in-memory processing engine. HANA is connected to ERP frameworks Frontend displaying studio can be utilized for replication server administration and load control. Que 12. Mention the two kinds of Relational Data put away in HANA The two kinds of relational data stored in HANA incorporates 1. Column Store 2. Row Store Que 13. Mention what is the part of the persistence layer in SAP HANA SAP HANA has an in-memory processing engine and access the information straightaway with no reinforcement. To keep away from the danger of losing information if there should arise an occurrence of equipment disappointment or power cutoff persistence layer comes as a savior and stores every one of the information in the hard drive which isnt unpredictable. Que 14. Mention what are the advantages of SLT replication SAP SLT works on trigger based approach such approach has no quantifiable execution affect in the source framework . It enables real-time data replication It empowers constant information replication repeating just related information into HANA from non-SAP and SAP source frameworks . It is completely coordinated with HANA studios. Replication from a few source frameworks to one HANA framework is permitted likewise from one source framework to different HANA frameworks is permitted. Que 15. What are the tools to send out Data from HANA to external System SLT – Database Migration Option BODS – BO Data Services to trade the information from HANA to an external system Que 16. Will the table size in SAP HANA database and in the source framework be the same No Hana database support compression. Que 17. What are the critical services HANA DB Server Consists slide 4: Index Server Name Server Statistics Server Preprocessor Server XS Engine Que 18. Whats new with SPS09 – Admin Features 1. SAP HANA Cockpit – Web-based tool for organization and checking of a single SAP HANA Database. 2. SAP DB Control Center – Web-based tool for organization and checking of your landscape of SAP Database. 3. New/Enhanced Monitoring Views 4. SAP HANA Multitenant Database Containers . 5. Enhanced Resource Monitoring Que 19. Mention what is latency Latency is referred to the period of time to replicate information from the source framework to the target framework. Que 20. Explain what is transformation rules A transformation rule is a rule indicated in the propelled replication setting transactions for the source table with the end goal that information is changed amid the replication procedure. About SAPVITS Vintage IT Solutions serves best SAP Online Training Courses. We also provide SAP server access SAP corporate training and SAP offshore support. SAPVITS brings to you its knowledge and expertise of over 18+ years’ in SAP online training and SAP consultancy. We mainly concentrate on SAP Online Training in Chennai SAP Online Training in Noida SAP Online Training in Pune SAP Online Training in UK. The SAP HANA Administration Course is suitable for Fresher’s and professionals wanting to get highly paid jobs. SAP HANA Administration Online Training is available in several approaches in which all SAP HANA Administration training materialSAP HANA Administration pdf ppt videos sap hana admin interview questions are provided by SAPVITS. Contact us for more details regarding SAP Online Training in Mumbai. For more details contact us: Website: Mail ID: India +91 992 284 8898 USA +1 678 389 8898 UK +44 141 416 8898

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