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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mollieafh


Sample Recce. Activity. Is the location suitable for production? Additional Comments. Look around the location.  There is a lot of space.  An open barn, perfect for the theme and look I am going for in my music video.  There are also woods, and open fields to use.  Many facilities to use. Talk to people there, organise filming permission.  The house belongs to a friends of mine, and by speaking to his parents I have permission to film on the premises. Identify the equipment you need to use. I will need:  Tripod  Camera  Guitar  Lights/candles  A car All of the equipment needed are easy to transport onto the location, and my actor has his own car to use. Examine and identify any potential health and safety issues.  Only one actor, camera person (me) and another person recording my work in the filming are going to be there so there is no problem for any over crowding.  With bad weather due I will have to be very careful about cables on camera etc. Making sure I have waterproofs for wires etc. And trying to only film outside when as dry as possible.  I need to leave about an hour before filming to set up equipment to make sure it is all set up correctly and there are no hazards such a wires in which someone could trip over.  I am planning on using some candles. For the filming using candles I

will need a fire extinguishers or a bucket of sand off stage incase of an emergency. Check the position of the sun and lighting conditions.  It is a very overall large space do if lighting is too bright there are always other possibilities of angles to be used.  As it now gets dark very early I will have to do filming early in the day to get the right lighting. Unless I want to use quite a dark light, however, other lights would have to be used to light up the actor. Look for interesting shots and camera angles. Check the electricity supply.  In the barn there is plug socket for the electricity.  However, the majority of my filming I will be using battery power. But there are places on the location in which I can use to charge my battery. Do a test sound/video recording and check for potential noise problems (such a traffic etc.) Confirm time and dates for the crew and actors. Written scheduals have been given to the crew and actors to tell them when and where they are needed, and what they will need to bring with them. Arrange car parking, access, loading, security where possible. On the location there is a reasonable sized car park in which I have been told will be cleared on filming dates to allow all activity that needs to happen.

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