Samsung YP-S5 which is about consumerElectronics!

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Information about Samsung YP-S5 which is about consumerElectronics!

Published on October 27, 2008

Author: nilly0202



We have lots of things to try to use never used like I say for a example: mp3 player.

Reviewed >> COMPUTERS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS The K5’s Successor Touches Down Samsung YP-S5 2GB BY Kevin BoeY Dressed in black like one of Darth Vader’s at 0 and bass boost at 0) was enough to give us is based on Flash), an alarm clock and FM radio meditation chambers with shiny and matte satisfaction. Using the built-in equalizer settings functions. We loved the alarm clock, which surfaces adorning the outer shell, the Samsung only enhanced it further, although certain presets woke us up using João Gilberto’s Garota de S5 isn’t as sinister as it may seem. Built with flip- weren’t to our tastes. The headsets aren’t a whole Ipanema. Now, which other alarm clock in the out speakers that are similar to its predecessor, lot better than the k5’s though, but these actually world sings like that? The FM radio was clear the k5, this MP3 player now gives you a larger sound as if they have a bit more bass in them as and easily locked on to all local stations. With entertainment arsenal to choose from. Although compared to their predecessor. a multitude of improvements over the k5, it’s its form follows the k5 rather similarly, the hard to say something bad about the S5, but if 14.95mm S5 is definitely slimmer than the k5. Flipping through the photo album we we must, it’s the price! uploaded onto the S5, we found that our The speakers are now covered by a grille with a pictures lacked resolution, but packed enough SPECIFICATIONS sunburst pattern, and while the keypad sports punch in the colors department to make them Formats Playback Time Memory Price the same design, the touch-sensitive mechanism at least discernible. Like what we experienced MP3, WMA, ACC 24 hours 2GB RM is somewhat tweaked, making it slightly less watching videos, full-body pictures made 699 sensitive to swipes of the finger which is good, subjects look like stick figurines, especially Audio Support : MP3, WMA, ACC but alas, it’s still a fingerprint magnet, thanks to when the picture is taken in a landscape mode. Video Support : MPEG 4 Image Support : JPEG the glossy front. The S5 has a color screen now, Surprisingly though, the text function netted Bluetooth : v1.2 and is able to play MPEG4 videos, two capabilities us crisp and clear letters, with eight lines of text Display : 1.8”QCIF Color Screen Battery Life : 24 hours music / 5 hours speaker / 5.5 hours movie of which the k5 was sorely lacking in. The 1.8” which gave us just about enough to read for 3 Voice Recording : Yes color screen with QCIF resolution made our seconds. Annoyingly, words were still abruptly Other Features : DNSe 2.0, Text support, flash games Connectivity : USB2.0 videos pop, although the small viewing area broken as with other MP3 players. One would Dimensions/Weight : 95 x 46.5 x 14.95mm / 85g w/battery made us desire something more substantial. expect better, but apparently defining all the Warranty : One-year Contact : Samsung Careline words in the English language was too much Telephone : 1 800 88 9999 URL : Like all other Samsung premium MP3 players, for the S5 to handle. sound quality isn’t an issue, and since the new DNSe 2.0 audio enhancement circuitry is used in Anyways, this MP3 player also sports several Available at this MP3 player, we have to say that the default additional features that give you more value audio enhancements (DNSe set to normal, clarity for money such as Flash-based games (the UI HWM’S VERDICT 9.0 Physique: 9.5 Features: 9.0 User-Friendliness: 9.0 Sound Quality: 9.0 Value: 8.0 Out of 10 A worthy successor to the K5, this S5 makes us want more Samsung MP4 players like this! All the ports you can find here. It’s like holding a bar of VERY expensive chocolate. This is how it looks like when its opened. 168 OCT 2007 Consumer Elect 1007.indd 168 29/09/2007 6:52:38 PM

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