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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Lassie


Slide1:  NANOTECHNOLOGY PRESENTED BY: DEEPTI SHARMA SOLAN(H.P.) Slide2:  CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PRINCIPLE APPLICATION AREAS NANOTECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT WHEN NANOTECHNOLOGY WILL START AFFECTING OUR LIVES ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES CONCLUSION Slide3:  INTRODUCTION Imagine chips embedded in the human body reporting every body movement and just waiting to strike at those nasty bacterial invaders, clothing smart enough to monitor our health and save us from environmental hazards ,huge building and machine having the capability to repair and adjust themselves to the vagaries of environment or a regular wrist watch doubling up as super computer. Thanks to the nanotechnology all of these wonders and many more are possible. Slide4:  PRINCIPLE Nanotechnology involves working with matter at the scale of one billionth of a matter. It refers to the manipulation of matter on the minutest scale i.e. atoms and molecules. At the nano scale ,the physical, chemical and biological properties of materials differ in fundamental and valuable ways from the properties of individual atoms and molecules of bulk matter. Properties of an electron inside matter and atomic interaction are influenced by material variation on the nanometer scale. It is even possible to control fundamental properties of materials like their melting temperature, magnetic properties, charge capacity, and even their colors, without changing the materials chemical composition. Slide5:  APPLICATIONS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY MEDICAL AREA SUPERCOMPUTING MEMS SMART CLOTHING Slide6:  MEDICAL AREA Nano surgical tools can help in making up the damages at molecular and cellular level. Nanotechnology may also be useful for developing ways to detect and eradicate cancer cells. Nanorobots could also be programmed to perform delicate surgeries or remove obstructions in the circulatory system. NANO ROBOT IN BLOOD STREAM:  NANO ROBOT IN BLOOD STREAM NANOROBOT PERFORMING CELL SURGERY:  NANOROBOT PERFORMING CELL SURGERY Slide9:  “GLOBBLEBOT:ARTIFICIAL WHITE BLOOD CELL” ARTIFICIAL WHITE BLOOD CELLS:  ARTIFICIAL WHITE BLOOD CELLS Slide11:  DRILLERS, PEEPERS, STRINGERS ENGAGE IN A DELICATE SURGICAL OPERATION TO REMOVE A CANCER TUMOUR Slide12:  NANO ROBOT OR NANOBOT NANO ROBOTS ARE NANO MACHINES EMBEDDED IN OUR BODY PERFORMING THEIR DUTIES AS DISCIPLINED SOLDIERS . BEFORE BEING SENT INTO THE BODY ON THEIR SEARCH ON DESTROY MISSION, THEY HAVE TO BE PROGRAMMED WITH A SET OF CHARACTERSTICS THAT LET THEM CLEARLY DISTINGUISH THEIR TARGETS FROM EVERY THING ELSE . Slide13:  SENSOR AND CPU SUBSYSTEM OF A NANOBOT Slide14:  SUPERCOMPUTERS Assemblers will enable the construction of both molecular electronic and molecular mechanical devices. It is to be expected that electronic effects will permit faster switching times than do mechanical effects, permitting the construction of faster and much powerful computers. Slide16:  NANO TUBES ARE TINY TUBES OF CARBON ABOUT 10,000 TIMES THINNER THAN HUMAN HAIR. THESE CONSIST OF ROLLED UP SHEETS OF MULTI LAYER CARBON ATOMS IN HEXAGON SHAPE. THEY CONDUCT ELECTRICITY BETTER THAN COPPER AND ARE MORE STRONGER THAN STEEL WIRE . Slide17:  MULTI-WALLED CARBON NANOTUBE Slide18:  MICRO ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEM (MEMS) Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through micro fabrication technology. While the electronics are fabricated using integrated circuit (IC) process sequences (e.g., CMOS, Bipolar, or BICMOS processes), the micromechanical components are fabricated using compatible "micromachining" processes that selectively etch away parts of the silicon wafer or add new structural layers to form the mechanical and electromechanical devices. Slide19:  NANOMECHANICAL GEAR ASSEMBLY LOW FRICTION NANO GEARS:  LOW FRICTION NANO GEARS A JET ENGINE IN A MICROTURBINE:  A JET ENGINE IN A MICROTURBINE A MICROPUMP Slide22:  SMART CLOTHING Slide23:  Shirt made of Titanium SOFT SWITCH Slide25:  NANOTECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT Advances in nano science will lead to new means of: Reducing the production of wastes Remediation of industrial contamination. Providing potable water Improving the efficiency of energy production and use. On the other hand, the introduction of large quantities of nano structured materials into our society may have unforeseen consequences for environmental quality. Slide27:  Advantages of Nanotechnology Nano-structuring is expected to bring about lighter, stronger and programmable materials. It is not impossible to have devices that can convert house hold waste into fresh food, diamond rings or antique works of art. In medical field we will have microscopic robots floating in our blood streams fighting against cancer cells, AIDS HIV virus, genetic disorders or even ageing. Slide28:  We can create pollution free environment by having automatic clean up systems of existing pollutants. Many extinct plants and animals can be studied and even reintroduced. Some of the novel inventions like airplanes, space crafts and other transport made from lightweight material are possible with nano techniques. Computers billions of times faster and with massive memory but with miniscale storage devices Slide29:  Disadvantages of Nanotechnology Nanotech particles will penetrate living cells and accumulate in animal organs, and can perhaps enter the food chain. There is no regulatory body dedicated to check this potent and powerful invasion Their impact on environment is unknown.e.g. Nanotubes of carbon use gallium & arsenic and minute traces of gallium arsenide in the body could prove toxic. Slide30:  Changes in the proteins due to the presence of nano particles in the blood stream could trigger dangerous effects like blood clotting A whole new class of toxins or the environmental problems may be created due to nanotechnology. Reaction of humans and existing environment to these nanoparticles and nanobots and their acceptance is not known. Slide31:  Nanotechnology with all its challenges and opportunities will become a part of our future. The researchers are optimistic for the products based upon this technology. Nanotechnology is slowly but steadily ushering in the new industrial revolution.

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