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Published on May 22, 2013

Author: GinaVeliotis



This presentation is about the process undertaken to design and implement a new and effective eLearning environment for Sydney Adventist Hospital.

0566/EDU/1112/SAHBuilding for the Future, Caring for our CommunityGina VeliotiseLearning Co-ordinator,San College of EducationSydney Adventist | LinkedIn

0566/EDU/1112/SAHSan eLearningLearn anywhere, anytime,

0566/EDU/1112/SAHCelebrating 110years in 20132200 staff and750 medicalpractitionersSydneyAustraliaSydneyAdventistHospitalNSW’s largestprivate hospital50,000inpatients and175,000outpatientseach yearstate-of-the-artdiagnostic andtreatmentfacilitiesMajor hospitalexpansion2013-2014Operates 24/7across 3campuses

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Current site is only availableinternally via the Intranet High training costs Inadequate reporting functionality High maintenance costs, technicalflaws Poor user experience Site is cumbersome to use andnavigate Poor learning and assessmentdesign Inadequate eTools and resources Linear learning, content “dumping” Online content is difficult tomaintain and therefore creates riskDrivers forChange

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Moodle 1.9 was installed in 2011 Modest start and met initial goalsfor compliance training As a prototype has beensuccessful Increased basic learner options Introduced staff to new methodsof learningMore importantly……helped us tobetter identify training challengesassociated with the hospitalsexpansion and increased need forefficient trainingCurrent Solution

0566/EDU/1112/SAHImproved Strategic e-Learningsolutions to meet: Safe and competent performanceto protect hospital’s CoreBusiness Support for major hospitalexpansion Development of staff onlinetraining services Sustaining Innovation, BestPractice and a strong learningculture Legal Compliance andReportingSupport a Dynamic Landscape

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Align the workplace skill levelswith operational needs. Customised solutions toimprove capability, productivityand sustainability. Mitigate risk and ensureCompliance training is met anddocumented. Provide reliable and up-to-datetraining completion reports Long-term and sustainabletraining solution. Cost-effective now and into thefutureCritical Business Goals

0566/EDU/1112/SAHPeople Before Technology Interviewed approx. 50 staff One-one-one and small groups Both clinical and non-clinicalareas Across all departments andmanagement levels Helped shape new environment Identified keygoals, requirements andpriorities• Training needs• Challenges• Reporting needs• Priorities

0566/EDU/1112/SAHPassion and Commitment “There is a commitment to learning anddevelopment” “Make it so employees feel competent and likethey are contributing – this will translate to qualityof patient care. Consumer feels like they arebeing well cared for” “Need a self-driven orientation program that istailored and can happen before they start” “Needs to be scenario based, with lots of realcase presentations”, “Reports currently don’t meet auditingrequirements” “Need a self-driven orientation program that istailored and can happen before they start” “It’s so hard to setup accounts for agency staffand track who is doing what” “Everyone can do it quickly and show evidence” “Can’t be buried too deep” “Intuitive, easy to work your way through it” “Staff don’t have time and/or not available toattend face-to-face training” “Must be reliable and accurate”,

0566/EDU/1112/SAHHeadline Findings & Key Requirements Web-based access, multi-platformcompatible User accounts aligned with HR system Accurate and Up-to-date CompletionReports Track course and activity progress Blended delivery and assessment Make learning and assessment fun andinteractive Authentic, relevant and just-in-timeworkplace training Enable decision-making opportunities,reflective learning & sharing ofexperiences Make learning more manageable,chunk it Technical ease and reliability

0566/EDU/1112/SAHThe Experience Compelling learning experience Contemporary and helpful Professional and motivating Interesting and interactive Challenging and rewarding Engaging and relevant Support individual, self-pacedparticipation Easy to find, use and understand Confident, relevant and switched-on

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Embed enhanced trainingsolutions in the businessworkflow, providing just enoughinformation at the moment of need Fast-track online help to keep upwith clinical system updates Enhances staff confidence andperformance, providing better andmore flexible training options Reduce the time between learningand application Increasing staff productivity andability in using core clinicalapplications. Position staff to find what theyPerformance Support

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Embed Compliance andcompetency training, in real-time workplace activities. Reduce risks by increasingcompletion rates for mandatoryand compliance training. Improved reporting to providequick and easy access to up-to-date completion information. Support legal reportingrequirements to demonstratecompliance. Simulate real-time experiencesfor better learningCompliance Training and Reporting

0566/EDU/1112/SAH Enable time poor staff and shiftworkers to complete training intheir own time, at their own place. Provide multiple learningpathways to meet the needs ofthe varying spectrum of learners. Foster a web-based learningcommunity and establish adigital library of resources. Enhance staff techno-confidence Promote knowledgeacquisition, application andretention, using best practiceClinical Professional Development


0566/EDU/1112/SAHApproach  Create a User-centric trainingsolution Provide an authentic learningexperience, practice workplacedecisions Apply best Practices in learningdesign, resourcedevelopment, and web design Use innovative tools, digitalrepositories, and multimedia Create interactive, engagingand effective training packages


0566/EDU/1112/SAHeTools Quick Authoring Tools Non-linear navigation, content layering Interactive, self-marking, instantfeedback Peer collaboration and communication Learner-centric pathways Progress Tracking and completionstatus Multimedia, scenarios, examples Fast track resource development

0566/EDU/1112/SAHChecklist and Guidelines: Authentic Instructional Design Reflective and decision-making opportunities Multimedia elements to add interest and contextualise Web friendly content, concise, chunked and visual User-friendly, non-linear navigation Workflow processes (write/review/approve) Version Control and validationBest PracticesResourceDevelopment

0566/EDU/1112/SAHAnticipated Benefits Enhanced Moodle 2.4functionality Learn anywhere, anytime, anydevice Alignment with staff HR records Outsourcing maintenance andongoing upgrades Interactive and multimedia-richincluding web tutorials, clinicaldemos, Reduced training costs viaimproved functionality and systemsintegration. A a “one-stop-shop” for all

0566/EDU/1112/SAHSan eLearning PortalsEmployee of Adventist Healthcare?Volunteer, Clinical Student,Contractor or Agency Nurse?




0566/EDU/1112/SAHTechnical helpCourse OverviewDigital ResourcesKey Steps and TopicsConditional ActivitiesLearning TipsAuthentic ScenariosOnline QuizzesCompletion CertificatesSan eLearning 2013




0566/EDU/1112/SAHAnalysis• Stakeholder Interviews• Gather Requirements• Evaluate OptionsDesign• Information architecture• Design Reports and align with Chris 21• Graphic Designs and layoutsBuild• System Installation and configuration• Redevelop Courses• Usability TestingRoll-out• User Accounts and emails• Customise Reports• Communicate changesImprove• Post-implementation Review• Refine and Enhance• Extend solutionProject Stages


0566/EDU/1112/SAHAbout San eLearning

0566/EDU/1112/ youGina VeliotiseLearning Co-ordinator,San College of EducationSydney Adventist |LinkedIn

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