Samsung MX20 perfect for capturing YouTube videos

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Information about Samsung MX20 perfect for capturing YouTube videos

Published on July 30, 2008

Author: mikasoul


Slide 2: Samsung Uneils YouTube-Friendly Camcorder It looks like Samsung is trying to cash-in on the growing trend of YouTube specific digital camcorders with its entry the SC-MX20 released today. The SC-MX20 is a higher-end camcorder than it's YouTube-friendly camcorder competitors the Flip Video Ultra or the Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam. The SC-MX20 ups the ante with a 680,000 pixel CCD sensor allowing it to capture video at 720x480 resolution - something that neither of the aforementioned can touch. What Makes the SC-MX20 YouTube Friendly What makes the SC-MX20 perfect for capturing YouTube videos is its Web and Mobile shooting mode, which automatically adjusts the recording resolution to 640x480 and optimizes other settings for a video optimized to go online. The SC-MX20 has a 2.7-inch LCD display, a Schneider lens with 34x optical zoom, and supports H.264 compression to capture up to four hours of video on an 8GB SD or SDHC card. Unfortunately the SC-MX20 doesn't have any built-in memory of its own, so you will have to rely on your SD/SDHC card for recording video. The SC-MX20 also boasts a 3 hour battery life, which is higher than that of its competitors.

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