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Information about Samsung Mobile sdk - for Android developers

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ManikantanKrishnamur



Samsung Mobile SDK is a set of APIs from Samsung for Android developers, to create compelling and superior user experiences for Samsung users.
This slideshow gives an overview of creating apps using the Samsung specific APIs such as using S Pen, or relaying images or videos to a Samsung Smart TV and many more.

Samsung Mobile SDK Manikantan Krishnamurthy @manikantan_k



SM SDK WORKSHOP SAMSUNG MOBILE SDK Type 1 - Pen, ImageFilter, Chord, Visual View. No special requirements other than API Level. Type 2 - MultiWindow, Gesture, Motion, MediaControl, Look, Audio. Require hardware or software support enabled on device. Eg Air Gestures are available only on devices with the Gesture Sensor


Pen SDK API 14+

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP THE NEED FOR A NEW INPUT METHOD Precision + Pressure sensitivity Capacitive Touch Pressure Sensitive Pen

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP WHAT IS THE S PEN A new type of input device available on Note range of devices. Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, Note 8, Note 10.1, Note 10.1 (2014 ed) Advantages of S Pen 1 Precise and quick response Supports pen pressure 2 No power consumption Lightweight hardware 3 Side button, pen hovering  A new UX

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP Can replace existing touch input methods, more precision. XX : 0.0 : 130.0 590.0 Activation, Coordinates, Pressure Y :Y1060.20 Y : 1160.20 960.20 850.36 750.36 650.36 550.36 450.36 350.36 250.36 150.36 : 0.0 Pen Touch

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP Recognize pen events without contact Hovering Pen Icon No contact Screen

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP Recognize the side button with or without contact Side Button Recognition Call a Function Hovering

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP Act upon the gestures of the S Pen -Change hover pointer -Call the toolbar using the side button -Information preview, help -Define and use gestures

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP Recognize the side button with or without contact -Content moving and resizing -Content scrolling (page, listview) -Full text descriptions -Rollover ef fects Volume control. Now at level 0 Prev Movie Keep aspect ratio Play Next Movie Video Pop

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP SOME USE CASES Graphics Memo & Planner Game SNS Education B2B

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP SPENSURFACEVIEW THE CANVAS Including S Pen Library 1. Copy penXXX.jar 2. Copy sdkXXX.jar into libs 3. Build Target latest Android API

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP HOW TO: ADD THE CANVAS import*; Spen spenPackage = new Spen(); spenPackage.initialize(this); //New instance // Init package //SpenSurfaceView is like a surface on which Notes are drawn mSpenSurfaceView = new SpenSurfaceView (mContext); spenViewLayout.addView(mSpenSurfaceView); //SpenNoteDoc is like a notebook and SPenPageDoc are individual pages in the Noteb ook mSpenNoteDoc = new SpenNoteDoc (mContext, width, rect.height ); SpenPageDoc SpenPageDoc = mSpenNoteDoc.appendPage(); mSpenPageDoc.setBackgroundColor(0xFFD6E6F5); mSpenPageDoc.clearHistory(); mSpenSurfaceView.setPageDoc(mSpenPageDoc, true);

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP ERASER , PEN MODES & HISTORY MGMT // Pen Mode spenSurfaceView. setToolTypeAction (SpenSettingViewInterface.TOOL_SPEN, SpenSurfaceView.ACTION_STROKE); // Eraser Mode spenSurfaceView. setToolTypeAction (SpenSettingViewInterface.TOOL_SPEN, SpenSurfaceView.ACTION_ERASER); // Undo and Redo if(spenPageDoc.isUndoable ()) { spenSurfaceView.updateUndo (spenPageDoc.undo () ); }; // Pen settings SpenSettingPenInfo penInfo = new SpenSettingPenInfo(); penInfo.color = Color.BLUE; //size , pen type are other options spenSurfaceView.setPenSettingInfo(penInfo);

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP OTHER S PEN EVENTS/ACTIONS SpenPenDetachmentListener to detect attachment and removal of S Pen, while your app is active. SpenHoverListener to detect hovering, side-button press and release. SpenSettingPenLayout SpenSettingEraserLayout

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP INSERT IMAGE INTO CANVAS SpenObjectImage imgObj = new SpenObjectImage (); Bitmap imageBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource( getResources(), R.drawable.ic_launcher); imgObj.setImage(imageBitmap); imgObj.setRect(imageBoundingRect, true); spenPageDoc.appendObject(imgObj); spenSurfaceView.update(); INSERT TEXTBOX INTO CANVAS SpenObjectTextBox Stroke is a collection of points,pressure values, timestamp.

S PEN SDK WORKSHOP SIGNATURE RECOGNITION SpenSignatureVerification import getRegisteredCount() no. of signs registers register() - Device Info & Type cast for devices request() Recognition result after verification unregisterAll() Remove all signs registered setVerificationLevel() Set verification strictness S i m i larly Te x t , S h ap e, Eq u ati o n s c an b e r e c o g ni ze d

S Look SDK Note 3 Note 10.1 (2014)

S LOOK SDK SPECIALIZED VIEW PACKAGES Look package consists of new Android views that are used in conjuncti on with the S Pen. Air Button Writing Buddy Pointer Icon Smart Clip

S LOOK SDK AIR BUTTON Ideally invoked when S Pen side button is pressed near the screen. import ; SlookAirButton Main functionality SlookAirButtonAdapter Adapter for the list of airbuttons.

S LOOK SDK WRITING BUDDY Easy handwriting recognition in your application. import ; SlookWritingBuddy Main functionality SlookWRitingBuddy.TextWRitingListener Handwriting events

Image Filters SDK API 16+

IMAGE FILTERS 33 IMAGE FILTERS READY FOR USE Image Processing • 33 Types of Image Effects

IMAGE FILTERS HOW TO: ADD AN IMAGE FILTER import*; Sif imageFilterSdk = new Sif(); try { imageFilterSdk.initialize(this); } bmFilteredBitmap = SifImageFilter.filterImageCopy(bitmap, mImageOperatio n, mImageOperationLevel);

Multi Window SDK API 17+

MULTIWINDOW MULTI WINDOW 2. Main Features in one screen using multitasking Use multiple apps - Freestyle Window Mode

MULTIWINDOW MULTI WINDOW 2. Main Features in one screen using multitasking Use multiple apps - Dual(Split) Window Mode

MULTIWINDOW MULTI WINDOW 2. Main Features space without interfering with existing windows Use a wide work - Registering multi window apps to the tray AndroidManifest.xml <intent-filter> <meta-data <action <meta-data android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" /> android:name="com.sec.minimode.icon.portrait.normal" android:name="" <category android:resource="@drawable/ic_launcher"/> android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" /> <meta-data android:value="true" /> <category android:name="com.sec.minimode.icon.landscape.normal" android:name="android.intent.category.MULTIWINDOW_LAUNCHER" /> android:resource="@drawable/ic_launcher"/> </intent-filter>

MULTIWINDOW MULTIWINDOW SMultiWindowActivity isMultiWindow() MultiWindow mode check getRectInfo() Returns size of App Window getZoneInfo() Returns Zone A/Zone B

Chord SDK API 17+

CHORD CHORD - INTRODUCTION 2. Main Features Chord is an easy to use, local networking library to send / receive messages with nearby devices. Low-latency , P2P , 1-to-Many networking. Chord API Channel Manager ZeroMQ Messaging & File transfer Security Discovery Protocols Network Stack (TCP, UDP, Wifi, Wifi Direct etc) Platform

CHORD CHORD - INTRODUCTION 2. Main Features part of public Chord channel. Every node is Only nodes using your app, can connect to that channel.

CHORD 2. Main Features methods Schord init SchordManager .start() .stop() .joinChannel() .leaveChannel() SchordManager. StatusListener - Fires events upon start and stop. SchordChannel. StatusListener - Fires events upon joining or leaving channel.

CHORD 2. Main Features SchordChannel .sendData() .sendDataToAll() .sendFile() .acceptFile() .rejectFile() SchordChannel.StatusListener - Fires events upon incoming or outgoing data.

Media Control SDK API 14+

MEDIA CONTROL MEDIA CONTROL - INTRODUCTION 2. Main Featuresthat share music, videos and photos between Create apps network devices. Tools for testing

MEDIA CONTROL MEDIA CONTROL 2. Main Features SmcDeviceFinder for device discovery SmcDevice - Device Info & Type cast for devices SmcItem The content being streamed to viewer SmcAvPlayer Streams audio/video SmcImageViewer Shows images on viewer

MEDIA CONTROL MEDIA CONTROL VIDEO 2. Main Features DeviceFinder Show Content Control smcLib = New Smc( ); s m c L i b. initiali ze (th is ); SmcDeviceFinder .start() .rescan() .getDeviceList( int DeviceType) //shows DLNA complaint devices, Windows Media Player 11+

MEDIA CONTROL MEDIA CONTROL VIDEO 2. Main Features DeviceFinder Show Content Control m AV P l a yer = ( S m c AV P la yer ) m D e v i c e s . get ( 0 ) ; SmcItem item = new SmcItem (new SmcItem.LocalContent(filePath, mimetype) ); SmcItem , SmcAvPlayer.PlayInfo ); SmcAvPlayer.EventListener helps to monitor different states of the content like STATE_STOPPED, STATE_BUFFERING, STATE_PLAYING etc

Thank you @manikantan_k

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