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Published on February 13, 2008

Author: Doride


The Infamous King Ramses II:  The Infamous King Ramses II Dominique Stubbs Shanella Dhanraj Kahlill Capleton Kristia Tolode General Info. About Egypt:  General Info. About Egypt Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea Geographically isolated Deserts were natural barriers Flooding of the Nile is predictable Nile was an easy way of transportation Info About Egypt Cont.:  Info About Egypt Cont. Begin the 365 day calendar There style of writing was hieroglyphics, written on papyrus Ancient Egyptians believed in the “afterlife” They created the Book of the Dead Info. on King Ramses II:  Info. on King Ramses II Known as “Ramses the Great” and the son of the sun g-d, Ra. Born around 1303 B.C. in Eastern Nile Delta Born to Seti I and Queen Tuy Given throne at age 20 His first wife was Nefertari It is said that he had nearly100 children Info. Cont.:  Info. Cont. One of Egypt’s greatest warriors The Hittite and Asia Minor were his main enemies He led a campaign known as “Battle of Kadesh” He marched with 20.000 soldiers to Syria to defend his empire against Hittite invaders He fought a major battle at Kadesh in Northern Syria, in 1274 Info. On King Ramses II Cont.:  Info. On King Ramses II Cont. First pharaoh to ever sign a peace treaty with Egypt’s enemy It was the first Peace Treaty in history It was signed in 1278 B.C. The treaty brought peace between the Egyptians and the Hittites Along with the treaty, Ramses II married the daughter of the Hittite King. Info On King Ramses II Cont.:  Info On King Ramses II Cont. Built more architectures and monuments than any other pharaohs He constructed more than six temples Helped build the Temple of Amon at Al Karnak and the Temple of Luxor. Completed his father’s temple near the Nile River Info. Continues… :  Info. Continues… Built Ramesseum, a temple for himself Helped in building towns/cities Abu Simbel became a temple dedicated to King Ramses II His temple was called “The House of Ramses, Beloved of Amun” Second longest ruler in Egypt’s history Info. continued again…:  Info. continued again… Helped increased slavery and the growth of the mercenary army Ruled for 67 years (1292 B.C.-1225 B.C) Ramses II lived to be 96 years old, the longest of any pharaoh Unfortunately, Ramses II died in 1298 B.C.E. Info. On ramses II cont.:  Info. On ramses II cont. Ramses II was buried in the Valley of The Kings, in cave KV7 His tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings, but remains empty His mummy was thought to be one of the best ever preserved “Ramses the great” gone…:  “Ramses the great” gone… Following Ramses II ’s death, his 13th son, Merenptah, became pharaoh Merenptah was more than 60-years when he took over the throne Today, the pharaoh of Ramses the Great is at the Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, since it was found in 1885 RAMSES II: Link-TO-SITES:  RAMSES II: Link-TO-SITES Encarta Encyclopedia Standard Edition 2004 (multimedia encyclopedia) Mummy of ramses the great! Mahwah! ha-ha!:  Mummy of ramses the great! Mahwah! ha-ha! The end:  The end

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