SAP BOBIP Certification: Questions Answers and Preparation Tips [pdf]

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Information about SAP BOBIP Certification: Questions Answers and Preparation Tips [pdf]

Published on October 20, 2019

Author: seemaiyer


slide 1: How to Prepare for SAP BOBI Certification C_BOBIP_42 Certification Made Easy with slide 2: ❏ All our materials and practice exams are designed by experienced industry experts and certified SAP consultants with a large project experience. ❏ All materials on this site are exceptional and unique as are made by us. Because of this we are 100 accountable for their quality. ❏ We offer certification practice exams with 100 accuracy based on our satisfied candidates their testimonials and feedback. ❏ The cost of our practice exam is several times lower than the cost of formal SAP training courses official books and certification exam. ❏ We guarantee you a successful exam. Otherwise we will refund your money. ❏ All our materials to prepare for SAP certification you can buy online in 5 minutes on our site and start practicing exams immediately. Enjoy success with slide 3: C_BOBIP_42 Exam Detail Exam Code C_BOBIP_42 Full Exam Name SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence BOBI Solution BusinessObjects Level Associate No. of Questions 80 Sample Questions SAP BOBI Certification Sample Question Practice Exams SAP BOBI Certification Practice Exam Passing Score 66 Time Limit 180 Minutes Languages English Japanese Enjoy success with slide 4: How to Prepare for C_BOBIP_42 • Know and study complete syllabus content from BOE310 BOE320 BOE330 • Perform enough practice with SAP system with related SAP BOBI certification subjects • Identify the key configuration workflow and data flow • Understand Architecture and Administration Platform Functionality Monitoring and Auditing etc. • Perform with online practice exams on for SAP C_BOBIP_42 • Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with system • Repeat practice exams and try to score 100 on Enjoy success with slide 5: Topic Weight in exam Architecture and Administration 12 Platform Functionality 12 Monitoring and Auditing 8 - 12 Information Flow 8 - 12 Content Management 8 - 12 Installation and Backup 8 - 12 Design and Deployment 8 - 12 Platform Configuration 8 - 12 Troubleshooting 8 - 12 Authentication Authorization and Security 8 SAP BOBI Certification Syllabus Content Enjoy success with slide 6: C_BOBIP_42 Exam Questions Enjoy success with slide 7: Q1. Which of the following components are used to authenticate a user logging into the BI Launchpad a Server Intelligence Agent b Web Application Server c Central Management Server d Auditing Data Store Enjoy success with slide 8: Answer b Web Application Server c Central Management Server slide 9: Q2. When you configure the BI platform to use Enterprise authentication where are the credentials stored a LDAP Directory b File Repository Servers c SAP Solution Manager d Central Management Server database Enjoy success with slide 10: Answer d Central Management Server database slide 11: Q3. Which of the following functions can you perform using the Promotion Management Tool a Move import and convert content from previous versions to BI 4.2. b Manage the lifecycle of BI content. c Promote security rights. d Define the backup strategy. Enjoy success with slide 12: Answer b Manage the lifecycle of BI content. c Promote security rights. slide 13: Q4. What tool do you use to apply a predefined deployment template to your system a Version Management b Central Configuration Manager c System Configuration Wizard d BIs Administrators Cockpit Enjoy success with slide 14: Answer c System Configuration Wizard slide 15: Q5. Monitored BI platform deployment traces are written to log files with which file extension a .config b .zip c .ini d .glf Enjoy success with slide 16: Answer d .glf slide 17: More Info on SAP Certification  For more information on SAP Certification please refer to FAQs  A SAP certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees  The fees information are for the informative purposes and do not serve as an official offering and are subject to change  Focus on the guide for online registration and you will very soon find it out Enjoy success with slide 18: More Info on SAP Certification VISIT WWW.ERPPREP.COM

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