Samurai Sword Manufacturing from the Edo Period to Modern Day

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Information about Samurai Sword Manufacturing from the Edo Period to Modern Day

Published on October 24, 2016

Author: Rachel_Pope


1. Samurai Sword Manufacturing from the Edo Period to Modern Day Global Gear

2. In comparison to the broadswords and great swords in Europe, the oriental samurai swords of Japan have always been extremely meticulous. Since the Japanese samurai sword manufacturing industry is often done in secrecy, it can be challenging to determine what is good and appropriate for the user. Typically, there are various points to consider that every samurai sword buyer should become aware of. This will help them make informed and practical decisions for the success of owning a prestigious modern day katana. A Pure Object Japanese swords imbibe all the elements of nature: earth, fire, wind, and water. Perfected in 900AD, samurai swords serve as both a tool of war and peace in Heian period, Kamakura period, Edo period, and still persists today. The skills and craft mastery involved in the creation of single sword remain unparalleled despite the leaps of technology from 1,000 years ago. In effect, owning a katana is an honour itself that every Japanese household reveres.

3. The Philosophy of the Blade Japanese swords are primarily heirlooms to the old and modern day samurais. More than slaying their enemies and turning tides of the battle, owning a katana means conquering oneself. By maintaining the blades sharpness, function, and skills, the user in respect also polishes his life in the process. Details in Production Every samurai sword is different, but it will always have the branding of its creator. The most vital areas when selecting or customising a katana includes the following:  Type of sword: aside from the katana, there are also other kinds of samurai swords namely the wakizashi, the tanto, and the naginata.  History of the steel: antique swords with over 400 years in history have a much higher value than newly made ones.  Price point: the value of samurai swords varies, but it can go as high as $30,000.  Steel quality: the blade fineness involves the texture, pattern, and the curvature of the sword.  Mounts: the koshirae mount protects the sword steel from internal and external damage while in active use, but there’s also a shirasaya mount for displaying.

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