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Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Ulisse


Samurai Hoedown:  Samurai Hoedown Joseph Brinkmeier Okan Irfanoglu Firdaus Janoos Boonth Nouanesengsy Youding Zhu Spring 2006 Story:  Story As the seventeenth century dawns, Nippon is in turmoil. She is recovering from a series of internecine wars among the Samurai warriors of the feuding clans. The Tokugawa clan is gaining ascendency, to form what will be the great Edo shogunate, where the Way of the Samurai (Bushi-do) reaches its pinnacle. In the midst of this, two great warriors battle each other to the death to preserve all that is great and honourable. For, at stake is a way of life even greater than that of the Samurai itself - The Way of the Hoedown !! Story:  Story The two Samurai, whose names are known only to the Shinto Gods, seeking anonymity, for their cause is Great and the future of civilization itself depends on their quest, dawn the garb of those who stalk sliently in the Shadows of the Night - the nefarious Ninja. They fight on the Island, whose name shall never be mentioned, for on it has been spilt vile and evil blood. You are the Blue Ninja, the Samurai whose destinity it is to fight for the Hoedown. Your opponent is the deadly White Ninja, who so desparately wants to destroy all that is Good and Great. You must fight him and kill him 10 times, for only in that lay the Future of the World. En Garde ! Hoedown is on the way:  Hoedown is on the way Controls:  Controls Walking controls: backward, forward, left, right Actions: We have control for five attack actions, three block actions, and two magic actions. Attacks: Left mouse + drag the mouse in the direction of the desired sword swing. Blocks: Right mouse + drag the mouse in the direction you want to block. Fireball & Heal magics : Keyboard Graphical Elements:  Graphical Elements Realistic animations Used own motion capture data Graphical Elements:  Graphical Elements Animation Mapping mocap data to a skeleton Graphical Elements:  Graphical Elements Realistic Water Graphical Elements:  Graphical Elements Particle Effects Blood, Fireball, Healing AI:  AI Increasing level of sophistication Behavior changes with level and the current life left and current action of the player Actions are decided on a nondeterministic manner based on probability tables Probability tables are manually built AI:  AI screenshot Sound:  Sound FMOD Positional sound Nonpositional sound Sword clash Grunts Birds Chirping Physics:  Physics Coded own physics engine Collision detection Ogre animation collision detection problem Sword-Sword collision detection Sword-Torso collision detection Gravity Action priority and blending queue

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