Sample Lesson Plan with Learning Objectives

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: CrystalRose2


Rose ESL 230-1 S14 Daily Lesson Plan Friday, Feb. 21 Learning Objectives:  Participate in mini-discussions  Listen for main ideas and details  Pronouncing numbers & reading statistics  Using language to make comparisons (As…as) Attendance Grammar p.90  Review grammar rules  Ppt practice activity with a partner 25 The Business of Cranberries  p.92-93 30 Two truths and a lie  Using numbers (handout) 20 Unit 5 vocabulary review  definitions, parts of speech, & example sentences  related words Writing questions for an entrepreneur  Go over directions  Write questions in groups 1. Out-of-class activities In this activity, students practiced creating sentences using the “as…as” structure to make comparisons. We used pictures on a ppt presentation and students volunteered their sentences using the target structure. This video allowed us to expand and practice unit vocabulary as well as listen for main ideas and details (questions in the book). Students were also able to listen for the steps in a process (review from Unit 2). We didn’t get to the discussion questions, but we will talk about them on Monday. The vocabulary work took longer than expected. We will address the “participating in mini discussions” outcome at that time. This activity allowed students to create sentences using large numbers (review from p. 88-89). They got to practice pronouncing large numbers and understanding others reading large numbers. This was easy for some students, but I think it’s good practice for those with less proficiency. We didn’t have time for this activity. I assigned it as homework. 20 15 Students wrote questions that will be answered by a local entrepreneur. They got to practice using the vocabulary from Unit 5, and we will use the video response by the entrepreneur in a future lesson plan.

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