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Published on August 20, 2012

Author: avikkedia



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Sanchayan Consumer Empowerment through Financial Literacy & InclusionReport of Pre-Study on ‘Ability & Willingness to Contribute’On behalf of GIZ (IGSSP), Sanchayan Society re-cently completed the pre-study to assess the abilityand willingness of the low-income urban and ruralpopulations to invest in Government social securityschemes.We found that 75% of the ‘poor’ are actually ableand willing to invest in a better future!You can download and read the founder Avik Kedia selected for GSBI™ Online 2102Sanchayan’s business plan to deliver a complete basket of financial services to the BOP markets wasselected from more than 200 applications worldwide for the Graduate Social Benefit Incubator(GSBI™) Program conducted by Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley. The program is supported by ascholarship from the World Bank. () Program conducted each year by Santa Clara University, SiliconValley. This program is spread over 8 months during which two mentors, one from India and the otherfrom the U.S. shall work with Sanchayan management to create and refine the strategy and overall-business plan for delivering complete financial services to the poor and low-income populations. Youcan find out about past attendees and other details here: can check out more pics and updates here by liking us as a non-profit social enterprise Under The Societies Registration Act vide Reg. No. S/66874/2009 dated09/09/09

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