Sample Lesson Plan: Up In Arms Over the 2nd Amendment

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Information about Sample Lesson Plan: Up In Arms Over the 2nd Amendment

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: MeagenHowe



Sample interdisciplinary lesson for group GED Social Studies Test Preparation to be facilitated by a trained instructor.

Meagen Farrell @farrellink Sample: Adult Literacy Lesson Plan Instructor(s): Meagen Farrell Date: May 2, 2013 Focusing Theme: Second Amendment—Up in Arms (Optional) Common Core State Standard(s) or GED Test Assessment Target(s):   USH.a.1 Key historical documents that have shaped American constitutional government and the ideas that they signify. SSP.8 Analyze relationships between texts. Compare treatments of the same social studies topic in various primary and secondary sources, noting discrepancies between and among the sources. Set Behavioral Expectations: Why do we learn as a group? Discuss rules and modify if necessary. Vocabulary/Content Preview or Review: 1. What is the U.S. Constitution? 2. What is the Bill of Rights? 3. What is an amendment? Text on the Theme to Interpret:  Summary of each position from: National Rifle Association and Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Data on the Theme to Interpret:   Murder Rates in Washington, DC and the United States Firearm Facts Directions for Student Activity to Engage Content: Examples: Make a prediction. Practice Vocabulary. Compute with data. Reader’s Theater. Write a summary. Make an argument. Identify main idea.    Discuss how you would define “a well regulated militia.” Choose between which you would support between the NRA and the Brady Campaign. Explain your choice using quotes or data as evidence. Writing or Graphic Organizer Used: Examples: Venn Diagram. Pros and Cons. Sequence.  Write a few sentences using at least one quote or statistic. Formative Assessment: Writing sample Technology for Student Use: Word processor or notepad Exciting Strategies to Prep Learners for the 2014 GED Test

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