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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: pritrazo


- There is… - There are… - There isn’t... - There aren’t… - Is there…? - Are there…?

THERE IS... - In the photo there is a cat and a chair. - The cat is on the chair. - It’s dark brown. - It’s big and nice. - It’s happy. - The chair is brown.

THERE ARE... - In the photo there are two things: a dog and a ball. - The dog is small, black and brown. - It’s playful. It’s playing with the ball. - The ball is yellow and small. It is a tennis ball and it’s in front of the dog.

THERE ISN´T... - In the photo there isn’t a closed door. There´s an opened door. It’s big and brown. - There isn’t a rainy landscape. It’s a sunny day behind the door. - There aren’t any animals behind the door. - The wall isn’t black. It’s grey. - The sky isn’t dark. It’s blue and bright. - There’s a tree on the left of the landscape.

THERE AREN´T... - There are two trees but they haven´t got any leaves. - It’s a night photo. - There aren’t any birds or clouds on the sky. - The moon is over the left tree.

IS THERE…? - This is the photo of a TV. - There is a beautiful landscape on the screen. - There is a lot of trees on the left and on the right. - There is a bridge between the trees. - There is a bridge across the river. - Is there a mountain behind the trees? Yes,there is. - Is there any snow in the mountain? Yes, there is.

ARE THERE…? - In the photo there are two houses. - They are very near. - They are different. One is white and red and the other is white and yellow. - They are modern. - Are there two houses in the photo? Yes, there are. - Are there two houses of white color in the photo? Yes, there are.

THE END By:Samuel Deus García

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