Sample Lesson Plan: Orange You Glad

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: MeagenHowe



Sample interdisciplinary lesson about spheres for group GED Math Test Preparation to be facilitated by a trained instructor.

Meagen Farrell @farrellink Sample: Adult Literacy Lesson Plan Instructor(s): Meagen Farrell Date: October 16, 2013 Focusing Theme: Measuring Fruit: Orange You Glad? (Optional) GED Test Assessment Target(s): Q.5.e When given geometric formulas, compute volume and surface area of spheres. Q.2.e Solve multi-step arithmetic, real world problems involving the four operations with rational numbers. Set Expectations: Preparation: What is your task today? Vocabulary/Content Preview or Review: 1. How to read a ruler. 2. Sphere, surface area SA & volume V 3. Radius r, pi π, diameter d Text on the Theme to Interpret: 2014 GED® Test Formula Sheet Word problem created using students’ names and measurements. Data on the Theme to Interpret: Measurements of an orange using a ruler. Directions for Student Activity to Engage Content: Examples: Make a prediction. Practice Vocabulary. Compute with data. Reader’s Theater. Write a summary. Make an argument. Identify main idea. Measure the diameter of a half orange using a ruler. Use the measurement to calculate the volume and surface area of the orange. Number the steps to calculate the answer. Write a word problem of the scenario using the measurements. Writing or Graphic Organizer Used: Examples: Venn Diagram. Pros and Cons. Sequence. Sequence to write steps of the equation. Formative Assessment: Sequence with steps Technology for Student Use: Enter formula into the calculator © 2013 New Readers Press, Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED® Test Resource Book

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