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Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Janelle


“What Works: Lesson Learned by a Successful Interdisciplinary Center” A Cross Cutting Theme via Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology:  “What Works: Lesson Learned by a Successful Interdisciplinary Center” A Cross Cutting Theme via Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Dr. Jag Sankar Distinguished University Professor and White House Millennium Researcher Director- CAMSS (NSF-CREST, DoD-CNN, NSF-NSEC) Fort IRC Bldg., Suite 242, Greensboro, NC 27411, USA Vision:  Vision CAMSS will be an educational and research resource of excellence for NC A&T State University, the State of North Carolina and the Nation in the field of advanced materials; including but not limited to smart, multifunctional and composite materials. This will be achieved through the collaboration of academe, government agencies and private industry in developing basic and applied research programs and commercially relevant technological innovations with a focus on student participation and learning. This Center’s research and educational thrusts will directly supports A&T’s FUTURES "Uncompromising Excellence" initiative to prepare students for careers in a dynamic, global, knowledge-based economy that demands life-long learning. Mission Develop intellectual capital through interdisciplinary learning, discovery, engagement and operational excellence Achieve excellence in basic & applied research Enhance undergraduate and graduate curricula Provide hands-on research experiences for students Generate commercially relevant technological innovations Support the career development of faculty and the professional community at large Offer research and educational services to industry Integrate into Federal Diversity-Focused Programs (NSF, DOD, NASA, DOE, FAA, and others) to address the STEM Continuum Serve as a model of collaboration between academe, government and industry at the national and global levels CAMSS Organization:  CAMSS Organization Slide4:  Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures (CAMSS) An Interdisciplinary/Interinstitutional Research and Educational Center NSF-CREST DoD-CNN NSF-NSEC NSF-NIRT Other NSF, AFRL, NASA-NIA and Others Research and Educational Thrust Areas: Surface Engineered Materials Integrated Composite Technologies Nanoengineered Materials Polymer Engineering Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Catalysis in Energy Production and Consumption Biomaterials and Bioengineering Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Technologies Electronics Materials and Devices Computation, Modeling and Visualization Leveraging and Strategic Sharing of Resources Maximum output for each $ spent Innovative thinking that cuts across areas Fundamental science that can nucleate research in multiple disciplines Each thrust led by a single person (CAMSS next generation of leaders) NSF- US/Europe Materials Research Collaboration NSF- Major Research Instrumentation NSF-STTR and NSF- NUE Facilities:  Facilities Pulsed Laser Deposition Facility Fuel Cell Processing Laboratory Coatings Synthesis Laboratory Bio/Polymer Laboratory Composite Processing Laboratory Materials Processing and Sample Preparation Laboratory Microscopy and Surface Analysis Facility Electron Microscopy Laboratory Computation and Visualization Lab Nanoindentation Facility Mechanical Testing /High-Temperature Testing Facility Structural Health Monitoring Research Laboratory X-ray Diffraction Facility Physical Property Measurement Lab Catalysis Facility Electronic Materials Laboratory Under Establishment: Magnetron Deposition Facility (finished) Direct Write Nano-Fludics Analysis Facility Micro-Raman facility Open-door state of-the-art research facility that creates a hub for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing A center with many thrust area labs, feeding each other, yet can stand alone. A research facility without boundaries Thrust leaders have their own labs, research scientists and research infrastructure - yet shared Participant/User Mix (direct supported and leveraged):  Participant/User Mix (direct supported and leveraged) Average per year and growing CAMSS Ethics lay a strong foundation for its growth - it is adaptable to innovative technologies and education and is Ready to Contribute with Customer Focus Publications and Presentations:  Publications and Presentations Active in publication Cross Functional Thinking and Team Work give opportunity for more publications in different areas Each thrust leader is strong in their area, aggressive for high quality achievement (passion) yet clearly understands the power of team work Special Publications by CAMSS Members:  Special Publications by CAMSS Members 2006 - Composites B Journal, Elsevier Publication, Special Journal issue on "Nanolaminates" V 731, (11 countries with papers from world’s leading researchers) 2005 - A book on “Nanoengineering of Structural, Functional and Smart Materials”, CRC Press 2005 - ASME IMECE Symposium (Nov 2005) Full peer reviewed CD publication 2004 - Composites Part B Journal, Elsevier, Special Journal issue on "Nanocomposites" V 35B, #2. 2004 MRS – Symposium E, “Integration of Advanced Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices – Critical Issues and Solutions,” April 12-16, 2004, CA, ISBN 1-55899-761-X. 2004 ASME IMECE, Anaheim CA, “Innovative Processing for Engineered Composites” (Full Peer Reviewed Proceedings) ASME 2004. 2003 ASME IMECE, Washington D C, “Processing, Characterization and Modeling of Multifunctional Materials” (Full Peer Reviewed Proceedings) ASME 2003. Recognition of CAMSS research provides opportunities for its members to provide international leadership in facilitating intellectual exchange on focused research areas at a high level. This includes technical books, monographs and special issues of journals with worldwide distribution. “Quality intertwined with integrity and broad thinking” PATENTS AND DISCLOSURES:  PATENTS AND DISCLOSURES 2006 – Invention Disclosure “Novel Gold-Silver Nanocatalyst (for Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide at Ambient Temperature)/ Process for its Synthesis” (8/29/2006, #EN0045 0806) 2006 - V. Harinath, C. Banerjee and J. Sankar, “Encapsulation of Catalyst in Inert Porous Matrices for Removal of Carbon Monoxide from Aerosol”, invention disclosure completed 2005 - V. Harinath, C. Banerjee and J. Sankar, “Synthesis of gold metal oxide catalyst for catalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide by vapor deposition of gaseous ammonia”, invention disclosure completed 2005 - A. Pandya and J. Sankar, “ Resorcinol-ketone polymers” A new technology disclosure has been filed 2005 - E. Deyneka, C. Banerjee and J. Sankar, “ An improved process for fabrication of gold-alumina and gold-titania nanocomposites for carbon monoxide removal at room temperature” A New technology disclosure has been filed. 2004 - K. Bala, J. Sankar and D. Pai, “To Develop a sub surface or "below-the-surface" localized hard coating based on ceramics and metals by impregnation.” U. S. Patent Application, draft completed by patent attorney representing A&T. 2004 - J. Lou, V. Harinath, S. Ilias, J. Sankar, “An ultrahigh selectivity oxygen enrichment filled polymer membrane”, U. S. Patent Application, draft completed by patent attorney representing A&T , one U.S. company signed confidential disclosure agreement with A&T Technology Transfer Office. 2004 - W. J Craft submitted Patent disclosure for two (2) types of pressure differential sensor with potential automotive and nuclear applications. Developed an additional sensor with high accuracy that is unaffected by temperature excursions. (CAMSS indirectly supported this) 2003 - Structural Health monitoring: The team has secured a patent for a sensor array system (US Patent application number 09/592,884 – M.J. Sundaresan, A. Ghoshal, and M.J. Schulz, “Continuous Acoustic Emission and Vibration Sensor,” (CAMSS indirectly supported this) NC State ( J. Narayan) received 2 patents in electronic materials (support came from CAMSS) Other upcoming patents/disclosures being initiated: We are in the process of working out the details related to patenting two (2) technical developments carried out under the auspices of CAMSS. They are (I) fuel cell materials development and set-up (II) related to innovative composite processing “Participation of educational institution in economic development” Universities of the Future Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations (not just on paper):  Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations (not just on paper) Partnership:  Partnership Universities: North Carolina State University University of Pittsburgh University of Florida University of Dayton University of New Orleans University of Connecticut University of Cincinnati University of Illinois (UC) University of Wisconsin (Madison) Michigan Technological University Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) Dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth Engineering College (India) IITs (India) Inha University (S. Korea) University of Aviero (Portugal) BIT (India) TNAU (India) Northeast Polytechnical Univ. (China) Government: NSF DOE ORNL NASA ARL ONR AFRL FAA Naval Undersea Warfare Command IPMS (Ukraine) Others Private: Southwest Research Institute Lockheed Martin Boeing Hamilton Sundstrand United Technologies Alcoa IBM Volvo Advanced Ceramics Inc. Thomas Built Buses Global Engineering Inc. Foster-Miller, Inc. Nanotech Lab QuarTek Corporation Triangle Polymer Performance Polymer Solutions Inc. True Collaboration based on TRUST and utmost RESPECT based on how you think and how you conduct your business – track record Strong ties with ALL Strong on deadlines and deliverables Globalization:  Globalization Active in organizing , sponsoring international conferences, symposia, technical sessions , major government interdisciplinary workshops, journals etc. 2003- ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, “Processing, Characterization and Modeling of Multifunctional Materials” Symposium with full peer-reviewed publication, Washington DC, Nov 16-21, 2003. 2003- Advanced Research Workshop “Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting (MIEC) Perovskites for Advanced Energy Systems” Kyiv, Ukraine June 1-5, 2003 (sponsored by CAMSS  and  NATO) . Also organized a special workshop during this conference on International consortium for global materials research and education 2003 - ICCE/10 Tenth International Conference on Composites Engineering, New Orleans, LA, July 20-26, 2003 2004 - ICCE/11 Eleventh International Conference on Composites Engineering, Hilton Head, SC, August 8-14, 2004 2004- ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, “Innovative Processing for Engineered Composites” Symposium with full peer-reviewed publication, Anaheim, CA, Nov, 2004. 2004- NIA/NASA “ Smart Actuator Conference” VA, Dec 2004 2004- Organized Materials Research Society (MRS) Symposium “Integration of Advanced Micro and Nanoelectronic Devices – Critical Issues and Solutions,” San Francisco, CA, 2004. 2004- NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Fuel Cell Technologies: State and Perspectives ” Kyiv, Ukraine June 6-10, 2004 (co-sponsored by CAMSS) 2004- International Conference on Advances in Structural Integrity, 14-17 July 2004, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India 2005- MRS Symposium “Magnetic Nanoparticles and Nanowires” (San Francisco, April 2005) 2005- ICCE/12 Twelfth International Conference on Composites Engineering, Spain, August 2-7, 2005 2005- ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, “Innovative Processing for Engineered Composites” Symposium with full peer-reviewed publication, Orlando, FL, Nov, 2005. 2005- “Advances in Materials , Product Design and Manufacturing Systems” Conference with full peer-reviewed proceedings, Dec12-14, 2005, Tamilnadu, India. 2006- MRS Symposium ( San Francisco) completed, ICCE-13 ( July 2-8 , 2006), ASME and OTHERS ARE BEING WORKED OUT (Dec 2006 and for entire 2007 and 2008) “Quality and reputation from networking” Educational Outreach:  Educational Outreach K-12: CAMSS faculty advises students on various voluntary summer projects (“Creation of a High School Competition on a Minimum-weight Truss”, Polymers, Rocket design etc. REU (ORNL programs, UIUC etc) CAMSS scientists participated in the NASA Sharp Program (formerly known as NASA SHARP PLUS Research Apprenticeship Program) during summer 2003, 2004, and 2005. Teacher Training: Summer Teacher Workshop in July 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 for Guilford and Wake County school teachers was organized by CAMSS scientists. Routine visitations from schools to CAMSS and support of CAMSS to Science Fairs Outreach Seminars to local community by CAMSS scientists Plant Trips as part of BS education (Alcoa, United Technologies, local industries) A team of A & T undergraduate students with Dr. W. D. Minter, Director, Small Business Program Office at ORNL (2nd row: First from left) and Dr. Lee Riedinger, ORNL Deputy Director (2nd row: Second from left), participating in a “Day of Science” meeting at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge “Mentoring the workforce of tomorrow” Faculty, Teachers, Ph.D, MS and BS students “Being a part of K-12 education”:  Faculty, Teachers, Ph.D, MS and BS students “Being a part of K-12 education” Distinctive Visionary Interdisciplinary Activities:  Distinctive Visionary Interdisciplinary Activities Well established interdisciplinary activities involving Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial Electrical, Bio-environmental, Chemistry, Processing, Manufacturing, Physics, and Computational Science. Shared experimental facilities – 18 research labs at A&T,ORNL and other collaborative facilities (at US and international research universities/facilities and federal labs) Interdisciplinary work with the recently-established National Institute of Aerospace involving NASA-LaRC and six major universities Interdisciplinary student activities including SAE Mini Baja, Formula SAE, and Intercollegiate Auto Racing Association (ICAR-A) Legends car racing (top ten in the country) Industrial involvement in curriculum/research development (SwRI, Alcoa, Caterpillar, RJR, Kopin Corporation, Adiabatics, GE, Cummins, Bodycote, Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Hamilton Sundstrand, Tensar Corporation, Volvo, Michelin, EPRI, United Technology, Global Engineering and Thomas-Built Buses) Continuous development of innovative and team-taught courses and curricula for undergraduate and graduate students: (Advanced Materials and Smart Structures I,, Quantitative Microstructural Image Analysis, Advanced Materials and Processes I and II, Fundamentals of Tribology, Structural Health Monitoring, Senior Design Project, Polymer Science and Engineering, Computational Multi-scale modeling, and e-Course initiatives). Research Experience for Undergraduates Programs and routine sponsorship of outreach activities to local area schools About 30 visitors from academe, industry and government and 25 seminars and presentations annually. PhD Productivity:  PhD Productivity May 2004 commencement – 3 women and 4 men in this photo received their PhD degrees using CAMSS resources and worked directly in nanoengineering research (A&T has filed for Carnegie doctoral research intensive classification) PhD Productivity:  PhD Productivity May 2006 commencement – 4 out of this 10 students in this photo received their PhD degrees working directly in nanoengineering using CAMSS resources (Officially A&T moved to Carnegie doctoral research intensive classification in 2005) NOTE: At present there are even more Ph.D students working in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at A&T thereby strengthening to maintain the Carnegie doctoral research intensive status in the future. Future Directions Based Strong Foundation :  Future Directions Based Strong Foundation Initiation of innovative research and educational ideas via “Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology” Research Cluster involving entire University CAMSS with its University-recognized status as an umbrella center to facilitate broad-based materials research in the Piedmont Triad Nucleation of new focused research thrust areas under CAMSS Active participant in University’s Millennium Research Campus (A&T, UNCG joint venture approved by UNC Office of the President) Active participant in North Carolina Nanotechnology and biotechnology Initiative of the Office of Governor Mike Easley Routine coverage in newspapers, TV media, Greensboro Business Journal CAMSS becoming a research wing of the Triad entrepreneurial organizations involved in materials research and applications. ( Nanoaccelerator) Major push in biomaterials and bioengineering activities with University of Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and various Triad bio-sciences corporations To become an integral part of Guilford County K-12 education What we are achieving:  What we are achieving The Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures is creating a cross-disciplinary infrastructure that transcends departmental, institutional, industrial, governmental and global barriers and lends itself to the integration of research and education in the vital field of advanced materials, smart structures and nanotechnologies True collaborative endeavor in concept Strategic resource sharing in execution Tangible benefits for each constituency Advanced Processing Materials Characterization Modeling and Simulation Properties, Performance and Device Fabrication Academy Materials Tetrahedron With this foundation, CAMSS will leverage its Enhanced and Diversified Resources to create a Truly Responsive Learning Environment “What Works: Lesson Learned by a Successful Interdisciplinary Center” A Cross Cutting Theme via Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology:  “What Works: Lesson Learned by a Successful Interdisciplinary Center” A Cross Cutting Theme via Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Dr. Jag Sankar Distinguished University Professor and White House Millennium Researcher Director- CAMSS (NSF-CREST, DoD-CNN, NSF-NSEC) Fort IRC Bldg., Suite 242, Greensboro, NC 27411, USA

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