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Published on September 5, 2008

Author: aplite


Slides with Motion Path Animation effects : Slides with Motion Path Animation effects Click to see more Slide 2: 4 star 5 star Slide 3: 6 point star 8 point star Slide 4: Circle Crescent moon Slide 5: Diamond Equal triangle Slide 6: Football Heart Slide 7: Hexagon octagon Slide 8: Parallelogram pentagon Slide 9: Right triangle square Slide 10: Teardrop Trapezoid Slide 11: Arc left Arc up Slide 12: Bounce right Swoosh Slide 13: Curvy left Curvy right Slide 14: Decaying wave Diagonal down right Slide 15: Diagonal up right Down Slide 16: Funnel Heart beat Slide 17: Left Right Slide 18: S curve 1 S curve 2 Slide 19: Sine wave Spiral left Slide 20: Spiral right Spring Slide 21: Stairs Turn down Slide 22: Turn down right Turn up Slide 23: Up Wave Slide 24: Zigzag Bean Slide 25: Buzz saw Curved square Slide 26: Curved X Curvy star Slide 27: Figure 8 four Vertical figure 8 Slide 28: Horizontal figure 8 Inverted square Slide 29: Inverted Triangle Loop de loop Slide 30: Neutron Peanut Slide 31: Plus Pointy star

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